When You Hate Network Marketers, Why Use Their Proven Strategies

Kumar Gauraw

Those of you who know me, know that I have a good size network marketing business. Those of you who know how true network marketing works, also know that it’s about building organizations, building leaders, and it’s not an easy overnight process.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones - American proverb

I have a growing business in 5+ countries. The reason I share my experience isn’t because I want to impress you, but to tell you that I have spent years in this industry and I know what it takes to build a business that can pass the test of time.

The Process People Follow To Build A Network Marketing Business

Let me state a few facts to provide a starting point based on a fair understanding of the network marketing business model.

  1. Network Marketing is just like any other business which needs new prospects/customers (I don’t know a business that doesn’t need prospects, leads, and customers.)
  2. Network Marketing companies provide products and services that their independent distributors (network marketers) can use,endorse and sell.
  3. The basic process of building a network marketing business follows the same cycle that any other business follows:
    • Build your list of prospects
    • Approach your prospects with your proposition and book an appointment to begin the process.
    • Discuss the deal and let them make a decision. If they want some time to make a decision, book a follow up.
    • Follow up to close the deal. If they say ‘Yes’, congratulations. If they said, ‘No’ move on to the next prospect.

I don’t see how this is different for any other business. I have dealt with insurance agents, real estate people and even in my online social media or web development business. I see that, more or less, we follow the same process.

In fact, we found my elder son’s first Montessori school because the owner was doing the same thing which any person-to-person marketing requires. She approached my wife in an Indian grocery store when we were shopping there.

I am thankful to that lady for doing that because that one interaction triggered the sequence of events that got my son started with his schooling.

Ramit Sethi Hates Indian Network Marketers

In a blog post , Ramit Sethi, who claims, “I will teach you to be rich,” says he hates Indian network marketers. You can find his detailed post here : http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/i-hate-indian-network-marketers-so-much/

To a new person who doesn’t know much about network marketing or the sales process in general, he makes a very impressive argument. He mocks the sales process and some of the network marketers who tried to show him an opportunity or two.

If you don’t know much about network marketing, Ramit’s post is good enough to easily get you scared about the industry. He successfully paints a really awful picture of this multi-billion global industry.

He claims that he is disgusted by all network marketers. Meanwhile, he wants people to buy into his products and services online. He entices people by claiming that his online courses people take can generate thousands of additional dollars on the side.

Being a person of Indian origin, and having built a solid network marketing business in the US and internationally, I decided to research and post my findings about this – since he makes mention of Indian network marketers in his post.

According to Ramit, there are many things wrong with the Network Marketing industry itself. So, I am mainly addressing four things that he is very “hot under the collar” about:

  1. These programs are a scam on your time and your relationships.
  2. You’re not creating any lasting value or building personal skill sets.
  3. Have you seen how friends treat you if you try to turn your friendship into a sales relationship?
  4. Engaging in these stupid “opportunities” distracts you from real entrepreneurship and your goals.

Let’s talk about each of them one by one.

1. About The Network Marketing Industry Being A SCAM

I don’t need to introduce Warren Buffett to you. If you know anything about investments, you know his name. One share of his company, Berkshire Hathaway, trades at NYSE at around$192,345.00 as of the writing of this post.

In 2000, Mr. Buffett acquired The Pampered Chef, a network marketing company which operates globally today with millions of dollars in revenues every year.

Now, I find it hard to imagine that a multi-billionaire and a man with such an outstanding reputation would knowingly participate in a scam.

I also feel certain the entire legal department of Berkshire Hathaway did their “due diligence” well enough to figure out that network marketing is not a scam. What do you think?

If that is not good enough, how about Apple, Best Buy, DELL, Bank Of America, Barnes & Nobles, Office Depot, AT&T and like companies who decided to partner with Amway (the largest network marketing company in the world) and participate in this business model?

Did they all decide to violate federal laws and participate in illegal pyramids to make money now?

I wonder what Ramit knows that escaped the the best legal minds these organizations have available…

2. About Not Building Any Lasting Value Or Skill Set

This type of claim makes me wonder if those who say such things even took the time to understand the true power of business education available through a reputable network marketing organization.

Do they even have a scintilla of knowledge concerning what they are talking about? Do they just use the same broad brush to paint anything they do not understand?

Solid education from the starting point of Business 101, and an incredible training program about the process, is what makes reputable Network Marketing such an incredibly powerful concept.

It is the power of real life and practical business education that helps the Network Marketing Industry not just survive all the negativity of people (who don’t understand this business) and tight scrutiny based on prejudices by many governments.

Education is the backbone, because of which the Network Marketing flourishes each and every day in more than 80 countries.

My Testimonial Of Growth

I come from an engineering education background. No one in my entire ancestry ever owned a business. On top of that, I would never say “hello” to anybody first. I had a big ego. Basically, I was very good at losing friends and intimidating people (I am still a work-in-progress in correcting that personality defect).

I was afraid of rejection and that is why I would never apply for a job. All the jobs I got, came to me through a referral. I never went to apply for a job because I would rather not have a job than to face rejection.

The education and support I received through the network marketing business has provided me with the dream that I can ask more of life, the confidence to face the world, the ability to handle objections and rejections, and to go out there and make it happen for me and my family.

Imagine the support and power of somebody who is where you want to be in life, willing to walk the walk with you – not just talk the talk. Here are my thoughts about education through Network Marketing:

  • The habit of reading books for personal growth was ingrained in me because of the atmosphere of personal growth the network marketing business opportunity provided me.
  • The confidence that I could walk into a mall and say “Hello” to somebody to strike-up a conversation is a tremendous life skill. Do you know it requires guts to say “Hello” to a perfect stranger? Do you think it’s easy? Try it sometime!
  • Running a business is a lot more complex than having a job. To succeed, you need to have a great attitude. Your ability to do the basics consistently for an extended period of time, to persevere in the face of disappointments and challenges, largely determines how far you are going to go in your own business.

I did not learn this principle through my decades of work experience in the IT industry. I didn’t have a mentor in the IT industry. I did not have a coach who would tell me what I should and what I shouldn’t do if I were going to succeed.

I learned these success principles through my association with people who possess tremendous values. I think my life changed because I decided to go against the many general prejudices made by average people. I feel proud of the education and mentoring I have received and continue to receive as my businesses continue to grow.

3. About Chasing Friends & Family Away

This is a very common misconception among people who don’t understand relationships. Think about it for a minute. Will true friends start running away because they decided I became a bad person because I started a business which they don’t like/understand?

