Losing Weight Will Be Much Easier If You Know Your Body And Your DNA

Kumar Gauraw

Ideally I need not be concerned about losing weight because of my lean and thin appearance. However,  my love for sweets and delicious food requires that I keep burning some calories to avoid accumulating unnecessary extra fat. 

Losing Weight Is Fun When You Know Your Body - Two Women Eating Together

Health is wealth after all and therefore, losing weight is something that even I need to worry about at times.

Speaking of losing weight,  did you know that the weight management industry is gigantic with millions of people trying thousands of programs in an effort to lose weight quickly?

Countless companies are offering everything from diet programs to magic pills that are supposed to help you lose weight. The weight-loss industry is big business today and getting bigger day after day. This industry wasn’t even affected by the recession. The statistics are not very encouraging:

  • 60 million Americans are obese, ages 20 years and older
  • 9 million children and teens are overweight, ages 6-19

Losing weight is definitely an ongoing personal battle that we all need to fight on a daily basis. There is no magic formula to get rid of this problem once and for all.

But I am going to share with you two success stories that clearly indicate the importance of knowing your own body before you start to force it to lose or gain weight.

My First Exposure To This Concept

About two years ago, when I was in the Premier Presenters Toastmasters club, a fellow member gave a talk about losing weight. She introduced the concept of having a diet plan that is in accordance with your blood type and shared her personal success story.

Intrigued by the information, I later approached her to get more data about the subject. She gave me her copy of the book that had made the difference in her life, Eat Right 4 Your Type.

Being an avid reader, I immediately perused the book. That was my first introduction to the concept that knowing your body and blood type is an important weapon in fighting things like obesity with less stress.

I wasn't interested in losing weight, but some of my friends, Snigdha and some of her friends are always interested in losing weight. This new found knowledge was helping me gain some popularity and I was enjoying sharing this information with others.

The Breakthrough – DNA Test For Losing Weight

Around the beginning of year 2012, a friend of mine informed me about DNA testing for weight loss and heart health. This test report could tell us exactly what kind of food is right for our body based on our DNA structure.

He also shared his wife’s weight loss success story that went something like this:

First Success Story About DNA Testing For Losing Weight

My friend’s wife was on a mission to lose weight after they had their first child. She was working out everyday. She was avoiding food with high carbs such as rice (one of the toughest tasks for people from Hyderabad, India). At the same time, she was following a protein rich diet plan and taking supplements to make sure she could maintain her muscle mass while losing weight.

Things were going in the right direction for her but she was losing weight very slowly.

Meanwhile, she got introduced to the Inherent Health Genetic Testing Service by a common friend who is a nutrition specialist. She ordered the test kit online, took a cheek swab and sent the sample to the lab. Her test results arrived in a few days.

The results became the game changer in her pursuit of losing weight because her DNA structure revealed that she needed to just do the opposite of what she was doing if she wanted to lose weight at a more effective rate.

Results said that it was okay for her to consume carb rich food items. However, she needed to avoid extra protein intake as her body does not need it.

She was amazed and happy that now she could eat her favorite food – rice without worrying about weight gain. She followed the food advice and continued her exercises.

With that, she not only started losing weight 3 times faster and she began to feel more confident about it since she now knew exactly what her body needed.

This was a fascinating story and I didn’t even need to verify the information because this was my family friend that I have known for several years.

Guess what I did after that?

Yes, I told this tale to everyone and I encouraged people around me to check this out.

Whether or not somebody else took it seriously, Snigdha got excited about it. She got her test results as quick as she could and she used the information to lose weight. Even now, whenever she thinks it’s time to lose some weight, she refers back to her test results..

Second Success Story About DNA Testing For Losing Weight

Out of all the people I happened to share this information with, one of our Krishna World Wide leaders, Ron Williams, did his research, checked the background information, reviews and testimonials of this genetic test and decided to give it a shot.

Speaking of Ron, I think I should let you know that he is over 72 years old and going strong. Don’t worry, I’ve his permission to reveal his age. Physicist by education, very energetic and strong enough to lift a 70 pound dog by its neck with one hand, Ron is an inspiration for many young folks I know.

Ron was already working towards losing weight. He was exercising; eating the diet that he thought was supposed to help him meet his goals and taking his vitamins. He wants to know everything about everything that he does and so he got excited about the opportunity of getting the tests done so he would know exactly what his body needed.

