24 RSS Sites You Should Use To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Bill Butler

[note background=”#F0F0F0″]This is a guest post by my friend, Bill Butler. He is a John Maxwell certified coach, an author and an incredible human being with a motto to Be Love To Others. Bill is also an integral part of our Krishna World Wide Team. Please feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or Google+[/note]

On my own website, I write about life improvement, personal development and leadership. But on occasion, I write technical posts on other sites, and Kumar's website is the perfect place for such a blog post.

Driving Massive Traffic To Your Website using RSS Site Repositories

I've been blogging for just over a year, and I've learned a great deal how things have changed since the “olden days” of pure HTML. In the late 70's/early 80's when a new home PC would cost you up to $6000, I got involved, first by learning everything I could about the internal workings.

I loved it so much that I took Systems Analysis at college and got so good at it, I decided to run my own business on the side. I was working full-time in the Police Dept. even way back then, and running around on days off and spare time installing networks, troubleshooting, and building/selling/repairing computers. Sales of voice recognition cards also became big business as well.

At the crest of the Internet becoming a household idea, all they had then was HTML. Then along came XML, Java, Perl, C, C++ and a host of other markups and languages that changed the landscape of computing.

Back then people would chat on Bulletin boards, possibly get a sub-domain on GeoCities to have their own website. Now, most anybody and everybody has their own domain and their own blog.

So that get's us the topic of conversation today on your traffic. 

So here you are, putting a lot of time and energy into creating blog posts, that for all intents and purposes, you're not getting the amount of readership you want. So what else can you do?

Have you submitted your sitemap? If not, you can find help here.

Doing so will eventually bring you some traffic.

You can ask friends to come to your website. Sometimes they may leave a comment, sometimes not.

So it may make you feel your efforts are worth it for a few minutes, perhaps.

But, like most people, you want a steady stream of traffic right?

When the traffic isn't coming to you, what more can you do?

The answer is really very simple.  Go to where the traffic is.

Businesses become successful because they reach out, establish relationships, and provide service. Local churches go out into their community and offer help. In turn, they draw more people through their doors.

You want people to read your content, right?

Well, that's exactly what you need to do as well.

If you blog on a regular basis, you should have an RSS feed. It is really a “Rich Site Summary,” but is often called “Really Simple Syndication.” For some useful information about RSS feeds and their benefits, click here.

Having the RSS feed on your site can be hit and miss because not everyone that sees the feed buttons are going to subscribe. Some will and others won't. So using the same principle as above, here are…

24 RSS Sites To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Some of these sites require that you provide information by registering first, then submitting your feed, so be prepared to follow their requirements. For your convenience, I have listed these sites in alphabetical order, and have not included any that make an offer to submit your site to hundreds of others for a nominal fee.

At a minimum, these sites will require that you provide the title and description of your blog, and the URL of your site. As there are many categories, you will need to decide where your blog fits best.

Of course, if the site relates only to a certain niche, and you write outside of that niche, you won't want to list your site with them. Be careful, and happy feeding!

17. Plazoo
22. Submit Link URL (Regular link and links with reciprocal are free. Otherwise there is a cost.)
24. X Meta


When you look at this list, understand that this will take some time, but at least the work of finding many of these sites has already been done for you. Be patient and think of the eventual rewards. 🙂

Over To You…

Have you already submitted your feed to a number of RSS sites? If so, have you seen an increase in your traffic as a result?

Is the RSS idea something that you were not aware of or had not thought of?

Has this been helpful to you? Please drop me a line in the comment box and let me know how I did.

Thank you very much!

Bill Butler

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Bill Butler is a John Maxwell Certified Coach. Bill is a poet, a singer and a writer with his upcoming novel. Bill defines his Life Purpose as Be Love To Others.

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  1. Hi Bill,

    What a nice surprise to see you here at Kumar’s blog, and that too with such an interesting topic – yes, very different from the ones you write on your blog 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I never really knew that there are other RSS sites we could submit our links to. All I’ve heard of from this awesome list is Technorati and I do put up my posts there, but that’s about all. Other than that there’s Blog Engage, but perhaps that isn’t a RSS site exactly, though it does help in some ways, provided you are a paid member as the free ones hardly get to see the light of day.

    Thanks once again for providing this list. You’ve surely given me lots to work on, but as you mentioned, the efforts pay off. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Yes, I thought I would surprise a few people today. 🙂

      You’re certainly welcome. I’m glad to contribute and enlighten. I know that those who partake of these links will see an eventual increase in traffic. 