Should I question the business opportunity or the kind of people with which I have developed friendships in my life so far?

For further discussion let’s take some real life examples here:

Example 1 – My Dad Owns An Electronic Store

If I want to buy a camera and let’s say my parents own an electronic store. Ethically speaking, shouldn’t I check with my dad if he has that camera in his store before heading towards BestBuy or Amazon?

Whether or not I will find a good fit can only be figured out after I consider the options. But, shouldn’t I have the basic courtesy to check with the family members if they have something in their store that fits my needs? If I couldn’t be with my Dad and help him with his daily dealings, I believe this is the least I could do to support a family business.

If there is unity in a family then this shouldn’t even be a question. At least those are the values I grew up with. I am proud of those values, although such things are becoming more rare with time.

Example 2 – I Own A Distribution Business(Network Marketing/Direct Sales)

Let’s say I became a distributor for a Network Marketing company that allows me to sell Home Care, Vitamins, Skin Care and Personal Care type products.

The deal is the same. I distribute products and I am paid based on the revenues I generate through my business. Is it any different than my father distributing electronic gear through his own electronics shop?

First of all, it’s my responsibility to let my family and friends know that I have a business. My attempt to call them all one by one and trying to educate them about my business, my products and the opportunity should be taken seriously by my friends and family, whether or not they decide to join hands with me.

Now, if my parents/brothers/sisters/friends do not appreciate my involvement in a network marketing business for any reason, they should prove it to me that it is a bad idea (just like they stopped me in getting along with the bad guys when I was young) and get me out of it. That is what a true friend will do.

How Should Friends & Family React?

Instead of talking to me and clarifying their stand, if they start running away from me, I should be questioning the strength of my friendship – not the opportunity.

If my family members should stop talking to me because I started to brush my teeth with a different tooth paste than they have been brushing their teeth with, what kind of bond do we share in my home? How much can I rely on those family members in times of crisis?

Properly addressing a business opportunity should be done based on its economic value, not on emotional baggage. Network marketing/direct selling like any other business activity can have unsavory characters involved just like there are crooked bankers, stock brokers and lawyers.

Just because a few people who might or might not have followed the best practices for their business, doesn’t make throwing mud on the entire industry acceptable. It is inappropriate for a reasonable person.

4. About Distracting You From Real Entrepreneurship & Your Goals

Well, let’s talk about goals first because, as far as I remember, I didn’t have any goals in my life before starting my network marketing business.

After getting an average education and then getting a job in one of the top IT companies of India, that in itself was an over-achievement for the level of self-image I carried.

On top of that, getting an opportunity to come to America and working here for a fortune 500 company was not even a dream in my wildest imagination. However, it happened and I really felt I had arrived. I thought that my mission in life was accomplished.

It was not until I met some incredible human beings and great friends, through the Network Marketing business opportunity I got involved in, that I began to dream.

Now, I was as skeptical as I could be while getting started because I also thought that it wasn’t for me. However, I liked the people, their success, their personalities and I wanted to be like them one day – confident and charismatic. I decided to give it a shot since there wasn’t much to lose anyway.

As I attended the business meetings, listened to the CDs and read books like “Magic of Thinking Big”, “Think And Grow Rich” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” etc. I started to fall in love with the people and the concept.

For the first time in my life I began to set goals.

Before starting into network marketing business, I didn’t even set goals in my life. How could I fail to achieve a goal I had never set for myself?

Speaking of real entrepreneurship, what does that really mean? According to Wikipedia:

Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources, while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.

Where does that give any indication that network marketing is not real entrepreneurship?

I wasn’t a fool and I realized all the highly educated doctors, scientists, CEOs, book authors and people with many patents to their name that I was associating with couldn’t all get sucked into something which wasn’t a real entrepreneurship deal.

I couldn’t imagine that people who were managing companies couldn’t understand what real entrepreneurship means and so they started a network marketing business on the side. Not just one person, but many such people! They all had a dream!

As far as I know, education is supposed to make us smart. Education is supposed to help us think better, understand the world better so we can make smart decisions. So how is it smart to tie yourself down with a job where someone else makes all the decisions about your future and your goals?

When was the last time a scammer wanted you to get as well educated as possible? When was the last time a scammer wanted you to get as smart, as confident and self-reliant as you could be so they could scam you even more?

When I Looked Into His Own Business Prospecting Methods

Ramit got my attention with his headline so I decided to sign up to his mailing list to find out how he does his marketing. This allowed me to gain insights about the processes he follows for his business.

This is what happened since then:

  1. I signed up to his mailing list
  2. I received his first email asking me to watch a 30 minute long video with a promise to teach me some great strategies to make money.
  3. 6 days later, I get the first email talking about what I am going to receive with a few tips.
  4. For the next 7 days, I got one email each day with a few tips and promotion of his Earn1K program.
  5. The next day, I receive a very compelling sales email promoting how great Earn1K program is and it is time sensitive. I must act NOW.
  6. The next day, I receive two emails. One to remind me the Earn1K program is only open for a limited time and the second one after a few hours providing me 6 more reasons to join this program.
  7. The next day, I get another email in the morning titled “The Hard Sell (be very afraid…)” explaining to me that I am probably going to miss out on a great opportunity to change my life in just 6 months. The idea is to push me to sign up for this program – hard sell.
  8. The next day at noon: I get another email asking me what I have decided because the program was closing by midnight.
  9. The next day: I received another email that I could sign up for this program on at less than $100 a month for the next 12 months payment plan if I can’t pay it one shot and to act, I had another 48 hours.

I am not here to tell you that his program doesn’t add value. It might have added value to a lot of people’s lives and I congratulate them for taking those steps if they did.

But my goal is to explain that the process of building a business is the same whether you do it online or offline. You have to sell products or services and you have to deal with people. Here is how I compare Ramit’s sales process with Network Marketing:

  1. He got my email address just like people get phone numbers in real life.
  2. I received a welcome email for signing up, just like people call a couple of days later to say hello after the first meeting and number exchange. Then I got 7 other emails which probably should be considered as part of the package because the signup form did say that I was about to receive some great ideas.
  3. At the end of those 7 emails, Ramit launched his sales pitch of promoting his course. I didn’t ask for it. He started because he had my email address. This is similar to a Network Marketing entrepreneur calling his/her prospect to check if they are open to explore a business idea and booking an appointment for showing the business.
  4. If I had unsubscribed I would have stopped getting further emails from Ramit (I assume.) This is similar to the experience of the prospect saying, “No, I am not looking for any business opportunity. Thank you for the offer.” That is the end of any further discussion.
  5. But, I didn’t unsubscribe or mark him as a spammer just like people who don’t want to say “No” thinking that their friend in Network Marketing might feel bad if they say “No”. They keep postponing the discussion and keep getting follow up calls.
  6. I kept getting email after email, email after email to the point of irritation. I mean, just because you have my email address, does it license you to send me 2 promotional emails a day for multiple days? How is this process better than a desperate used car salesman chasing people?