After Ron received his genetic test results for weight management, he knew what he needed to do to lose weight as per his body’s specific needs. He started dieting in accordance with the test results and started working out more vigorously in accordance with the test results. You will be amazed with what he achieved.

While a person of his age would consider a loss of 5-10 pounds an achievement, Ron lost about 50 pounds over the last year and reduced about 3 inches around his waist. He feels better and more energized as he continues with his routine every day.

I am so proud to have him on the team because he exemplifies what is possible if we just commit to our goals.

Genetic Tests Do Make A Difference

Due to the buzz about losing weight, I wanted to share the results from my experience with genetic tests. The Inherent Health Genetic Tests are available for Heart Health, Bone Health as well as knowing your personalized nutritional needs.

We are living in the era where science has made it possible to now know exactly what we need to know to keep ourselves healthy. We can predict the risk of heart attack, risk of developing osteoporosis, and get the needed nutrition to protect ourselves against these deadly diseases.

Here is a video a friend shared with me that reminded me to write this post. In this video, CBS News channel features these genetic tests. Here you go:

Your Turn – Share Your Thoughts

Did you enjoy this information? Did you enjoy this video? Do you think it is a revolutionary idea? Do you think that more knowledge about your own body can empower you to make better health decisions?

Please share your thoughts in the comments now. Thank you kindly!

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Rajendra

    Thanks for sharing this Kumar. Very informative, I definitely want to get the Hearth health tests done soon.
    I know couple of friends who are taking their own approach to loose weight based on some advertisements in Netflix but I think the smart way to loose weight is to understand your DNA structure and then take appropriate measures to loose weight.. Thanks again for this incredible posts.


    • Awesome Rajendra. Glad to know you are already help some people with this information. Thank you for sharing your testimonial.

  2. I know better about my heart health now I have a better control on my weight management after I took these tests. I think everyone has right to know about their body and what is good and bad for their own health.
    These tests are revolutionary in nature and at such an affordable rate, everybody should take advantage of the opportunity.

    Just to add my testimonial to the table, losing weight is no more a battle for me. I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight whenever I decide that it’s time without starving.

    • Your are right “Sngdha Krishna”,
      DNA test is one of the valuable test. This test cost cant not bear general people. I suggest every general people, the only tested criterion to judge the effectiveness of an exercise program is the heart rate of a person. When you exercise, energy requirement of the body increases several folds. During all sorts of work out programs, muscles are repeatedly contracting and relaxing. Muscles require a large amount of energy for weight loss that is derived by the oxygen and nutrients in the blood. During active muscular contractions, therefore, blood supply to the muscles increases. In order to provide ample amount of oxygen rich blood, arteries dilate and heart rate increases. Target heart rate is the increased rate of heart beats required to burn energy during exercise; in order for exercise to be effective, tachycardia should fall within the limits of target heart rate. Target heart rate for weight loss has been approved by the American Heart Association and has been shown to be tremendously beneficial.

  3. Amazing piece of information. A lot of us are going to be benefited from it. I am eager to know more about DNA test. If could help then that would be so nice of you.

    Thank You

    • Ankit,
      I am not sure if the test is available in India yet. However, in USA, we have it available. You may have to do your research in India to see if there is any company providing this service yet…

  4. Erlinda Quitevis

    Through my lifetime I never had any any weight problem. I was a mean 118lbs & muscular till I was 50. I only started gained wight @ this time because I ate dinner @ 10:00PM for 6 months straight & clocked in 147lbs. that’s when I realized I had to do something. I stopped eating @ 10:00 then ate soups & a small bowl of salad. Within 6 mos I lost 10 lbs. then another 5lbs in another 3 months. I continued the diet for another 6 months till I went down to 122 lbs. I’m now @ 135lbs muscular.Diet: soups, salads, balanced meals with sm portions about 1 small plate of everhything. Breakfast small ball of mexed fruits fruits w/ 2tbsp of bran cereal, 1/4 c. of 1%lactose free milk & 1 small yogurt, 1tsp of slivered almonds & 1tsp of dried rasins, 1 soft boiled egg 1 mug coffee w/ cream & sweetener. So far so good.

    • You seem to be like me. A healthy and fast metabolism definitely helps 🙂

  5. Very good post. I was just looking for something like this. Recently I have been gathering any information on nutrition and healthy life. This one helped me a lot. Now I need to do this test. It’s in my plan.

