Every business wants to harness the power of Digital Marketing. However, one of the very first steps you must take before planning for any marketing campaigns (let alone digital) is a thorough self-assessment.


The most fundamental questions we must ask before planning for any strategic communication activities (online or offline):

What do you want to say, to whom and for what purpose?

  1. Who are you?
  2. To whom do you want to communicate?
  3. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it?

To answer this seemingly simple question, you must consider the following as a business owner or as a digital marketer:

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Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is one of the biggest and the most colorfully celebrated festivals by Indian families around the world and preparations for Holi this year, has already begun as well.


It is one of those unique occasions when the bright colors of Holi demolish all the social barriers of caste and creed in society. A festival that is all about colors also brings along with it the spirit of joy, love, peace and enthusiasm in our hearts.

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Content marketers are always looking for more and better ways to market their content: content re-purposing, curating and eBook publishing. Have you thought about Flipbooks as another avenue?
Reading Digital Books as Flipbook is the closest perfect experience of reading a physical book
As a content marketer, you are always looking for ways to promote your content and book is another form of content your readers love to consume. EBooks have been popular for a while now and so have been PDFs.

Magazine companies like Foundr (by the way, I am one of their subscribers,) and much alike produce their content in PDF format for their community to consume.
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Email marketing outperforms social media 8 to 1. So, you bought the premium product, Follow-Up Emails WordPress plugin from Woocommerce, to leverage the power of Email Marketing. Well, let’s examine how it delivers on its promise.
woocommerce-follow-up-emails-dosn't deliver-the-promise

What Follow-Up Emails Plugin Is Supposed To Do

This premium plugin from Woocommerce is supposed to enable you to define and create your own customized emails that will be automatically delivered to your customer’s email inbox, at defined intervals, after they complete a specific action such as finishing a quiz, making a purchase, or signing up for an account etc.

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If you love Windows 8, it’s probably because of the beautiful touch-screen feature which has made life so much better since it became available.
Steps to Fix internet connection problem on Windows 8.1 using winsock command

I know there are many better quality operating systems around and many people prefer Apple and Linux, even Windows 7 over Windows 8.

However, less use of the mouse is better for my fingers and Windows 8 touch screen has given me a lot of relief in that aspect. So, although not perfect, it is definitely my favorite OS at this time.

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Most of us do not even think about sending emails through our WordPress powered website. We have WordPress handling this task by default using PHP mail functionality which works! Well, in most cases.
using mandrill on wordpress website for better control on email delivery and email tracking
However, I had challenges in the past when I didn’t even know that some of the emails my website sent, ended straight into the receiver’s SPAM folders. Thanks to some of my friends from the blogosphere who told me about this issue.

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Google Calendar is probably one of the most widely used app among users worldwide. Not only we use calendar in our day-to-day life, we also need to show a calendar on our websites often.
Responsive Google Calendar For WordPress Websites

Recently, I realized how difficult it can be to add a Google Calendar to your WordPress when you have a responsive website. So, I decided to share my experience with you so I can save some time for you if you need to add a Google Calendar to your website.

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[note background=”#F0F0F0″]This is a guest post by Dr. Steve McSwain, an author,speaker and an incredible leadership coach. Please feel free to connect with Dr. Steve on Facebook, Twitter or Google+[/note]
When you think “hamburger: what comes to your mind?
McDonalds? Perhaps.
What about “computers?”
Apple? Microsoft?

What about mobile phone providers?
…or, pizza? Lingerie? Airlines? Rental cars?

When I think of rental cars the first thing that comes to my mind is Hertz.

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Woocommerce has certainly become a de facto shopping cart solution for WordPress powered websites. The implementation is easy, the plugin itself is free and it is maintained.
Its popularity is so high that so many popular themes are coming with many Woocommerce file templates bundled with the theme package. I have helped many of my clients with Woocommerce implementation on their websites.

However, the moment you realize that you need a little more than what comes bundled with the free Woocommerce plugin, you need to start spending money. The more you ask, the more you pay.

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