A Few Additional Things In Contrast To Network Marketing

Top Network Marketers Make A Lot Of Money Through Their Business And More Additional Ways

1. Successful Network Marketers Making Money Through Tools

The claim that I quote from Ramit’s post which he proudly calls as “illuminating” posing as if only he was able to figure this hidden truth and others (who are actually building businesses) are less cautious or knowledgeable or ignorant:

Investigations like one done by Dateline NBC in April 2003… suggested that most of the money being earned by these successful individuals was coming from the hidden “tools” business rather than through selling the company products.

Well, this kind of talk only demonstrates how much thought was given before saying so to paint a negative image of the business.

First of all it’s not true, especially since this was said in the context of Amway (now a global leader with about 12 billion dollars in yearly revenues. It is noteworthy that members of the founders family have been the chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce in the past, and again in 2013.)

If you talk to people like John Maxwell, Bob Burg, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Clinton and people of Warren Buffett’s stature, they will tell you differently than Ramit Sethi and they talk about this industry with a lot more respect.


Because they are not talking based on third-party and media-hype news reports from those who sell news to make money. These people talk based on their own experience and investment of their time in understanding this industry.

However, for argument sake, let’s say that successful people in Network Marketing business made a lot of money through tools such as CDs, books and seminars. A sensible person (especially since we all have a choice whether or not we want to buy those tools) will see if those tools are adding value or not. If value is received, I don’t care who makes money out of these tools. If value is not received , then it’s a matter of me saying, “I don’t need these tools.”

A friend of mine got philosophical about this and asked, “Well, Kumar don’t you think it’s unfair that these extremely successful people are also making even more money because we buy those CDs?”

My answer was simple.

I said, “Did you know that somebody is making money from the clothes you are wearing? Why are you not making your own clothes or wear banana leaves so nobody will make money on your clothes? Did you know that a lot of people have made money and they continue to make money because of the house you live in? Why don’t you stay under trees in the wide open and beautiful sky? That way, you will ensure that nobody ever makes money because you lived?”

Why don’t you question all sports stars who make way more money through the endorsement of products for other companies than they make through their real profession?

When you succeed, you naturally attract more money in more ways and that happens to you because you have paid the price for your success. Those people have paid their dues by working hard, going through the process when many others quit because naysayers kept ridiculing them. Now that they have succeeded, why should anybody have a problem because they are making money in more than one way?

By the way, if making money through CDs, books and seminars is such a bad thing, why did Ramit write his book? Why doesn’t he offer the book for free? Why is he selling those audio and video programs for such a high price? Will people make money because they listen to those talks? I don’t think so until they get to work!

2. Declaration Of Average Monthly Income Of Network Marketers

Then he quotes this in his post to give an impression that his post is well researched,

Amway was ordered to accompany any such statements with the actual averages per distributor, pointing out that more than half of the distributors do not make any money, with the average distributor making less than $100 per month.

Wow! What an alarming revelation, right?

There are two aspects of this and I will talk about both:

First Aspect: The Rule Of Averages Plays Everywhere

Let’s turn the table and ask the same question with regard to Ramit’s Earn1K program which he is selling so passionately. What is the percentage of people who signed up for this course and really made $1000 or more?

I know he quotes a handful of people who testify about his awesome program. I get it. However, I am talking about the total number of people who signed up vs total number of people who really made it to the magic figure.

Let’s do some math based on what we know about the rate of success in any industry which is usually less than 5%. Now, imagine 100 people signed up for Ramit’s Earn1K program investing about $1000.

Since only 5 people out of 100 will succeed making beyond $1000 mark because others will simply not act no matter how great the course is. So, let’s say total money those 5 people put together made per month was $5000

Now, let’s calculate the average income:

Average Monthly Income = Total Successful Monthly Income $5,000 / Total Investing people 100

Therefore, the average monthly income resulting from this course will be: $50 per month

Now, if Ramit calculates this percentage and starts to publish this on his website, will it hurt his signup rate? Of course it will! It’s just common sense!

A lot of people get into network marketing business only to end up doing nothing. They all add up in the denominator. A few get serious, work hard and make a lot of money. But, when the average is calculated in FTC way, the number is $100 or so. That is a credibility factor for those who understand how business works.

People who want to look good by throwing mud at the Network Marketing industry forget to note that more millionaires have been made in the network marketing/direct selling business than in any other industry.

Second Aspect – When You Are Big, You Have More Eyes On You

And as far as I can think, the only reason FTC has probably not asked Ramit to publish his averages like they do for network marketing giants is because he is small enough to fly under their radar.

Companies like Amway are so big and their revenues are so huge, they get the attention of government bodies, and obviously rules like that needs to be followed by them. Small businesses, even though their practices may be worse, do not come under such scrutiny.

3. Money Back Guarantee On Products And Services

Ramit’s Earn1K program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Here is the text from the email I received:

If you’re not happy in the first 60 days, email me and show you did the work and didn’t get results and I’ll refund 100% of your money. Yes, theoretically you could take the entire course and ask for a refund, but I trust you to be cool.

Please make note of his wise mention, “show you did the work and didn’t get results and I’ll refund 100% of your money”.

He wants you to prove that you did the work before you could ask for the money. A bit tricky and probably that is why a lot of people will feel uncomfortable asking for refund. Smart marketing technique, isn’t it?

On the other hand, the company I work with in the Network Marketing industry, offers 180 days of no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee on all their products, including the money you pay for the registration of your business.

Now, my question is, if network marketing is deceptive, a scam and all those things that Ramit claims, why will they give you 180 days to evaluate the business and their products and their tools? Shouldn’t they be scared that 6 months is a long time for people to figure out that it’s a scam and then there will not be any money after that?

How come they don’t think of this? How come more and more people are getting into this business? How come this industry is getting bigger and bigger and no government is able to catch their lie and make them accountable for their wrongdoing?

4. Don’t People Who Participate In Network Marketing Know Any Better?

Another statement from Ramit’s post I would like to quote here is this:

Network Marketing programs disproportionately target people who don’t know any better.

