A Modern Powerful Way Of Content Marketing Using Flipbooks

Kumar Gauraw

Content marketers are always looking for more and better ways to market their content: content re-purposing, curating and eBook publishing. Have you thought about Flipbooks as another avenue?
Reading Digital Books as Flipbook is the closest perfect experience of reading a physical book
As a content marketer, you are always looking for ways to promote your content and book is another form of content your readers love to consume. EBooks have been popular for a while now and so have been PDFs.

Magazine companies like Foundr (by the way, I am one of their subscribers,) and much alike produce their content in PDF format for their community to consume.

PDF formats are great and, usually, their covers are very attractive. But the experience factor is usually missing when you buy an eBook and after download, it is just another PDF file to scroll through. It’s just not a match between expectation and experience.

Flipbooks – A Step Forward

I was introduced to the concept of Flipbooks recently where any digital page/document content can be transformed into a virtual book where the pages turn on-screen creating a perfect engagement and experience for book lovers.

Through an attractive, high-tech navigation, Flipbooks makes the experience of book reading on your tablet closer to the experience of holding a real book in your hand if not better.

To me, this is perfect and better than holding a real book in my hand for following benefits:

  1. Bookmarking and searching for certain text inside a digital Flipbook is way better than doing those activities in a real print material.
  2. You can share or tweet stuff that you like from the book while you are reading just like you would do on Kindle, if you like the Kindle version of books, which is pretty cool as well.
  3. The links in the book (hyperlinks) actually work. So, if the author wants you to visit some website, the address can be clicked to go to the website right from the book’s page.

Best of all, the experience of turning the pages of the book you are reading just as you would if you were holding a book in your hand is priceless. That is the best part of reading a Flipbook.

Well, those benefits were for those who would like to read a digital book. Now, let’s list down some of the benefits for content marketers and why you should be offering your PDFs in Flipbook format as well:

  1. To give your readers all the above benefits.
  2. To reach out to an additional audience for your content because you are not able to reach out to Flipbook readers otherwise.
  3. All Flipbook content is SEO optimized, as well, so you also get the benefits of search engine marketing.
  4. By converting your PDFs into Flipbook format and offering it on the internet adds that “cool factor” about you, indicating you are at the cutting edge.
  5. You could benefit from the active hyperlinks that you could put throughout your Flipbook with links from your affiliate links, advertisers etc. and generate additional income through your Flipbooks.

Convert Your PDF Document To Flipbook

While doing my research on this topic, I came across this website that talks about how to convert a PDF to Flipbook and that got me started on the right path. The author has provided a good way to get the job done online for free.

Interestingly, I found that some also call it a process of making a page flipping PDF and I thought it’s worth mentioning it here now that we are talking about converting PDFs into Flipbooks.

Since the author has done a tremendous job sharing how to convert a PDF file into a Flipbook “format”, I am not going to share those details one more time. Go ahead and check out the link and you would find the instructions easy to follow.

Your Turn, Share Your Thoughts

You might fall into one of these three categories. Please do take time to share your thoughts from your perspective:

  1. When you purchase an eBook online, would you prefer to read it as a PDF or a Flipbook?
  2. If you are a content marketer, do you think Flipbooks can be a great way for you to explore another set of the target market for your content through Flipbooks?
  3. If you have been using Flipbooks for content marketing, would you mind sharing your experience? I am sure all my readers would love to know what you have to share.

Thank you kindly!

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Twitter:
    Thanks for great post Mr. Kumar. I like your post on Flipbook because we have just got a new Magzine client who is willing to get their own Flipbook. However, we are using Axmag (Axmag.com) desktop version. This is really awesome because you own all the control to modify things. Also, we can host Flipbooks on our server 🙂

    Thanks again for a great post! Hope this will help people to get out of PDF reading.
    Rishabh Gupta Recently Posted: Why is the World talking about Pinterest?My Profile

  2. Twitter:

    That is awesome! Glad to know that you are already working on some Flipbook project; and I am glad that I happened to write about the topic you are working on.

    Thanks for sharing how you are doing it and I am sure a lot of people will be helped through the resource you shared.

