Holi Wishes And Life Lessons From The Festival Of Colors

Kumar Gauraw

Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is one of the biggest and the most colorfully celebrated festivals by Indian families around the world and preparations for Holi this year, has already begun as well.


It is one of those unique occasions when the bright colors of Holi demolish all the social barriers of caste and creed in society. A festival that is all about colors also brings along with it the spirit of joy, love, peace and enthusiasm in our hearts.

A Little About Holi

Holi is a Sanskrit word which is also known as Spring Festival  and sometimes, also referred to as the Festival of Love.

Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which become more and more popular with time even in people of other communities around the world. According to Wikipedia, as the festival has, in recent times, spread in parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic and colors.

Holi historically symbolizes celebration of the victory of good over evil and it emphasizes on the message that you submit yourself to God and He will protect you just like a father protects his children with all his might.

The Legend Of Holi

According to the legend, there was once an all-powerful demon king by the name of Hiranyakashyap, who almost became immortal with a boon that made his death almost impossible. He declared himself as God and commanded everybody to worship only him.

Things were going great until he discovered that his own son named Prahlad devoted himself to Lord Vishnu (the supreme personality of Godhead). It was a bit of a disappointment for the father when he couldn’t convince Prahlad to stop worshiping Lord Vishnu.

So, Hiranyakashyap sentenced his son to death and tried several ways to kill Prahlad in which he continued to fail because with grace of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad was saved every time.

Hiranyakashyap’s sister, Holika had a boon that she could enter fire unscathed anytime she wanted. So, he asked Holika to enter a blazing fire with his son Prahlad in her lap. Holika enticed young Prahlad to sit in her lap before she took her seat in a blazing fire in front of Hiranyakashyap.

The legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of this heinous attempted crime with her life. Holika forgot that the boon was given to her only for her own safety as long as she didn’t use this to harm others.

Holika turned to ashes while Prahlad, who was kept chanting the name of Lord Vishnu with deep devotion came out unharmed from that fire. The legend has it that people celebrated the victory of Prahlad and defeat of Holika the next day.

Since then, every year, effigies of Holika are burnt in huge bonfires that are lit every year on the evening just before the day of Holi. As the fire is lit, people sing and dance around the bonfire and celebrate.

The Holi Celebration

Holi celebrations begin the morning after Holika bonfire. The day is all about enjoyment and enthusiasm. Children and youth alike armed with different colors, target each other with their colored solutions. They attack others with their colorful solutions with their water guns and let others do the same.

People play together, laugh together and celebrate one another’s company irrespective of their creed, color or religion. Later during the day, they visit one another’s homes, offer sweets, eat together, play music, sing and dance.

It was a lot of fun in childhood playing Holi back then. But nevertheless, we still celebrate with friends and families here every year. We are looking forward to Holi celebration this year as our children have grown up a bit more to be able to enjoy the fun of Holi.

Here is a shot from the last year’s Holi celebrations in Dallas with some of our friends. Hope you can recognize me somewhere here 🙂


Messages Of Love, Celebration And Harmony

Just as we approach Holi this year, I think of these 5 simple life lessons Holi brings with it. I share with you these lessons as this is a great time to remind ourselves that life is what we make out of it. It is a great way to celebrate all the blessings in our lives.

1. Evil May Seem Powerful But It Loses In The End

This isn’t a new thing. Every religion, every culture has countless such examples where evil has always lost in the end.

But, the idea is, it is yet another reminder that comes to us each year so we do not get distracted while life keeps luring us with glittering temptations to violate integrity for small temporary gains. Holi reminds us that, although the path of truth and honesty might look difficult, its rewards are worth it.

We must not forget that with God, everything is possible and so we must remain truthful.

2. Appreciate, Rejuvenate And Celebrate Those  Relationships

Holi is a time of the year when people come together to clean their houses, streets, collect dry wood for Holika bonfire and then play together with colors leaving all their worries behind.

It is also a time of the year when people don’t care about cast and creed, religion when celebrations begin. Families come together, friends gather and they renew those dusted relationships.

3. Love All – Forgive All

Holi gives us to forgive even our enemies and play with them, celebrate with them and make friends with them. It isn’t easy, but that is why Holi is such an special occasion. There are numerous examples and stories of enemies who became friends after they celebrated one Holi together.

Can you imagine how beautiful life will be if we can take this message to our hearts and begin each day with the same love and feeling of enthusiasm towards others?

4. Clear The Evil – Inside Out

Holika bonfire symbolizes an opportunity to burn all that is evil in us. People collect all the junk and put that into the bonfire that evening symbolizing that they are burning all that is evil in their lives.