Again, this is the same old prejudice by people who lack knowledge of this industry. I don’t want to name people in this post for the sake of naming names. I have worked in the past and continue to work with people with diverse backgrounds. Just to name a few professionals:

  1. Highly successful CEOs of multimillion dollar IT companies
  2. High profile doctors from all over the USA who make a few million dollars a year just through their profession
  3. Engineers
  4. Business development heads of large fortune 500 companies
  5. City Managers
  6. Scientists with hundreds of patents to their names
  7. Professors from universities like Harvard and Cambridge
  8. School drop outs
  9. People who couldn’t speak proper English
  10. People who work at gas stations for survival
  11. Students who came to America for higher education
  12. Book authors

…and so on. There is no profession, religion, or culture which doesn’t have representation for being successful in the Network Marketing industry.

The claim that only a certain type of people succeed is true! Those are the people willing to work hard and follow the best processes laid out for the industry. They succeed because they want to succeed and are willing to work hard to make it happen, against all odds.

5. About Success Rate In Network Marketing

I was more disappointed to read such an article from someone who claims that he can teach others to be wealthy.

Another disappointing statement Ramit makes (which hurts his credibility as a person with knowledge) is this:

I don’t know one entrepreneur who made it big doing something like this.

If you just make a Google Search on top earners in any Network Marketing company you can think of, you will find several names of real people you can not only contact, you can meet them and ask questions if you really want to.

They are not holograms. They are human beings who travel around the world to speak to hundreds of thousands of people because their success speaks for themselves.

I have had many opportunities to meet some of them in person, get to know them at a personal level, and learn from them.

Conclusion – Be Careful Who You Listen To

What Ramit didn’t realize while writing this post is, none of the Network Marketing founders or their CEOs came to approach him in those grocery stores he is talking about.

The people he is making fun of, were average people, perhaps, with very little or no business background… in the trenches, learning, making mistakes, struggling to overcome their fears of contacting new people. They werejust trying to find out if they could learn how to build a network marketing business. Those were the people who also had the same apprehension, “What will others think when I say hello?” mixed with the fear of rejection.
As a coach who teaches how to be confident, how to negotiate and how to make more money by thinking correctly no matter what is your “idea”, I would have expected Ramit to understand their situation and if he couldn’t help them, at least he should not have made fun of those poor folks and their struggling businesses.

Based on my experience in the business world, in general, and with the incredible experience of proudly being in the Network Marketing business for several years, here is some advice I would give you:

  1. Do not take advice about the Network Marketing industry from people who have never built a network. Just like you should not take advice about your health from somebody who is not a doctor.
  2. Do not make your financial decisions based on what somebody writes on their website. You need knowledge not hear-say information. Knowledge comes from those with experience who know what they are talking about.
  3. The next time someone tells you that network marketing is illegal or a scam, point them towards Warren Buffett and ask if they know something which Mr. Buffett missed.
  4. If somebody says that nobody makes any money in Network Marketing business, ask them if they ever made a Google search on that point? And if they can justify how it is that some reputable companies in this industry have been growing for the last 50+ years if nobody makes money. Why are people not giving up?
  5. Next time, when another business person tells you that the success rate in the Network Marketing business is very low, ask him/her if he/she knows what is the success rate is in his/her industry.

Your Turn To Share Thoughts & Share With Your Friends

There are so many people busy spreading negative about this incredible business concept. However, I hope I was able to clarify a few things through my experience.

If you found I shed some light on network marketing industry and clarified a few misconceptions people try to spread about this powerful business concept, please share your thoughts through your comments and also share this with your friends who could benefit from this information.

Thank you kindly!

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Rajendra

    Thanks for the detailed explanation Kumar.. I never expected Ramit claiming to be a coach and mentor sharing his ignorance about a proven network marketing industry.. For me i never knew about Ramit until i saw your post.. I don’t think anybody is much smarter than Warren Buffet especially in the Business World.. If he can buy a network marketing industry then he knows what he is doing.. Also i agree with your post about credibility of companies like Apple, Best Buy , Office depot and their legal departments.. I think there are thousands of blogs and websites who talk negative about any business just because they dont have the guts to do that business.. Also i would highly recommend to people like Ramit to check who is the Chairman of US Chamber of Commerce..
    From my perspective; For a common man without any business background network marketing industry is a very good platform to learn about business and understand the business.

    Thanks for the post again!!

    Best Regards

    • Absolutely Rajendra! You are so right my friend. It does take guts. Good point.

  2. Hi Kumar, I have heard similar global condemnations of network marketing and never really give them much heed. The field is so wide ranging that there are bound to be both successes and failures. Blaming the category makes no sense when what is at fault are individual plans and the execution of them. In one sense every business-to-business transaction can be considered to result from a form of network marketing. As always, generalizations tend to result from intellectual laziness so thanks for bringing a balanced perspective to this much misunderstood issue

    • Great point Paul. Generalization does tend to result from intellectual laziness.

      Thank you for giving a precise slogan we can all remember 🙂


  3. Wow, Kumar – you should turn this into an eBook! Great info and so true. I was in network marketing with two different companies. One, I earned a great deal of money because their product was superior -the other one, not so much. What struck me about the second company was that in the very small print their disclaimer said the average distributor makes $37/month. What?? I got out quickly. I appreciate you describing with class and intellect how networking marketing really works!

    • Hi Laurie,

      A lot of people do not pay attention to the details and they cause pain to themselves and to others.

      I call average that companies are supposed to put as “mathematical stupidity” because it doesn’t make sense.

      If you calculate average of all people who join LA Fitness VS those who are able to lose weight or build muscles, the results will be staggering! Do you want to judge LA Fitness’s based on average? That will not help, right?

      Same is true in Network Marketing as well. We need to be careful about our prejudices.


  4. Wow Kumar, What an Article! You are Fired Up My Friend! I love # 5 of your conclusion-> OMG how true! I never really gave this one much thought But what is the success rate in other industries?

    Is Network Marketing a Scam? Absolutely Not This is the Best industry in the world! People in this industry are very generous, giving and caring individuals. AMEN! Wonderful Artcile Thank You for sharing it with me.. Chery :))

    • Thanks Chery! Appreciate you for your enthusiasm about the business and your positive attitude which is always contagious.

  5. Tim

    You really put a lot of effort into this post Kumar and good for you. It appears there are too many people out there, especially in the cyber world, who spread untruths so your post balanced that out a little bit. I could tell you are pretty ticked off with this guy but you controlled that well. A good guideline for Network Marketing.