    Kumar Gauraw Recently Posted: Why Woocommerce Follow-Up Emails Plugin Doesn’t Deliver On The PromiseMy Profile

  3. Thanks Mr. Gauraw. Your article seems fresh and it’s awesome. It’s really great to have this Flipbook which is made to be perfect and better for marketing purposes.
    Karen C Recently Posted: #FeministFriday Roundup – Week 2My Profile

  4. indeed technology now allows us to search for new information. I also often use electronic books

  5. thank you for the post sir kumar 🙂

  6. Twitter:
    Thanx a lot for this, But want to know are you personally using this, and are you personally suggesting us or its sponsored post because may be it will harm or may be not.
    Gaurav Recently Posted: MMRDA Mumbai Metro Rail Recruitment Job Vacancies 2015My Profile

  7. So grateful and bless to read post about A Modern Powerful Way Of Content Marketing Using Flipbooks. It’s very great help for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. Twitter:
    Well, this is the first time I’m reading about flipbook and I guess I have already started liking it.
    I’m going to give a try to this flipbook for content marketing.
    Thanks for advice
    Shikhar tyagi Recently Posted: Start Saving Money From Today With My 4 SecretsMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hi Kumar,

    It’s a pleasure connecting with you after a real long break. How are you?

    Flipbooks seem to work in the same manner the iBooks app works in iOS devices. The experience is second only to an actual print book! Unfortunately, I only got to know about Flipbooks from your entry and will be trying it out immediately.

    Do enjoy the day, Kumar!

    Akaahan Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa Recently Posted: Why You Have Not Made Any Money OnlineMy Profile

  10. Great post! It seems amazing idea about A Modern Powerful Way Of Content Marketing Using Flipbooks . Thanks for sharing.

  11. Twitter:
    U never paid any much attention to Flipbook man. I think your post is arousing more curiosity so I must go take a closer look.

    Thanks for being awesome. Hope you ate having a wonderful weekend
    Enstine Muki Recently Posted: GetResponse Vs Aweber ~ Top Email Marketing PlatformsMy Profile

  12. Hey there hi,
    I think i need to give a try to this awesome Flipbook
    I’ll do it right now.
    And thnx for this information,
    Akash Navi
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  13. thanks so much this informative post, according to your post flipbooks is another good way for content promotion. hope this may also work for me..I truly enjoy this stuff.

    Mohd Arif Recently Posted: Download BBM for PC/Laptop/Window 7/8/10(BlackBerry Messenger)My Profile

  14. Hi,

    Pretty cool, great stuff shared and also I’m kinda newbie in flipbook stuff and I’ve gained some awesome info from this post.
    Vicky Recently Posted: Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in The WorldMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    I will have to take a step forward for flipbooks. Thanks for wonderful post sir!
    Anirudh Singh Recently Posted: Best Road Route from Delhi to RishikeshMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Hi Gauraw,

    I just came to know about Flipbooks from your blog. I must say the idea of creating flipbooks is awesome. there are people who use tablets and Kindle devices to read the stuff and using flipbook we can easily target them.

  17. Interesting feature. Flipbooks can really make you stand different from your competitors. But here I think creativity plays vital role. PDF file must cover all the standout points of a business.

  18. Hey Gauraw,
    One of the best article ever, In given post all kind of information are most important to make a writer and different way like that how to save time and less worked in flipbooks. Thanks for sharing the experience with us and I enjoyed to reading this article too much.
    Aleena Sheikh Recently Posted: Free Download Batman Arkham Origins Game for PC (Official)My Profile

  19. I got new idea after reading your post. We can do many things from flipbook. This is very important post for me for content marketing using flipbook. Thanks for posting this information.

  20. Twitter:
    Very interesting info you have here…never heard of Flipbooks before, but of course I would prefer to have the pages turn whilst reading rather than having to do anything. Lazy I know! So…thanks for the info!
    Kim Smith Recently Posted: What does our smartphone have to do with our writing life?My Profile

  21. yes, sounds good about filpbooks. I really want to use these tactic instead of creating eBooks as in PDF format .Thanks for sharing the post!!

  22. I want to agree with the author that as a content marketer, you are always looking for ways to promote your content and book is another form of content your readers love to consume
    Dayo Oladiti Recently Posted: Hiwap Review and My Affiliate Marketing Domination Strategy BonusMy Profile

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