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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Thanks Kumar. You are very up to date in sharing information. Kudos.

  2. This is very helpful. I am going to implement it on my Twitter now. These days, we need to do everything in our power to secure our accounts online.

  3. ime ibanga

    Timely, significant, and simplified information on Twitter Account’s Management!

  4. Ron Williams


    Great information. In this day and age security must be a top priority. Many people that are “living on the web” do not secure their Internet identity as well as they do their homes. In the real world you do not leave your doors and windows unlocked. Why would you leave your Internet identity with less than the best security possible? How does the old adage go? Something like, “He who steals my wallet steals trash. He who steals my name steals my treasure.” On the Internet, all you have is your name/reputation.

    • That is so right Ron. Thank you for your value addition here. Appreciate you very much!

  5. Hi Kumar – as a new reader to your blog I though I’d just leave a quick comment here to say I’ve been reading a few posts and enjoying them a whole lot. Thanks! Shaun

    • Hello Shaun,

      Glad to meet you. I hope you will come back and add value to this community with your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.



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  7. 2 step verification process is very good attempt from companies like Twitter and Google to increase their security. As the rate of cyber crimes increasing day by day, such good security practices must be introduced as a safety measure.

  8. I use Twitter for my account and quite frankly until they fixed this, the security was terrible. Great product though.

  9. You Are Sharing The Awesome Guide To Protect twitter account Thanks for this. 😀

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