    • Hi Tim,

      You are right about me getting ticked off 🙂

      I have allergy with miscommunication and I find people are misguided by others who are supposed to be credible, it hurts.

      But then, the world is not perfect and so we can do what we can do. This is my attempt to save some people who would have given up on their dreams because they read that post.


  6. Hi Kumar,

    Wow! What a post! You can certainly convert this into an eBook or write a Thesis paper, and I can see the fire, being from the same origin. 🙂

    Although not from network marketing, but I have so many friends who are into it, including you, and they are doing so well for themselves, and they are all from different countries. I wonder what made him say all that he did – a bad day perhaps? I don’t know him, nor did I read the post, but through your talks it’s evident that he was just out to sell, as one can make out from those never ending, annoying mails. Anyone would unsubscribe in such a case.

    I read about you too, and it’s commendable all that you have gone through and reached to where you are now, as compared to how you started. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was eventually. There is hard work and struggle everywhere, and those who achieve, are the ones who are successful because they have done it – period!

    Thanks for sharing this with us and making us all aware. Have a nice week ahead, and don’t worry about people, some have a habit of talking, don’t let it bother you much. I know it hurts at times, just let it go! 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement about publishing this as an e-Book. May be, I will in future 🙂

      As you said it rightly anything worth having doesn’t come without hard work. People need to realize that network marketing is a business and there are no short cuts to success even if it is network marketing where there is a lot if support is available.


  7. Hi Kumar,
    I think most of people, who criticise network marketing confuse different key terms. Marketing techniques, marketing strategies for networking and business development, I guess. But your conclusion made things clear. You said “Do not take advice about the Network Marketing industry from people who have never built a network”. Long article but full of lessons and information.

    • Thank you Charmant for dropping by and I am glad that you liked the information I shared. Please share this with those who would benefit from this as this could be a ray of hope for those who are hit by negativity on the internet.


  8. There’s a lot to chew here Kumar!
    I will have to bookmark it and come back because today I’m just too busy. But with a glance, really enlightening indeed!

  9. Hi Kumar – Another post to be bookmarked and read over again a few times. Networking is important at all levels in business and certainly true of marketing, off and online. I agree with Laurie – turn this into an eBook – I would get it.

    • LOL Lenie 🙂

      I will offer to you for free! Let me finish my eBook first 🙂

  10. Hello,

    Another awesome post I guess, its taking some time to understand each and every bit of the article and I’m enjoying it a lot. I guess marketing strategies are really important for business development.

    Thanks for share

    • Awesome Samir 🙂

      I know it’s a bit long post. But, I needed to do this to cover so many points and close the lose ends 🙂

  11. Hi Kumar,
    What an excellent post indeed.!!!!!
    I read it completely and i am glad to see one more useful post.
    Really marketing strategies can helps to grow up in the business.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Your mode of describing all in this article is truly fastidious, every
    one can without difficulty know it, Thanks
    a lot.

  13. Thanks for the detailed explanation of network marketing. It is the tactics of a few that have created some people’s negative perceptions of the field.

  14. Kumar,
    This post was so detailed and has so much information. I am in a couple network marketing companies and I know so many people don’t understand the concept. I agree, it’s just like any other business. One thing I think that turns people off is when the person is pushy. I have a friend who is in network marketing. Every conversation is a monologue and it’s all about her products. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t answer her calls. I think people like that give network marketing a bad name. Just like any job, it takes work and if there’s a passion, the person will succeed. Thank you for sharing and high five in your success. Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      Glad you thought that the information was useful. Congratulations on your businesses. I wish you all the success!

      Speaking of the example you have of your friend, although I do not know how your friend interacts (and may be she is very irritating, which I leave up to you to decide 🙂 ), I still think that people have to realize that they should talk about that person and not about the industry.

      Tell me industry in which we only have saints? Tell me a business industry where there isn’t any fraud happening. Then, why is it so easy for any Tom Dick and Harry to start presenting their opinions when it comes to Network Marketing only?

      Another important thing is, if you spend time with Warren Buffett, I don’t think he is going to be interested in anything other than investment, business and money.

      Similarly, when I talk to bloggers, they seem to talk about blogging and how great blogging and social media is – a the time.

      If you talk to a cricketer, they seem to only talk about that game.

      If a network marketer is fanatic about his/her business, what’s wrong with that?

      It again boils down to the same thing. Other people give negatives about network marketing because network marketers let them. Confidence and pride in what you do, is the most important aspect of success. 🙂


  15. So when is your ebook coming out. Your writing let’s us see your intelligence and makes one want to network with you.

    I take my old clients and start networking through them and it has turned out to be very profitable. It is too bad that people take advantage of network marketing and then become your worst nightmare. Over kill never works.

    You might be interested in reading the book “The Millionaire Next Door”. The surprising secrets of American Wealthy, written by Thomas J. Staley and William D. Danko

    • Hi Arleen,

      I have read that book and I testify that it is an amazing book for anyone to read. In fact, that was one of the first few books I read and it still remains one of my favorites 🙂

      Thank you for the recommendation.


  16. Greetings Kumar,
    What a tremendous resource you’ve created!

    I think the takeaway here for everyone, and a winning strategy, is to trust people who actually have the experience.

    Personally, I don’t hate anyone. I dislike and disagree with tactics some people use to promote their wares, such as the person new to network marketing who asked me through a private Facebook message to look at his link and let me know my opinion. When I told him it wasn’t for me, he posted a pornographic picture on my Facebook wall with some nasty comments, and immediately unfriended me because I told him I simply was not interested. Obviously, he did not (and may still not) know that network marketing is all about establishing relationships with people and providing a service to their needs, not having a temper tantrum if people don’t agree with you.

    As with many things in life, one bad apple can tarnish the industry’s reputation, but for those truly interested, it won’t stop them from being involved.

    Kind Regards,

    • Absolutely Bill. Truth can’t be hidden for a long time and that’s exactly is my point.

      If Network Marketing industry was a problem, 50-60-70 years is a long time for the truth to come out and the industry would have been dead by now.

      Instead, the business just keeps getting larger and better. People should learn to respect an industry which is so huge today!

  17. Great write up Kumar. I like the way you have provided point by point rebuttal of the mentioned blog post…a must read for everyone including people who firmly believe in network marketing and even for those who don’t. It clears up a lot of air around this topic.

  18. Wow! What a poignant and detailed article about network marketing. As a personal growth author, I particularly appreciate what you share in your testimonial of growth.

