6 Powerful Steps To Personal Development On A Budget

Kumar Gauraw

[note background=”#E6E6E6″] This is a guest post by Emily Roberts from Manchester UK. Emily is Personal Development coach with passion in Financial education and Fitness. Emily helps people get same day cash loans for short term money. You can follow Emily her on Twitter and ask further questions.[/note]

Personal development is  requires a conscious effort to better your personality through focus, productivity, fitness and self-discipline. This is a vital part of our lives as this drives us to excel our personality and empowers us to expect new and better things from life.

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This enables us to overcome our fears and unleash our true potential. Personal development strengthens us and makes us capable of facing any situations or challenges in our life.

By focusing on personal development, you can take a step towards a positive and a healthy life transforming not only yours but also those around you.  Here are a few tips that may help you with personal development:

Challenge To Change Your Personal Ethics

First and foremost is your personal ethics. Question the ethics and follow the ones which are truly positive. Everyone has a different view of things. Everyone has different ethics. But stop for a minute and think; Is your belief system, your personal system of ethics really true or, in any way helping you?

You may have heard from others (even people you respect such as your parents or teachers) that money is evil. Butif you keep believing in that, then, it may be difficult for you to grow financially. Hence follow proper personal ethics which is useful to you as well as the society.

Take Responsibility To Take Control Of Your Life

Taking control of your life may look like a herculean task, but actually, it is not that difficult. It is very simple – just take the responsibility of everything you do and automatically you are in charge of control. Never shy away from responsibilities but rather take a step towards taking them. By doing this you are taking charge of your live and this enables you to control your emotions spiritually and emotionally.

A SWOT Analysis Can Help

Make a detail analysis of your (S)trengths, (W)eakness, (O)pportunities and (T)hreats. This will help you to identify your inner abilities and you can develop the areas where you feel that you need improvements. This is also useful in business while planning different strategies. You can concentrate on your strengths and improve them.

Take Charge Of Self-Motivation

This is another important factor for personal development. Every morning as soon as you get up tell yourself that “I can do it”, it may look strange in the start but this truly motivates you and also help to motivate others. Always take inspiration through your surroundings, for example: nature. Though if faces several calamities, it restores back and adapts itself to face the situations. Hence self-motivation is necessary.

Focus On Fitness For Healthy Living

A healthy body resembles a healthy mind. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy life by including healthy eating habits. Exercise regularly and stay fit. This keeps both mind and body fit. Indulge yourself in yoga and meditation as this helps to increase your spiritual power.

Write Down Your Goals

Last but not the least, set goals and commit to achieve them. Your goals should be for short-term and for long-term both. You must write them down as well on paper so you can look at them and review often.

However, it’s very important that  you put efforts to achieve your goals with a positive approach. Do not get discouraged by the disappointments but rather take them as a challenges and you will overcome them to become.

These are a few tips on personal development I think we all can manage within our budgets. In addition, there are two things I would like to recommend through which you can enrich yourself. I do these and highly recommend:

  1. Join a personal development classes. They are very helpful and rapidly can put you on the right path.
  2. Buy books on self-help and personal development related subjects to read. Books have tremendous ability to help you understand yourself better.

Questions: How much importance do you give to personal development and positive mental attitude? Would you like to recommend any additional steps that you found effective in the area of personal development on budget? Please share your thoughts in the comments as I look forward to your inputs.

Kumar Gauraw

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  1. Hello Emily,

    Thanks for sharing this article and I appreciate the way you tied it all with one thing – “Managing within a budget”.

    I agree with you because personal development is not a free lunch and it does require commitment of time and money to invest in ourselves. But it is important. We need money to feed ourselves, we need money and time both for managing our health and every other aspect of life.

    Then we must be willing to feed our mind with positivity and that investment is much smaller when compared with the other expenses we incur. Reading books, attending seminars, associating with positive minded people are the keys to having a good personal development. However, having a mentor, a coach is critical to this process and those who have a mentor, are surely blessed.

    Snigdha Krishna

  2. Thank you Emily for your very thoughtful post.

    It is my personal belief that if people INVEST, at a minimum, at least as much money on personal development as they do on car maintenance every year, that they will be richer and more well-rounded as a person.
    If, however, you are on a budget, there are still many things you can do at no charge.
    One example that comes to mind is http://www.openculture.com/freeonlinecourses.

    As to keeping a positive mental attitude, it is essential to a healthy, productive life and serves 
    to strengthen your character. 

    I would add this: We are human BEings, not human DOings, and sometimes we focus
    on doing many things under the guise of achievements. SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE is
    about BEING; the very essence of who you are.

    The physical, intellectual and emotional sides of you need to be in balance before the spiritual shows up. Hence, you have many people DOing many things, striving and struggling to BE spiritual. Of course, BEcome… BEing… and BEgin all start with BE.

    If you are a mirror, what are you reflecting to the world?

    Spiritual intelligence (BEING appreciative, considerate, loving, nurturing, etc.) expresses the highest form of personal development. 

    Kind Regards,

    • Bill,

      I liked the idea of the OPEN CULTURE university. Thanks for sharing. And as usual, thank you for sharing your wisdom that adds tremendous value to the original post.


  3. Dyuhndim

    Wonderful post . 
     Just to add i think many people like myself when you start the journey or Pilgrim self enlightenment . Every time you feel like you have not done enough work , read enough books and or listen to enough tapes . But this is a habit that can ruin your relationships and i believe it must have done so already to some  people who focus so much on work and forget about spending quality time with their friends and Family too . 
       I just imagine married person running to their computer at home to respond to an email or entering the house with the kids from school and instead of settling the kids down you run straight to see if you have responses on your product or some other work thing .  After reading post like this and other resources i figure out  each an every person has to take responsibility for their own life  Your Personal Ethics is really the most important thing to deal with . If not we will end up gaining so much and having no one to share with . I guess  that will be more stressful . 

    • Brother Derric,

      Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. I completely agree with you. Our personal ethics is absolutely critical. That is a huge differentiator between people who are happy and those who are not.

      Great to to hear from you 🙂


  4. I think what should be done as the first step is swot analysis of yourself, then move on to other things. Then only you will know how to manage other factors correctly

  5. Hi Emily,

    I love to read your article and also like the concept of “Personal Development”. You discuss many of the steps to develop ourselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first step that you discuss impressed me too much. I love to read your articles that motivate me to maintain my personal development. Kudos.

  6. In the present Our Personal development skill are most usually to use to certain place or our work related. It quietly most important of skill development.

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