Isn’t that a great way to start fresh? Imagine the beauty of our souls when we can do a fresh start leaving all that was bad, all that was dark in us behind and moving forward fresh like a clean slate.

Just love the thought of it makes me feel fresh right now as I write this.

5. Live In Peace, Harmony And Happiness

Finally – and the most important of all – is to live by the golden rule. We put colors on others and enjoy when others put colors on us. The real enjoyment comes when we see happiness in other people’s eyes when they put colors on us. This is such an amazing experience!

Small or big, rich or poor, everybody treats the other person with love and respect that day. Holi teaches us the lesson of caring for others, making others happy and sharing our joys with them for that one day at the very minimum.

Can you imagine the beauty if we all could spend our everyday with the same love for others, the same sense of responsibility and respect for others? Our lives will be enriched with harmony making our societies peaceful with happiness all around us.


As we celebrate Holi on March 18th this year, let’s not just make it just another day to party and have fun. Let’s take some of the life lessons Holi teaches us and enrich our lives with love, harmony and peace.

Over To You – Share Your Thoughts

If this is your first introduction to the festival of Holi, what is the one thing you find the most interesting from your perspective? What makes this such a special festival that its popularity keeps increasing year after year around the world?

If you are like me who has seen and celebrated Holi every year, what makes this festival of colors special to you?

Share your thoughts through your comments. Thank you kindly!

Kumar Gauraw

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  1. Hi Kumar,
    First, I wish you and your loved ones a happy Holi celebration. What a wonderful time of celebration, especially considering all the meaning that is attached to it. May your Holi be filled with the vibrant colors of life and love.

    Best Regards,

    • Thank you Bill. Really appreciate you for taking time to bless us with your wishes!
      We begin the celebrations on Monday 🙂


  2. Rohit Kumar

    Hello Sir,
    I am feeling glad that you accept my request and publish your article about Happy holi 2014.I must say this is very informative article. I never knew that much knowledge about holi. Thanks for the knowledge. Especially I like Family Picture in your article. This shows that how Family is important in our life. Again A Very Happy Holi to you and your Family.

  3. Kumar,

    May prosperity and safety bless you and your loved ones during this festival of happiness. I feel the power of forgiveness each day as I repent. God is good all the time and during our lowest times he is a father that picks us up and bring joy into our hearts.

    I have clarity with appreciating people each day and express it by sending a card a day to just the first person that comes to my mind after morning prayer. I rejoice in the glory of God and share his love by acts of kindness when it most likely is hard to do. I reject fear and all temptation during each day when faced with challenges.

    Just to know that the power of choice is a given and that can never be taken away brings empowering love in my actions and life.

    Thank you for sharing this holiday that I had no idea every existed. It is amazing that they youth are celebrating it with all the new fades they get into. That alone is proof that God is working amazing things for our future generations.

    Thank you Kumar for sharing a moving story of heritage and faith.

    • Hello Williams,

      Thank you for your blessings. Glad to know that you finally got introduced to the festival of colors through me 🙂
      There are so many things in this world which we don’t know and thanks to the internet, we are learning and growing every day.

      I just learnt through another friend that there is a festival called “Surfing Festival” in Australia and they have a magnificent way to celebrate it. It is fascinating.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!


  4. Hi Kumar,

    Really that was amazing post and great blog with Indian festival.
    Holi celebration, known since the festival associated with colors, is recognized in Japanese and Northern regions of India. This time commemorate this burning associated with Holiga irrespective of of the woman’s boon in which protected the woman’s from currently being burned.
    Happy Holi to all users

    • Thank you Manoj. Happy Holi to you!
      I had so many people coming and send me emails that I wrote about Diwali so I should also write about Holi. So, here I am with a post on Holi and thrilled to know that you liked it!

      Have a great week!


  5. Hello Kumar,

    Happy Holi in advance to you.. Holi is one of the best festival which I really enjoyed. It’s one of those festival where you can put colors even on the face of your enemies…

    • Happy Holi to you and your family Himanshu! Yeah, this is one my favorite festivals 🙂

      Thank you for your wishes and yes, enjoy your day.



  6. Hi Kumar,

    Wishing you all the best on this beautiful holiday! I heard of Holi, but you sure gave us a clear picture here!

    I was a bit confused about this holiday until I read the legend. Thanks so much for that Kumar so I have a better understanding of how this holiday originated.

    In every religion we recognize that evil is present but always looses in the end. Knowing this, keeps us away from temptations of all sorts of things. It helps us make good choices in our lives. I love the idea that families come together and renew their relationships. Family to me, is like a microcosm of the world. A place where we can forgive and forget, and keep on loving. If we can do this with our family, we can do this with the world.