  19. Hello Kumar,

    This was an excellent well written article. You described network marketing and the benefits perfectly. I have been in network marketing. They have some excellent products and services. I like network marketing. I think people get the wrong impression of it because of the way people promote it. They tell you it is a quick way to make money. That is not the case. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful in network marketing. It also takes money to be in network marketing too, because usually you have to buy the products or services monthly. If you aren’t making any money this can be disastrous for you.

    I think before joining any business you have to look into the full details. Find out what you need to do and how you will do it. Then, if you think it’s a good fit go for it. Also, you have to take the time to learn about the business as well so that you can make sure you are doing it correctly. Many people don’t do this and then they want to say it’s a scam. It’s not a scam. It’s a business and you have to work at it if you want to be successful.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  20. Hi Kumar,

    RE: Ramit: “show you did the work and didn’t get results and I’ll refund 100% of your money” – You: “Smart marketing technique, isn’t it?”

    I disagree with you unless your comment is an ironic one 😉

    • Okay! “Ironically smart marketing” 🙂

      • I don’t know what “ironically smart marketing” is. I call that bad marketing 🙂

  21. Wow Kumar,

    My first reaction to this incredible post was similar to lots of the comments you received and that is it can be an Ebook!

    You have made such a clear point of Network Marketing. It is just like any other business. Although I have left the network marketing world, and started doing my own products, it is the same!

    We have certain business principles we need to follow. It is all about the learning curves we make along the journey. It comes down to marketing. Taking our products to the table and using various techniques to market them weather they are our own or network markets. A product is a product period!

    I do hear lots of people putting down certain Network Marketing companies. When I do, I just shake my head because it only goes to show that they have no clue what is behind it. We are all here to market, and it is so interesting how you studied Ramit.

    I love how you read his emails, and really dug down deep to find out what he was all about. Kudos to you for doing this. You have taught a great lesson here Kumar. I especially enjoyed when you talked about how you transformed yourself by reading and opening up to others. That comes from a great team. That personal growth is worth more than anything.

    I enjoyed reading this and I still say…make it into an ebook!


  22. Such a detailed post on marketing . For any business to succeed these marketing strategies are important .

  23. Hey Kumar,

    Wow Kumar, you have done your due justice when it comes to research and showing how great network marketing is!

    When I was in network marketing I came up with objections similar to Ramit, and at first I didn’t know what to say since I wasn’t knowledgeable, but after gain more and more experience in it, I saw that people tend to point their fingers at me and the industry, but yet forget to look at the fingers pointing back at themselves.

    The objection that I got the most was that network marketing is a pyramid. The only come back I had was “Well can you name any business that doesn’t have the same structure?” And of course they couldn’t because all business have a “pyramid” structure…Network marketing and MLM just use a different business model! That’s the only difference.

    Although I’ve been guilty of not doing this a lot, but if anyone wants to bash an industry then the best thing you can do is do your research before looking like an idiot. This post is a great example of that LOL…. Great work Kumar and I’m definitely going to use your advice just in case someone uses that same Ramit approach in regards to the direct marketing industry, specifically network marketing!

    Have a great week! Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome testimonial Sherman. Thank you for sharing about your journey.

      People should do their due diligence and avoid throwing mud at others unnecessarily.

      Yes, internet has been a place where anybody could open an account, say something and go away. It’s okay if you don’t have anything going for yourself because you are not accountable.

      But what people forget is, what goes online, stays online and so we must be very careful while speaking negative about others. I think that’s the mistake the blogger in question did.


  24. Congrats on your success Kumar! People who chose the wrong business or job always do this lol..just their lack of clarity manifest. Thanks!

    • Thank you Ryan. You are right. Lack of clarity is the cause if such rants!

  25. This is perhaps the most detailed and descriptive and informative post I have seen in your blog. Though I have not read Mr Ramit’s post, I got an idea how he is misguiding people. Growing business by spreading rumors about rivals and passing false news is so unethical. I wish he could have seen your reply..Well done Kumar.

    • Hi Tuhin,

      I am not interested in finding out whether or not he read my post, I am more interested in spreading real truth so that we can save some people from losing their dreams because of untrue and baseless negatives such as that on the internet.

      Thank you for your appreciation.


  26. Hi Kumar Gauraw,

    Really you have posted fabulous article. You define this concept in a detail.Its very beneficial to all people whose want to succeed the business. There is very effective products.and services.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Keep it up 🙂

  27. Hi Kumar

    Wow skimming the other comments before I wrote one I see you had many of us thinking alike. I kept reading and then thought “wow this is a book”. I see this gentleman got you fired up 🙂

    Of course you do not have to convince me as you know I too am in the profession.

    He clearly does not have a clue about what it is about as you have so skillfully demonstrated.

    I would like to add that many professions have not so good images because of some people in them. I can only talk about Australia with these but car salesmen, insurance sales people, real estate sales people and so goes the list.

    Funny having worked with Robert Kiyosaki for many years his advice is almost opposite to Ramit Sethi, – as I am sure you know Robert tells people that Network Marketing is the best place to learn business skills and grow as a person.

    I get annoyed when people write about something they really do not know what they are talking about.

    Thanks Kumar and I do hope you turn this post into an eBook.



    • Hi Sue!

      Yes, he did get me fired up for sure 🙂

      And yes, I am not pressurized enough that I must take this seriously. Putting a plan together to turn this into an ebook ASAP 🙂


  28. This is a great update on network marketing. You’ve cleared up some misconceptions.

  29. Network marketing has been around since biblical times. How do think folks in far away places heard about Jesus? In my sales career we didn’t call it network marketing but it’s exactly what we did. Technology has made the difference; enabling people to send their message to far away places but also to folks who have no interest in a product/service because it isn’t germane to their business. Maybe the problem is not knowing how to identify your customer or potential customer. This was an excellent primer! I think you should think about that ebook! 🙂

    • Wow! I didn’t think that far! Jesus’s fame is a great example of how powerful word-of-mouth marketing is and how old it is. Great point!

      Thank you for adding value Jacquline. By the way, I might add this and quote you with this incredible value to this post through your comment if you are okay with that when I write my book on this 🙂


  30. Hi Kumar,

    It is my first visit to your blog and I came here through Adrienne’s blog.

    I am in Network Marketing myself and I can relate to all the negative things Remit wrote about and when I started I had no answers to all these objections and misconceptions. And this post just answered every one of them and I am so proud of you that you digged that deep and did your research and answered every doubt by a truthful fact and from your experience as well. I am really impressed.

