WordPress Plugins To Empower Your Website And You


After setting up your WordPress powered website with the awesome theme of your choice, you already have a great looking website. You now have a website that supports your pages, posts and you probably also have the features to share custom post types such as quotes, videos, slide shows etc. in an elegant manner.

However, there are things that your website still may be lacking and if it’s not lacking a feature or two that I am going to discuss in this post, congratulations – you are ahead in the game!

3D man holding a plug in hand to illustrate WordPress Plugins

What makes WordPress so powerful is the power of its plugins. With thousands of free to use plugins, you can pretty much achieve anything with your WordPress website and that is the topic of discussion in this post.

What Is A WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plug-in is a small program written in PHP scripting language (sometimes, it may be a set of programs), that you add to your website on top of your WordPress installation.

We use plugins to add new functionalities on our websites on top of already existing features that come with the WordPress installation and themes.

WordPress plugins integrate seamlessly with WordPress without interfering with the core files because they are installed in a completely different directory within your WordPress installation. Thus, your website’s code is always safe whether you add or remove a WordPress plugin at any time.

How To Install And Activate WordPress Plugins?

In this article, I am going to share with you a detailed guide about the process involved in installing a WordPress plugin on your website, activating it and configuring it.

What you need to do now is, visit this article I have written explaining this process and after you go through the post, when you have any doubts, questions or any problems that you may face, please feel free to drop me an email or ping me on Social Media. I will be glad to help you out.

So, here is the post I wrote about How To Install And Configure WordPress Plugins On Your Blog.

I encourage you to go through this post in detail. Go ahead and I will wait for you here until you are done.

When you know the process involved in installing, the next question that comes to mind is, “Well, what are some of the WordPress plugins that I should be installing on my website?”

What WordPress Plugins Do You Need?

You are in luck again because I am going to share some of the best WordPress plugins that you definitely need on your website. I use all of these plugins on my website and I help my clients get used to using them to reap tremendous benefits that come with these plugins.

A few weeks ago, I shared a blog post about the best WordPress plugins to help your website have great SEO, load fast, grab the attention of your visitors, backup and restore effectively, security from intruders etc. I would encourage you to go through this article thoroughly and install the plugins that you think you need for your website.

The blog post titled Top WordPress Plugins For Your WordPress Blog contains a wealth of information on the plugins that you want to have handy. Please go ahead and get some plugins installed, activated and configured on your website right now. It is the final step in the process of setting your infrastructure ready.

You need to finish this step before we can get going about writing blog posts, doing SEO and driving traffic to your website.

IMPORTANT: I am going to dedicate one complete post in this series about setting up good SEO on your WordPress website. Therefore, if you did not completely understood the functionalities of All In One Seo Pack or the WordPress SEO Plugin, do not worry about it for now. You will learn all about them soon.

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Next Post: In the next post, we are going to discuss about writing blog posts, setting up categories, setting up post tags. Next post is going to be about getting you started on the blogging journey which is absolutely critical to your branding and business growth. It is going to be awesome!