    What I like best about this holiday is the enjoyment of see happiness in other people’s eyes when they put colors on one another. That is true empathy. That to me is the essence of humanity. As long as we can rejoice with others, we lead our life with a happy heart.

    Sending you and your family and friends well wishes on this delightful holiday,


    • Hi Donna,

      You are right about how every religion gives the same message and how we all have our own traditional ways to remind ourselves of the truth.

      Aha! So you did know about Holi although the legend is what I was able to clarify 🙂 Well, that’s an accomplishment for me since now you know why it all started and how it is celebrated a bit in detail 🙂

      By the way, did you recognise me in the picture? I hope so 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by and the wishes! You have a wonderful rest of the week and a productive weekend too.


  7. Holi is one of the most famous festivals of India but I don’t like much as on the occasion of Holi people even drink a lot and fight after that. But I like simple and peaceful holi with my family members and close friends sometimes. But its good to watch others to play it :P.

    Thanks for writing the full details of Holi here!

    • Hello Atish,

      Happy Holi to you and your family!

      You know the world isn’t perfect. In everything that is man made, has good and bad. To be happy and enjoy the small joys, we should focus on good things. It makes our lives much simpler.

      I choose to look towards good things I can pick up and implement in my life to make it better 🙂

      Have a great time there!


  8. Hey Kumar,

    I believe I read about this last year and was surprised to see all the colors and how people painted themselves and everything.

    Is that your family with the pink faces? I think that’s you with the two little ones on your lap but with all that paint it’s hard to tell for sure.

    Thank you for sharing the history with us and words of wisdom during this much celebrated occasion. Hope you’re also enjoying the Holi celebration as well.

    Thanks for sharing with us about this tradition.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Oh yes, more than me, my boys are all ready with water guns and colors of Holi. Most probably our first shot to Holi will begin this Sunday where we have a scheduled event.
      Kind of a reharsal for the main occasion 🙂

      Then, the Holi happens on Monday which is hard to celebrate because of a lot of people working. So, we will keep this day reserved for close friends and family.

      And then, the mass celebration is scheduled for the weekend as you know how we celebrate even Birthdays on weekends here in North America, right? 😉 So, that’s the deal about Holi as well.

      Yes, I am the one with two boys, you caught me! Thank you!


  9. Hello Kumar, To answer your question Yes this is my first introduction to the festival of Holi and it sounds like a grand celebration indeed! Imagine a world without enemies. WOW HUH?

    Thanks you for sharing and wishing you and your beautiful Family a Happy Holi Celebration.. Chery :))

    • Yeah! How awesome will that be 🙂
      Thank you Chery for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Kumar,

    Happy Holi to you and your family (in advance!) 🙂

    I’d thought of coming to comment on this post on Holi to wish you, but then came earlier because who would be blogging that day – not me!….Lol….and seeing the way you all celebrate it too, I don’t think you either, thus I came in today.

    You described the festival of colors so well, something that I’d wanted to write about too, but perhaps next year now. I liked the way your sons are sitting so quietly on your lap! Reminds me of mine when they were that young and how they used to start playing with their water guns and buckets full of water – days in advance, creating a mess all over! However, now as they all become more aware once grown up, they’ve turned to herbal dry colors – they create a lot of awareness our end to save water and the environment and play clean. But yes, you can’t stop people from drinking and playing cards – something that most families enjoy – “Holi Hein” 🙂

    Wishing you once again, and thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

    • Yeah right! Who will come online that day especially in India 🙂

      By the way Harleena, if you were planning to write on Holi, probably you shouldn’t postpone it for the next year because I will revise the same post with some fresh spices again 🙂 And that way, I can comment on your post and learn something which I haven’t written about.

      Thank you for your wishes and wish you and your family a very Happy Holi Festival!


  11. Happy Holi, Kumar 😀

    As a kid, I used love this kind of celebrations (mainly because schools were closed 😀 It’s good to have some little breaks in between).

    Plus, celebrations like Holi and Diwali are fun 😀 It’s a time to celebrate (and spent some time with our family). Although I personally haven’t celebrated Holi. Diwali and other celebrations are more popular in my state..we also have a different occasion celebrating the harvest season, which occurs in August, right after school starts, well here in US. In India, August is the season of quarterly finals (or was it mid terms?) and a small break after that.

    It’s also great to see that others (especially, here in the US) are adopting this holiday to celebrate and have fun.

    Anyways, Thank you for sharing this, Kumar!

    • You are very welcome Jeevan! Happy Holi to you.

      By the way, Which state are you in where Holi isn’t celebrated?

  12. Hi Kumar

    Happy Holi to you and your family in advance.