    • Awesome Aistis. I am glad I was able to help a bit. Thank you for the appreciation!

  6. Shweta Sharma

    Your website is great Kumar! Losing weight is a great challenge today because of all the processed food that people eat. Eating healthy food has become so dificult because of the fast moving life. Thank you for sharing about DNA test. I think it is going to help many many people.

  7. FindYourBody

    I like the picture it shows different body types with different diet plans. Satire.

  8. Exercise is the best way to loss your weight.Nice post

  9. Indeed! weight loss has to be in accordance with y our DNA and genetic composition… This should be the explanation to why some people manage to stay so fit even after eating so much.

  10. Brittney

    Great post. Thanks for sharing these testimonials. I believe that we need to exercise, eat healthy and drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy body. Not only do we need to stay in shape we need to take care of our long term self. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. This is a real eye opener for me. I was always wondering why certain people who workout and have strict diets never get results. This is because of their DNA make up. Interesting way of looking at this. I am going to do some more research on this. My mother and sisters could really use this advice. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Awesome Rick. Glad to know it helped you a bit. You should try Inherent Health.

  12. This is actually really cool. It also makes sense from a scientific point of view. As a human geographer, it make sense that people from all over the world of different backgrounds, blood types, and obviously DNA, need different foods to be “healthy.” Depending on where you are in the world, some foods may be plentiful, and others scarce. If you think about how many people came before you, and how healthy they were, it only makes sense that you would be the same way. Helping people lose weight can be hard, because the best way for you to lose weight is to find out what your body needs.

  13. Definitely got some new information. I was not knowing that DNA can play a major role in making you fat.

  14. Greart article! Really informative.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  15. Hi Mr. Kumar,

    Thanks for the information. I just learned that DNA affects the ability of a person’s body in losing weight. I thought it only influenced by diet, exercise and rest.

    • Yes Erwin, Isn’t it amazing to know that now we can have a much better control on our exercise and diet plans depending on our body type? It is a great development. By the way, thank you for dropping by.

      • How much DNA can help me in my weight loss program? Please tell me the percentage share of DNA in terms of weight.

        • Sudhir,

          It’s a peace of information. If you use it, it will help you, and if you don’t it won’t help. So, it’s not about any percentage. Really, it’s upto you to decide how much you want to know about your own body before you subscribe to a weight loss program or so.

  16. Even I learned something new today. I was not aware that a DNA test could help us with weight loss. As all the bodies are different, they respond differently to training and diet. I think this is a customized way of losing weight because we know what exactly our body needs. 🙂

  17. Hi Kumar,

    Thank you for this informative and interesting post. I will bookmarked it. i hope many people could read your post and in order for them to be aware and educate themselves. You have discuss this topic into a deeper explanation and easy way to understand! Great.

  18. Len

    I wonder what it is that some people have a fast metabolism while others have a slow one

  19. A good concept shared, great work Kumar. Most of the people follow diet without even consulting a dietitian, this can prove harmful to the body because the body needs everything proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates in a appropriate amount.

    • Absolutely Dr. Sanjay. Thank you for stopping by and I am glad you found the information, valuable.

      Doing anything without knowing about it mostly hurts and health is one of those things I don’t prefer to put in that category. And you are right about people doing all kinds of things without taking to evaluate their options. Thanks again for your endorsement.

  20. louise wedley

    The DNA Diet is based on the belief that genetics have a large part in determining how our body reacts to food.

  21. It’s always a struggle to lose weight. And seeing people that are fit and eat so much is kind of aggravating. It’s interesting to know that I need to know my DNA type to help lose weight, thanks for posting.

  22. Hello Gauraw, I am totally agree with your opinion as well as research report. Next week I have to join a Weight lose conference where we will aware people about overweight & obese. I hope your information help me on that day.

  23. Wow this is a very helpful post. Thank you for sharing this!

  24. thanks for this write up.I didnt know DNA had so much to do with weight loss!

  25. simor

    That’s amazing that you lost that amount! the only way really, is to eat for health and exercise and the weight

    will come off without it being too difficult!

  26. hi kumar gauraw, Amazing piece of information. A lot of us are going to be benefited from it. I am eager to know more about DNA test. If could help then that would be so nice of you.