      It’s another way of getting your needle in the haystack to be a little more shiny.

      Kind Regards,



  2. Appreciate these RSS sharing tips! I don’t think most bloggers really think much about sharing their feed through services like this, but it really can help drive more traffic to your content. Lots of little things like this add up.

    • Hi Eldon,

      You’re most welcome. I usually stray far afield from the beaten path and come up with things like this.

      And you’re right, it’s all these little things that add up to make a difference.

      Have a great week!


  3. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your awesome guest post! Thank you for taking time and investing your energy in researching these resources to share with my readers here. This is going to help a lot of bloggers and other webmasters with their SEO.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Kumar,

      You are so very welcome, my friend! I’m very glad to make a contribution, especially in a way that is different than my niche.

      Any of the RSS feed readers are also a delightful way to catch up on posts subscribed to.

      Be safe in your journeys. Warm Regards to your family from Colleen and me.


  4. Hi mate !
    This is a massive list . I wonder how these sites work in order to bring traffic to a website / blog . To find out their working logic ..i’ll be joining few of those sites and i hope i’ll get a few visitors as well . Thanks for sharing the list .


    • Greetings Pramod,

      My logic is rather straightforward. Since people subscribe to RSS feeds, why not give yourself every possible advantage of listing them?

      The list is actually considerably smaller than the many that are out there. I took time to test each one and make sure they were all viable links.

      If you take the time to work your way through them [perhaps bookmark this page until you accomplish it] I think you will invariably garner more traffic than you’re experiencing now.

      Best Regards,


  5. Jeevan Jacob John

    Nice to meet you Bill 🙂

    I am not particularly a fan of RSS Sites (mainly because they took so much time). Most of my efforts were into guest posting and commenting. I also put some time into blogging communities such as Blog engage and Blokube (I think BE includes automatic syndication to many services, not sure which ones. I haven’t visit the community in a while).

    I do plan to experiment around with my upcoming blog, give a chance to more sites and see which ones work best for me 😀 (My plan is to have two sets of sites for promotion: a permanent set with sites like Twitter and a monthly rotating set for a vast majority of other sites). So, this list will really help 😀 Thank you!

    Anyways, Hope you had a great weekend! Thank you once again for sharing this post 🙂

    • Pleased to meet you also Jeevan,

      I’m glad you will be able to use the list and hope that it helps you achieve what you desire.

      Anything worthwhile takes time, so I have learned to be patient in taking the time necessary to fill out the information.


      Kind Regards for a great week ahead,



  6. Hi Kumar,

    Thank you very much for this list. Wow, I can only imaging having to spend $6,000 for a computer 🙂

    I know only a couple of those RSS feed sites. I use Feedage often and it used to be a great tool to help any new page be indexed fast on Goolge. I am not 100% sure if it’s as efficient today, but another link is another link, right?

    I have to start reading your posts on personal development, seems very interesting 🙂

    Thanks for the great info as always.

    • Hi Sylviane,

      I know you addressed Kumar, but I did the guest post here, outside of my niche, which you have already visited 🙂

      I trust the list adds value to you and that you have a great week.

      All the best!



  7. Hi Bill,

    Nice to see you here on Kumar’s blog. Wow…I never knew this side of you…I’m impressed my friend.

    I have never submitted my RSS feed to any site. Just kept making relationships and growing organically. But I see that doing this can put my organic growth on speed!

    Thank you for providing this list. I see that I do have some homework to do now.


    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you very much. Yes, until we know someone very well, it’s hard to know what experience they have.

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad I was able to provide something that should benefit you.

      Have a great week ahead,



  8. Hey Bill,

    Just found out something about you that we have in common. I work in IT and you were in the field back in the 80s and 90s… Yes I remember when computers put a big dent in your pockets, but a lot has changed since then. My first computer was a Commodore 64 😉

    This post was very informative. To be honest with you I didn’t know about RSS sites. But I’m glad that I ran into this post because I’m always open to other ways to drive traffic! i’ll definitely will come back and take advantage of these different sites you mentioned above! Thanks a bunch!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Yes, I went to college and studied systems analysis. It’s rather interesting because personality wise, I’m also very expressive and creative.

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad the RSS post will help you.

       Best Regards for a terrific week,


  9. Hi Bill

    Nice to see you on Kumar’s blog. Like Donna I am so surprised at the other side of you we are meeting.

    It is so different from your usual topics.

    I do remember computers being very expensive. In Australia they used to cost way more than in the USA. Our first PC for our business was in excess of $10K! That was in 1981.