    Thanks Kumar for the value in this post!! You delivered to the max. Have a great week ahead

    Be Blessed,


    • Hello Neamat,

      Most of the issues Ramit raised about Network Marketing were mere his opinion and so I didn’t even have to do any research. I just shares the truth that I have witnessed through experience.

      The only research I needed to do was to research what practice he is following for his marketing when he has to say so many bad things about Network Marketing and Network Marketers in general.

      I found out that he isn’t doing anything different and in a way, his email campaigns got me irritated.

      I am glad you enjoyed the article and You found it helpful. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your excitement!


  31. Hey Kumar,

    I skimmed some of the comments to and I’m so glad you’re going to put this in an eBook. This is awesome.

    I’ve been in several network marketing businesses as well and I can definitely say that none of them were a scam. It sounds to me that Ramit is using this excuse more to his advantage but hawking his product. We all know that people love to talk bad about something else all while shouting from the rooftops that they have the answer to everyone’s prayers.

    I didn’t do so well in that business even with my outgoing personality but it was definitely because of me and I don’t blame the company. I didn’t like their training methods in any of the ones I was involved in and they really do train people to be in your face. I guess in the old days that stuff worked but today we just find that annoying.

    You can’t bash a proven industry because of some annoying people though. Like you said, car salesman are the worlds worst but I don’t see anyone bashing that industry as a scam either. Realtors are quite annoying as well but look at the big commissions they’re making and you wonder why!

    I do believe that just coming online has improved me as a person overall from all the different experiences I’ve had including my failed attempt at network marketing. It’s been around for ages and there will always be bad seeds everywhere. I think you definitely shared with us why he’s so wrong with his way of thinking. Bravo to you Kumar, bravo.


    • Thank you Adrienne for your kind appreciation.

      I am an Indian Network Marketer and if I didn’t share this truth about Ramit and his propaganda, it would have been unfair.

      Most network marketers do not build a good platform and so they don’t get to express themselves effectively.

      But, I have my platform and people like this gentleman must be confronted so the truth can prevail.


  32. Hi Kumar,

    What an excellent post, with so, so much in it.

    One thing we all need to remember is that since the online world give us freedom of speech we need to always be aware that we may read things that just personal ideas, or not accurate at all.

    For example, at times I read articles about French or France, that are usually written by Americans who make some statements based on what they have observed, I guess, but they give those general statements that are really not the truth.

    So, this can happen with anything, and in this case, network marketing.

    I don’t agree with him at all when he says that network marketing doesn’t teach entrepreneurship, because even though I decided that network marketing wasn’t for me a long time ago, it did teach me a lot about entrepreneurship, and that’s how I started my personal development journey.

    I think that business is business, network marketing or not.

    Also, the energy he spends to speak negative about network marketing, doesn’t help anyone at all.

    As a matter of fact, Huna which is a healing/meditation method from Hawaii says that when we criticize something it affects us in a negative way, as much as when we criticize ourselves. So, not good 🙂

    Thank you for this very well explained expose here 🙂

    • Hi Sylviane,

      He spent energy on collecting negatives about network marketing instead of finding out the real truth because he wanted to come across knowledgable by bashing network marketers.

      He wanted to look good by making network marketers look bad and he succeeded. Did you see how many whiners got together and supported his views through their comments?

      But then, truth comes out. I didn’t have to quote a news article about his own business. My personal experience is good enough to testify how irritating marketing technique he is using to market his own products.


  33. Raj Kumar

    Network marketing is always a adventurous method where we can see lot of strategies and method to perform but its true that we hate them.

    I think we almost don’t agree with their theories.

  34. To someone like myself with little knowledge of Net Marketing, I really appreciated this crash course on how to do it and how not to go about it. The first thing that might’ve turned me off was Ramit’s badmouthing of other approaches. It’s akin to political contestants slinging mud at each other. It’s negative and turns me off from the start.

    • So true Carl. I would have expected him to have a positive mindset in general towards fellow Entrepreneurs.

      But he chose to make himself look good at expense if others. Just like some politicians do during elections.

  35. Hey Kumar Gauraw
    It is right to believe if investment pro of highest stature Warren Buffett puts his worthwhile money into network marketing then obviously he must have done due diligence before going in that way.
    It shows a business itself can never be scam or holy thing. It is we the customers and marketers who create the reputation of a business bad or good. Just take the example of lottery tickets. It’s doing great in western world but people in eastern world still shiver if someone ask them put money in a lottery ticket. So maybe Smith have a few bitter experiences that made him think in that way about this business.
    Anyways, apart from various differing views in this post the way you took up your stand on the topic and convincingly elaborate the main issue is awesome. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    • Hello Mi,

      Just because I had a few bad experiences while visiting Italian restaurants in my city, does it entitle me to claim that all Italian restaurants are bad people and that Italian restaurant business is not a real entrepreneurship?

      This is what Ramit tried to do with network marketing industry. He attempts to look good by throwing mud at an industry that existed before he was born and which does trillion dollars of revenue each year.

      Yes, we are all entitled to free speech. But, doesn’t it also mean we are supposed to be respectful towards others and be reasonable?

      That is what I needed to do this post. I am glad you found it useful and informative.


  36. A WOW post from you. Your blog post give me feelings of a great book- the way you represent thoughts. Specially used graphics- really appreciate.

    CC: Dear Mr. Ramit,

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH – does not mean that we can share anything without proof and represent a country.

    Thank you Mr. Kumar for this awesome post! (Eye-Opening) 😀


    Rishabh Gupta

  37. Kudos to you Kumar for a brilliant article. One of the BEST ones I have ever read on this subject. 🙂

    I have been a US-based network marketer (and a very successful one, if I may add) for almost 18 years now. I remember some of the negative responses (like the ones mentioned in this post) when I was new to the industry. Thankfully, I used the “six inches between my years” to make my own decisions instead of listening to “random opinions or random people.”

    Honestly, though I saw a lot of positives about this industry from the likes of Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Hardy and many more, I never paid attention to them either. Why, you may ask? Simply because, I trusted my own “intelligence and judgement” to make my decisions about my life, and I didn’t need anyone’s endorsement (irrespective of how successful they may be) to tell me what I was doing was the “right business for me.”

    Just for the record, I am a successful professional with education from top universities and B-school, have worked for several Fortune-100 companies and have owned/currently other businesses in the past 22 years. Just like everything else in life – network marketing works for those who work it. For the rest who just “try it” for few days/weeks/month, they simply drop out and spread the negative – just like they do when drop out of school, or quit their job or get divorced – they always blame everyone but themselves.

