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Kumar Gauraw

I received appreciation from many when I published my Slideshare presentation on the 13 Success Principles based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill, the man who published the incredible book called "Think And Grow Rich". Thank you for all who appreciated and some people asked for a copy of the presentation already.

Meanwhile, Bill Butler being such an incredible human being, offered to turn this slideshow into a video with narration in his own incredible voice! I loved the idea and I am very excited to share this video with you.

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I take this opportunity to thank Bill Butler for his selfless work. Bill, you are such an amazing person and a great friend!

If you enjoyed this video, please take time to write your appreciation for the incredible job Bill has done to put life to the success principles shared in this presentation!  You can write your comments by clicking here.

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

5 Awesome Thoughts So Far, Add Yours Now...

  1. Dipu

    Really awesome work!!! Very useful and informative.

    • Bill Butler

      I appreciate and thank you for words of encouragement Dipu.

    •  Thank you Dipu. I am glad to know you found this useful and informative. Appreciate your comments.

  2. Bill Butler

    Kumar, I am humbled by your words.

    To all who read this, I wish to acknowledge and thank you Kumar for many things… 
    for the great example you are to others… for the opportunity to serve you… for being a genuine
    friend. I am truly honored.

    People who know me know that I live by four words: BE LOVE TO OTHERS. 

    I encourage all who read this: ASPIRE TO BE A GREAT HUMANITARIAN.

    I challenge you to BE LOVE TO OTHERS also.

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