    I did not know of any of these RSS sites. So you have opened a totally new world up here for me.

    Mostly though Bill I enjoyed learning more about you 🙂

    Thanks Kumar for having Bill here as your guest.


    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂  I think what happens the instant we learn of someone, our brain fills in what we don’t know on the Rolodex of our memories.

      If we don’t know what someone looks like, we imagine that, and are often surprised when we learn that they look totally different than we imagined.

      So it’s understadable that we don’t know various sides and facets to someone until what we learn of them overrules our assumptions.

      I’m glad this post is instructive and I trust it will help you too.

      All the best for a wonderful week,



  10. Hey Bill,

    Great to see you here at Kumar’s place and I’m sure you’re helping him out since he’s off having fun this week. He better be at least although he did stop by my place yesterday. lol…

    It’s been so long since I submitted my links to the RSS feed directories that I don’t remember which ones I signed up with now. I’ll have to go back and look at my list but I want to say that was over three years ago now. I’m sure some of the sites I used aren’t even around so it would never hurt to check up on those to see.

    Thanks for this current list and I do recognize a few so I know I’m still good to go with some of them at least. Yay!!!

    Hey, have a great week and Kumar if you’re checking in too, hope you’re having fun.


    • Yes Adrienne! I am checking! I am just not online 24/7 now since I am travelling but I do love to get online check a few things, drop by to see if you’ve got something new and reply to a few comments whenever I am getting an opportunity!

      Thanks for dropping by and adding value. Have a great week Adrienne!



    • Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, wearing a couple of hats, but that’s my pleasure. We will get to the Taj Mahal eventually too.

      You’re very welcome. I’m glad to contribute some up-to-date resources too. 

      Yes, I’m having a wonderful week.  Keep on keeping on. 🙂


  11. Hello Bill,

    Thanks for that list. Most often, we seriously feel that we are not getting enough traffic to really jet things off. Most often, we are correct – and learning a few new ways to boost that up ain’t bad at all.

    …that is if we are willing to believe that an old monkey can be taught new tricks!

    Thanks for sharing this…do have a very great day – and continue being love to others!

    – Terungwa

    • Greetings Terungwa,

      You’re very welcome, my friend. I love learning new ways of doing things, and I think RSS is just another one of those things that can give us a potential advantage.

      Have a great rest of the week and weekend upcoming. BE LOVE TO OTHERS… always!

      Kind Regards,



  12. Hi Bill,

    If these RSS sites will help increase my blog traffic, I’m happy to invest some time submitting my blog’s feed to them. Okay, it is a pretty big list. I’m going to bookmark it and make sure that I submit feed to as many sites mentioned here as possible.

    Thanks Bill, for putting together this list. I respect the hard work you put towards compiling this list 🙂 Much appreciated!


    • Hi Arun,

      Yes, it will take time, but anything worth accomplishing is, right?

      You’re very welcome Arun. My pleasure to contribute. 🙂

      Kind Regards,



  13. I’m sure this would be useful to blogs in many niches. I added my blog to around 5 of them earlier in the week which is yet to result in a visitor, so I’m not sure about driving massive traffic.

    I still think it’s valuable and will include Bill’s article on my weekly list of best 20 posts.

    – Stuart

  14. Hi Bill and Kumar,

    I read through the whole blog post and find it interesting and unbelievable that Bill wrote it. It’s quite a little bit of deviation from what we know bill for.

    Anyway, I am only familiar with technorati; I will implement the other 23 RSS sites and I hope it will help boost traffic to my two months old blog.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a splendid weekend.

  15. This is great list.
    there are many posts like these with great headline, but unfortunately most of the links they provide wont work and you end up scratching your head and cursing yourself for wasting time. I am glad to know all of these links are tested. I will submit my rss to all of these sites one by one. until the I am going to book mark this page 🙂

  16. Hi there

    I am new here ,I came from Neil’s blog and found some interesting Stuff here, I had submitted my site to all the feeds listed here .But i have a doubt that ,Should i place the banner URL of the sites .

    Waiting for your reply


  17. Hi Bill,
    Just submitted my RSS feed to 10s of those sites before writing this comment. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    I always thought that RSS feeds are meant just for subscription purposes. Bu they do have the ability to drive traffic to your blog.

  18. All I’ve heard of from this awesome list is Technorati and I do put up my posts there, but that’s about all. but will now post to each rss to all of them

  19. Great collection and you shared all major of them… useful for beginners… 🙂 🙂

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