    Here’s what I tell my fellow network marketers all the time: “The reason why many people fail in this business (or any other for that matter) is because they over-estimate the short-term results. But when those don’t materialize, they under-estimate the long-term potential.”


    • Hi Tarun,

      I have heard your success story and I have tremendous respect for you for your achievement in your business.

      These words of appreciation, coming from you, means a lot and thank you for dropping by to share your thoughts here.

      You are absolutely right about quitters and naysayers. They don’t do what they are supposed to do and them blame everyone but themselves.

      Thank you for adding value to this post.


    • Hello Tarun,

      I can relate on a personal note to your entry…generally, those who attempt a concept instead making a decision to live it fail – and always want the world to believe the idea they failed at (because of their non dedication) cannot mean success for anyone…

      Worst sort of mental slavery, ever.

      There isn’t any script to success – you can achieve it in any style that actually fits you…and that seems to be your style. Great – I must say.


  38. I absolutely enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for sharing.

    This article handles the negative we get on a daily basis very well and it provides power to the entrepreneur not to defend but to provide facts and facts are what matter. People say all kinds of things because they can and they think that it has some credibility but it doesn’t because it’s based on hear-say. I would like to congratulate you (the author) on how you compared the statements being made with the real facts.

    Network marketing is a powerful industry and it’s only because people do not understand how it’s possible that people can be so successful in it. Their first thought is… It must be a scam or a pyramid scheme.

    Thanks for doing your bit in educating people about what our business is and what potential it has and it is our privilege and honor to continue providing information about this great industry and leading through setting the example and to be consistent with it.

  39. Hello Kumar,

    To each, his own.

    We live in a crazy world where every one is a guru or teacher of some sort. While being knowledgeable isn’t a bad idea, one should refrain from uttering pronouncements about what isn’t clear or a concept that should be a research in progress for one’s reality.

    Your explanations opened up a hitherto new side of the argument…and puting the two on scale, I know exactly who is saying something and who is uttering gibberish!

    Do have a very great day!


  40. Kumar, I’m here from the Bloggers Helping Bloggers group on LinkedIn. I’m not sure if you and I have officially met, but I know I’ve seen your face around the net. 😉

    I don’t know a lot about internet marketing, or marketing in general, but I know that I don’t like to be “sold to.” I’m stubborn in my convictions, too, and rarely buy anything. (So don’t get any ideas.) However, I like learning about new things and realize that I need to learn about marketing as I am now a website owner (after blogging for free for a year) and am about to be an author.

    I know I’m going to need these skills.

    I also encountered Ramit Sethi somewhere along my travels and also somehow subscribed to his list. (I’ve since unsubscribed and am just as disgusted as you are with his overly-agressive marketing a. k. a. “harassment” tactics.) I, too, like to “observe” others and so waited to see how long it would take before the emails slowed down. Gosh, I got tired of waiting!

    After about a month, I finally deleted them all and unsubscribed.

    I am of the impression that if you want to sell someone something, you should:
    a. have a damn good product people want
    b. have a damn good product people need.

    If they want it, they will pay for it. If they don’t, it is your job to convince them they need it (whether they actually do or not).

    I think marketing boils down to these two basic things. The trick then lies in the second part. That is where distrust comes in. People don’t like being scammed, feeling scammed, or getting scammed, (even if they are NOT). That’s a no-brainer, in my opinion. So marketing, as I understand it, uses persuasive copy to get others interested in what you are trying to sell. I’m sure there are certain “marketing terms” (like hard sell, soft sell, etc.) for what I am describing, but, like I said, I don’t know much about marketing.

    Although, I suppose I am describing things quite well, aren’t I?

    Anyway, I would like to know if my understanding of this concept is correct. I’d also like to know more about what you do and sell. (Nope, still not buying anything, but am curious.)

    I’m looking forward to your response.


    • Hi Lorraine,

      Thank you for dropping by.

      The topic of discussion is about network marketing and how some people like Ramit have a practice of throwing mud at the industry to look good while they follow even more aggressive marketing and persuasion techniques.

      However, to answer your question, good products do not sell themselves. You need to market yourself. You need to put yourself out there consistently for people to remember you when they are in need.

      If you wait for people to come to you automatically because you have a great product, you will be disappointed with the results.

      So, yes, marketing is the most important aspect of building your business provided you have a product or a service worth selling.

      People don’t like to be sold. But people do like to buy. Your goal as a business owner is to make them want to buy your product and that is where marketing comes.

      I hope this clarifies a little about marketing and why you need to focus on it?


  41. I think that in the end it all comes down to laziness. People are just to lazy to invest some time in searching for a method or an activity that will bring them profit, so they try to copy other successful people, like these network marketers, who “claim” to provide the people these proven methods and techniques.

    • You don’t seem to read the post and wrote your comment without thinking through.

      Perhaps you are demonstrating the same symptoms of “laziness” ? You should have written your comment after reading the post.

  42. That’s an excellent article thanks. Yes, well worth publishing as an ebook.

    It’s depressing how people are prepared to condemn network marketing from a position of complete ignorance. I guess some people just have no interest in anything entrepreneurial – and that’s fine because they’re not in our target market.

    It’s an old cliche, but I had people laugh at my part-time networking business until they saw my monthly cheque 🙂


  43. Hi Kumar,
    I don’t have any knowledge about network marketing but I’m grateful enough that stumble in your post. I got to know what network marketing is all about, because you explained well in this post. It is truly sad that some people easily throw judgement on other without understanding well and experiencing it.

  44. Wooo…awesome! I was just starting up in network marketing and I don’t know how I got into Ramit’s article and just as you said I got scared and felt that I have been scammed I lost all hopes, and after some minutes of browsing with all lost hopes I fortunately came across your post and you brought me back to my hopes I think God doesn’t want me to quit, so he dropped me into your post. Thanks a lot Sir you will be remembered.

  45. Most people do not understand this concept or perhaps they are lazy to try it. Your explanation shades more light on the concept and is right to try it out.

  46. I don’t have any knowledge about network marketing but I’m grateful enough that stumble in your post. I got to know what network marketing is all about, because you explained well in this post. It is truly sad that some people easily throw judgement on other without understanding well and experiencing it.

  47. I don’t have any knowledge about network marketing but I’m grateful enough that stumble in your post. I got to know what network marketing is all about, because you explained well in this post.

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