    Thank You

  27. Raj

    Hi, Kumar
    I really don’t know that our DNA is also playing role in our overweight.
    Thank you for sharing informative article and research.

  28. What a great sharing you have there! This can be really valuable to those who want to lose weight. By the way, I like your video! 🙂

  29. What a great sharing you have there! This can be really valuable to those who want to lose weight.

  30. Yes a lot of people just assume about diet when in fact they need medically supervised weight-loss. This article touches some key points on diet and behavior. good read.

  31. Hi,
    this has been an incredibly interesting read with so much information to take in. My husband has been struggling with his weight for years, and I know that it really frustrates him. We will have to look into those genetic tests, as it seems like everything else has just failed.

  32. the truth is – what works for Mr Dick may not work for Mr. harry

    This is true because we are wired differently and our body react in different ways to different things.

    understand your body metabolism and win the weight loss battle.

    Great piece

  33. Very interesting post. It’s interesting because it make me wonder is different prefer different kinds of foods. I for myself love all kinds of foods from every country I’ve come across. But it’s good to know that we can actually get DNA tested to see what foods are better for our bodies.

  34. Thank you for this great article ! It's very rare when we read same ideas somewhere. A health DNA analysis of our DNA structure can provide incite as to our DNA health that is now or may occur as time goes along. What are the chances of we becoming obese, developing cancer or heart disease etc.? Are we already overweight, obese, or morbidly obese then this could identify DNA areas needing correction. Great stuff right? The test also claims to offer a window into the chances of becoming obese, developing psoriasis and going blind etc. For those thinking of starting a family, it could alert them to their risk of having a baby with cystic fibrosis and other genetic disorders etc. The test could also help users on how cholesterol-lowering drugs, caffeine and blood thinners might affect their health. But Are you alerted of the statins side effects? Analysis of our DNA structure can help on how to use cholesterol-lowering drugs, But we must be usually careful about this!

  35. Ben

    If Ron can do it at over 70 years old theres no reason I can’t lose weight at 27 :)! Inspiration for sure!! Now…. wheres my running shorts!!

  36. Right Kumar! The DNA has all the information of what would a person look like. And discussing this in details, in relation to weight loss will really be helpful to those who find it hard to reduce their size.

  37. Really a great idea..it means there are a close relation Of our DNA with weight loss. only 10 out of 100 blogs have a nice and useful information as your blog…keep sharing o these informative blog…

  38. I liked your blog post and some great information you have shared about weight loss control using our DNA. It was a new topic and you wrote it well so that everyone can understand the meaning and what you are saying very easily. I am on a plan to reduce 10kg before 2015 and I hope it will be a great help if I try following the steps you have shared here.

  39. I totally agree with this. The problem with many people is that they do not know how to start with their weight loss goals. They lack motivation as well. Weight loss for women in Tyrone Fl will get easier after they read this.

    • This is so true. If I may add, some people also fail to achieve weight loss goals because they fail to pursue them to the very end. They rush into conclusions before they have seen the results.

  40. I am heavy in weight i tried to much things to loss weight’s but i can’t i think its because of Dna..

  41. Ianna Reign

    This is really informative, thank you for sharing your knowledge about weight loss and how to deal with it.

  42. Hi Gauraw

    This is really an informative article. You’ve suggested some tips which i found unique because on most of the blogs you’ll find people only talking about exercise and supplements. Keep the good work up!

    • LOL Tauseef 🙂

      Exercise and supplements are important too. It’s just that I thought that those aspects can help just more effectively if we took time to understand our own body and the way it functions based on DNA.

      Glad you liked the article!


      • Lol, I was thinking you are talking about losing weight only by knowing your DNA and need not to do exercise.
        Although the best part I like in your blog is that you write about everything. From Blogging to Lose weight. Just amazing.

  43. It’s true, one should really know their body in order to see how it responds to what type of food we eat. There’s a lot of different reactions. My friend loses more weight when she eats carbs while my other friend gains more weight if she eats rice. It’s different for each person. So it’s good to know your body well and see what works and what wouldn’t.

  44. I am also writing topics related to weight loss and I could not agree more about everything that you said on this post. Awesome and very well-written. This will surely inspire your many readers.