    I have never heard of this celebration. There are many Indian people in Australia too so I am sure they do celebrate it.

    I love that you shared the Legend with us as it makes sense re the bonfire.

    I picked you right up with you two children even though I think you have more paint on your face than anyone.

    I also love the lessons you shared as they are all important to live a fulfilled life. Good you reminded people to reflect on them. In Australia many of our holidays just become days off work and fun with people forgetting the true meaning.

    Enjoy your celebrations with your family Kumar.


    • Thank you Sue. Appreciate you taking time to share your thoughtful comments and the wishes.
      The celebrations have already begun in India and for us here in the US, it will be tomorrow 🙂

      Yes, festivals seem to just becoming yet another holiday in general and those of us who understand their true meaning, need to remind ourselves and our loved ones about it. Thank you for sharing the vision.

      You have a great new week as well.


  13. Hi Kumar,

    Long time no see, and glad to be back here.

    Any festival that has to do with love and positiveness is a good festival to me 🙂 I love those bright painted faces, it reminds me a cartoon.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Welcome Sylviane! Glad to know you are back in the zone. We were missing your comments and your posts.
      Glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for dropping by!
      Have a great weekend!

  14. Reading about this festival and it’s purpose reminds me of a popular saying among Christians: “the next time the Devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!” (Based on Matthew 25:41, which speaks of the lake of fire reserved for the devil at the end of time.)

    May The Lord God, Eternal King of the Universe, bless and keep you during this happy festival.

    • Wow!

      “The next time the Devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!” – is such a powerful quote.

      Thank you for sharing this Alan. You always have just the perfect thing for the occasion and you are so kind to share such wisdom right when it is the most appropriate.

      Thank you for the blessings and you have a great weekend as well with family and friends!


  15. Hi Kumar, thank you SO much for sharing the story of Holi…I learned only yesterday that my mum and my sister in law were born on holi, even though it isn’t Monday as you know the date changes according to the moon, I am sure there is some significance to that…and funny this year it is St Patricks day…a day for much celebration the world over. Your tips are brilliant too – just tips for everyday regardless of celebration, something to live by. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I had never heard of the holiday, what a wonderful celebration. I’m always interested in hearing new stories and even more so when they come from cultures that are unfamiliar to me. This one was particularly appealing because it had such a positive message and will give me something to think about as I approach the spring and my own annual ritual of spring cleaning. 🙂

    Every opportunity to get rid of bad thoughts and spend time with neighbours, friends and family should be embraced as a good idea. I love the use of colour to symbolize joy and the picture of you with your family is priceless. I think it would be fun to make a collection of those over the years. All the best.

    • Hi Debra,

      Thank you very much for your much thoughtful and insightful comments about Holi celebrations and yes, we have been making these collections over the years. It is surely becoming fun to look back in time and enjoy those moments. You also have a wonderful rest of this weekend and an incredibly productive new week!



  17. Wish you a very Happy Holi.

    • Thank you Ankit. Wish you and your family a Happy Holi too!

  18. Kumar thank you so much for sharing the background on the Holi Holiday! Like others I’ve seen the images of people covered with bright colors and celebrating but never really understood what it was all about. The legend is very interesting, and I love the messages of love, celebration and harmony.

  19. Hi,

    WOw, that was a refreshing article. I am late to wish but still Happy Holi. It is really on of my favorite festive which i really love to celebrate. Yestardy holi really went well for me and my family as with yours.


  20. Hi Kumar
    happy holi to you and your family.
    I was wondering for this festival as now a days i see so many adds showing Indian Holi festival. I was thinking what this festival is all about ( as i just knew that it is about colors). Thank you for sharing history of event.

    I hope that everyone can remember all the good lessons brought to us by festivals or teachings of our religions … then every day will be like holi , Christmas or Eid.

    Thank you for such a nice share.

  21. Hello kumar,
    i am reading 4th post of your blog and find that again you came up with a fresh matter. Holli is one of the biggest festival that is celebrated not only in India but in other parts of worlds also. As there it exist with some different taste like in Spain they celebrate Tomatina festival similar to Holli.

  22. Actually I think that religion has a important role in designing the society , tough they are different and vivid but the main messages and responsibility for all is the same . Love and Unity. Respect for all , even plants and animals.

  23. I stayed in Poona, India 3 for 3 years, I enjoyed all 3 Holi, but this is the first time I know this much about it, my friend never told me before, they just brought me out and put a lot of color in my face.

  24. Hello Kumar Gauraw,,
    First of all Happy Holi To you and your family. I am from Delhi, India and I am happy to see you as you are from America and still loves the festival of our India as well as celebrate it like us. This is the thing i want to appreciate you. We are Indians and we should respect our all rituals and festivals.

