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Kumar Gauraw

Scribe SEO is a copywriting tool by Copyblogger that I personally started using as a trial since Michael Hyatt recommended in his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  It comes as a plugin for the WordPress users though it's available for other blogging platforms as well. Since I installed Scribe's WordPress plugin, I have been exploring its features.

Scribe SEO Copywriting Made Simple by Copyblogger

Meanwhile, I ran surveys on social media platforms, asked question to the SEO experts around in my network and other bloggers. I actually got mixed responses from the people who responded. The most interesting thing was, most people I asked responded, "I have heard about it but I have not yet tried the tool personally." Anyways, since I have been using the tool personally, here are the 3 highlights of Scribe in my experience:

1. Scribe SEO Is Not Free

This WordPress plugin costs you a monthly subscription fee that starts from 17 dollars a month onwards. For their detailed pricing and plans, click here to go to Copyblogger's website.

Because of the monthly subscription cost involved, I recommend using Scribe only if you are serious about your blogging career and website content optimization and SEO is important to you while you still do not consider yourself as a SEO expert. They do offer a trial period for 30 days and I would encourage you to use their free trial for 30 days to explore if this is something that fits in your overall blogging strategy.

I was not using this plugin for long time and I was not doing bad without it. But, since I started to use Scribe, I saw increased organic traffic on my website and at the same time, it helped me reduce the amount of time I was spending to optimize my posts.

Bottom line – it is a great tool for serious bloggers who don't like to get too technical about SEO and keyword management.

2. Scribe SEO Is A Smart Website Content Optimizer

The tool does a few very important things right out of the box that saves me a lot of time and energy. If not for Scribe SEO, I would otherwise have to spend good amount of time in figuring things out manually or doing the guess work on the keyword strategy. Among other features, three main things Scribe SEO does automatically with just a button click:

  • It analyzes the content of the page or the post. Within a few seconds, you get a full analysis report with an easy to understand numeric score along with recommendations for optimization of the meta tags, title, and body of your page or the post.
  • It gives you a Keyword Analysis Report showing top searchable keyword combinations from your post. It also highlights each keyword rank, prominence, frequency, and density.Not only that, it also suggests you the Primary Keyword and the Alternate Keywords that helps ensure if your post is seen by the search engines the way you want or do you need to make some adjustments before you publish.
  • Scribe SEO also helps you get backlinks by giving you a report on the website links that are related to your primary keyword. The report it shows give you the website URLs of the related posts, Social Media links around your keywords. This is a helpful features in developing some relationships with other bloggers with similar interests in the blogosphere.

For a quick idea about how the tool works, you may want to watch this demo video on their website. You will have a good idea of what can be achieved by this tool.

3. Scribe SEO – Great Tool If Your Time Is More Important Than Money

Overall, the tool does the work it charges money for. However, this is an important aspect of the strategy that I think plays an important role in the decision making process.

The Scribe is not a rocket science and if you have good experience in SEO and keyword optimization area, probably you are doing good without it. But, a person like me who wants to spend more time on my content, this tool comes very handy. The one click analysis of the content, keyword suggestions, backlink suggestions and the SEO score that I get by this plugin in just a few seconds is worth the subscription cost and I don't mind spending that amount. 

I would encourage you to find out more about Scribe, read about it, watch the demo and give it a trial run and explore for yourself if this is something you want to consider or not. When you take a test drive of the tool for 30 days, you will know if it's for you or not. Visit their website and decide for yourself.

Your Turn

If you have experience on Scribe, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any quick questions, please feel free to post the question as well and I will try to answer from my perspective as soon as possible.

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Romil

    I am enjoying the features of this plugin now.Thank you for your guidance.

    • Romil,
      I am happy for you! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Davinder Pal

    Thank you. Don't you think using tools for SEO is called black hat SEO. Search engines can ban your domain name or lower the reputation

    • Davinder, You couldn’t be more wrong about that. Keep reading about SEO. Invest in yourself. Gain more knowledge. You will know the difference.

  3. Yandi

    This is a very helpful post. Thank you for your amazing details about Scribe SEO. This has helped me in learning about this tool. Thanks again.

  4. Hey Kumar,
    Just wanted to be sure that this plugin will provide me a details report about my content and I will have to make corrections according to that report? Also, how much accurate information this plugin can provide actually?

    • Hello Angeline,

      That’s a great question and the best answer is to experience it for yourself. They give you a risk-free 30 days trial. Sign-up and take it for a test drive. You will know in 30 days if it suits you or not 🙂 Fair enough?

      Personally, I think the plugin does a great job and a lot of top internet marketers I know, personally use and recommend this tool.



  5. This is very helpful post for me keep it up man..

  6. Hello there,

    Thanks for this 3 highlights of Scribe. useful for me.

  7. Really great list of terms. I blog on this niche daily and even can get lost in all the lingo. I’ll be using this glossary as a great personal resource. Thanks again.

  8. Keep posting sir! These tips are very useful for the persons like us who look to setup a business

  9. Content is king. Also optimize your content seo friendly that search engine can easily find your article.thanks for sharing this very good tips…

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  12. Adeel

    This is very helpful post for me keep it up man..

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    Keep posting sir! These tips are very useful for the persons like us who look to setup a business

  14. Hi,

    Scribe SEO is really a great plugin . I am currently using it for my website and its true that how smartly this plugin optimize our blog content. Thanks for sharing your views regarding Scribe SEO, Its really helpful !!


  15. Scribe is really a very smart plugin and I have been using this plugin from a long instance and very much pleased. Thanks

  16. Scribe SEO is really a great plugin . I am currently using it for my website…It is very useful thanks for your ideas 🙂

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  19. Scribe is good plugin. I use smerush and ahref for my seo and keyword research. If you know any best than that share with us.

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