  45. DNA testing for weight loss solution! :O Wow! Never thought this before. I am gonna have to look for the nearest DNA testing center. 😀 However I think refreshing one’s mind and detoxifying body would be a good start. Though women specially need to deal more with metabolism. 🙂

  46. I agree. If you want to gain good results from your weight loss efforts, you should begin by knowing yourself first. Not all people are successful and there is one thing, one big thing that may ruin your weight loss success- that is, your own lack of trust in yourself. Knowing your dna is essential.

  47. I think the balance between working out and decreasing the amount of what eaten is much important for great results.

  48. Hi Gauraw!
    Frankly speaking this article has changed my perspective about weightloss. Today I have learned something new and I am thankful for that.

  49. Thanks for the post Kumar. There is so much to know to lose weight. It’s not quite as simple as exercise more and the pounds come off. DNA is a huge part of losing weight.

  50. Obesity is major issue in developed countries due to fast food, Nice article with good information. Thanks!

  51. Hi Kumar – interesting topic.

    I’m glad you pointed out that there isn’t a silver bullet that will help everyone lose weight. Each of us is different and will experience different results from various diets and exercise routines.

    I thought you might find this relevant. There was recent research done with identical twins to see how much their DNA contributed to weight gain over time and it seemed like the results were heavily based on lifestyle, not as much on DNA. What do you think?

  52. We don’t need millions of peoples or thousands of programs to make us healthy. If the fat person don’t wants to get slim then how these program will work for him. It’s our personal battle against us. We know health is wealth that’s why we must develop a will power to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise. That’s the only way to reduce your flab.

  53. I have heard about this, didn’t know it was attached to DNA testing. Will do further research on this, certainly, thanks for the informative article~

  54. Yes it is very important to know Your Body And Your DNA for loss weight. Without knowing Your Body And Your DNA you can’t loss weight properly.
    Thanks for this nice post for weight loss. Its helps us to loss weight easily.

  55. I’ve heard about diet plans based on blood types before but never heard of testing your DNA to determine which foods you should eat. This would explain why some people do great on one type of diet while others would get frustrated because they can’t lose any weight. I definitely need to check on my info about this. Thank you for this.

  56. Really great post mr.gauraw…its very helpful who are looking for weight loss..

  57. Bob

    Wow Gauraw this is a great post. I never realized the importance of DNA testing but this does make sense when it comes down to how to lose weight in the most effective manner. I actually really appreciated the use of the image at the top of your post as it tells a thousand stories. How is this slim person able to eat practically whatever they want, while someone trying to lose weight never gets anywhere even though they just eat salads.

    Thanks for this great value!

  58. Unbelievable how much technology has advanced now. Even with all these new concepts, Obesity is only on the rise. That is the main disappointing factor here. Let’s just hope for the best.

  59. Wow, i will definitely be ordering that test kit soon. Thank you for this informative post.

  60. Hi Kumar, this is amazing post! These are so much to know to lose weight.

  61. Kumar Gauraw
    Thanks for your sharing article.I knew different types of method about weight loss read your article.At present much weight is common problems for us.The man apply many different type of method but no result.I think DNA test is successable method i knew through your article.

  62. Thanks for sharing these helpful post. DNA is very important in helping out weight loss. Lot of people tried weight loss supplements. They should check there DNA to make any weight loss schedule.

  63. Hey Kumar,
    Your post is really interesting and i never thoght for this point. In my family, no one is fatty but i put on some weight because of my profession. I am not doing too much workout and using car for commuting office. If i will do some workout or change some my habit then i can manage my weight. thanks for giving me some confidence.

  64. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing this post Kumar! This is great information resource on DNA. This would explain why some people do great on one type of diet while others would get frustrated because they can’t lose any weight. keep it up…..

  65. thanks for sharing helpful information.Depending on where you are in the world, some foods may be plentiful, and others scarce. If you think about how many people came before you, and how healthy they were, it only makes sense that you would be the same way.

  66. Simple and small changes to your daily routine can help you slim and body fit without dieting. Making healthy choices, like eating breakfast and moving every day, is the feeling energized.

  67. Hey Kumar, thanks for this cool post! Just to drop you a line to know your opinion on using natural remedies (alongside exercise and healthy diet) to lose weight. Would using essential oils for weight loss also depend on genetics? Many women have tried homemade massage with essential oils and have had good results (with the correct dose/ exposure time / oil choice). Natalia x

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