  25. Hi Kumar, thank you SO much for sharing the story of Holi…I learned only yesterday that my mum and my sister in law were born on holi, even though it isn’t Monday as you know the date changes according to the moon, I am sure there is some significance to that…and funny this year it is St Patricks day…a day for much celebration the world over. Your tips are brilliant too – just tips for everyday regardless of celebration, something to live by. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Wow! never knew the actual meaning of Holi. It is yet another great article on great website. You really have great writing and creative skills.
    Thanks regards,
    Nikita Arora

  27. Hello Gauraw,

    I don’t know why but don’t like this festival at all. I remember that day when my friends and neighbours forced me to play Holi. It was such a disgusting day and that I still remember. I hope I’ll forget that day.
    Thanks regards,

  28. Thanx Gauraw for this description about Holi.I love this Indian festival.This is a festival which show deep meaning of life.thanx for this nice post sharing.

  29. This is a really nice post Gauraw ! Love All Forgive All is one of the best think which everyone should apply in life. It can make you move a lot far in life.

  30. Great post!! thanks for sharing holi wishes life lessons colors, Wish u happy returns of the day.

  31. Hi Gauraw !

    Yes this the beautiful festival. Colors can make magic. You holi specially in joint family, gives lots of joy…
    Thanks to our Indian Culture that teaches us lot from every festival with joy…
    I never want to miss this event. Though working in Mumbai City I just visited my home town which is 400 Kms away from Mumbai on Holi for a single day to play Holi. Because otherwise I don’t want to wait for year to live this event.

  32. Hello Kumar Gauraw,
    First of all Happy Holi To you and your family. I am from Delhi, India and I am happy to see you as you are from America and still loves the festival of our India as well as celebrate it like us. This is the thing i want to appreciate you. We are Indians and we should respect our all rituals and festivals.


  33. Great article and loved while reading this content. Our country is full of festivals and colors and really happy to be a part of all these festivals which brings huge enjoyment in our everyday life.

  34. Hi Gauraw,

    This is interesting, I heard from my friends that the Indians has a lot of festivals, however, my Emran doesn’t like this Holi festival at all.

    I wish I could come over to India and see things for myself.

    Thanks for sharing

  35. Happy Holi to You and Your Family Kumar. Holi is Like National Festival of India also Known as Festival Of Colors. I just Love Playing Holi Evry Year with full of Enjoyment..

  36. Hey Gauraw,

    It looks you had a great time with family on Holi.
    One question, you seems not active on this blog. Any specific reason for it. Are you busy with some other project?

  37. Hey Gauraw,
    I heard a lot about the colour of festival. Hope your life is framed with all the colours of Love and Happiness. I wish I could come over to India and see things for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  38. noel pears

    epic story behind this beautiful indian festival.a festival of colors signifies love all forgive all.it tells us to live in harmony and happiness.

  39. Oops! I came here a bit late. But this post on Holi is very good. I wanted some information about the festival but not in wikipedia format. Your description makes me feel it happening before my eyes. Thanks.

  40. Good Morning

    This is a really nice post Gauraw, You really have great writing and creative skills. I love those bright painted faces, it reminds me a cartoon.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  41. I really like the idea of people bonding with each other and festivals like this are the perfect opportunity. You can really have a lot of fun and break out of your shell by having more life experience.

  42. So sad that this is the first to read about the color festival, and it looks pretty fun to participate in.

  43. A nice insight into your traditional celebrations, enjoy!

  44. Holi is the colourful festival celebrated in India with great joy. The history behind it is really nice and so beautiful.
    And the post simply describes the inner meaning of holi.
    Thanks for this beautiful article.

  45. Awesome Post Mr. Kumar Gauraw Ji…
    Loved it, it will help a lot of peoples who did not know about Holi…

    Shubham Gupta

  46. I love Holi Festival. This is a festival of Love. On this day we forget everything and meet everyone with love. We all should celebrate this festival of Love ‘Holi’.

  47. Holi is a Sanskrit word which is also known as Spring Festival and sometimes, also referred to as the Festival of Love.

  48. I find Holi is a colourful festive. We see that festival in our area. However, not know all about that.
    Would you like to say about the festive? Thanks.

  49. Thank you so much Kumar Gauraw, Holi is one of the favourite festival for Kids as well as all age groups. I learnt so many things from your article about Holi. This Post is simply amazing and you given deeper insights about the festival really this will help kids to know more about Indian Festivals why they are so important and what was reason behind to celebrate our festivals.
    Keep posting such a wonderful articles.

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