They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Interestingly, when it comes to content creation, a picture makes it even more appealing. Why do you think magazines look so awesome when compared with any other book which has less images?

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If you watch your Facebook news feed, don’t you pay much attention to the quotes which are on images as opposed to those which are just in text format? That means, if you want the attention of your readers, your followers and fans, you need images to accompany the content you are creating.

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I have been consistently making improvements on my website to improve your experience each time you visit. In an effort to achieve that goal, I am continuously looking to add new features to my website.

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I improved the homepage with added links to some of the most popular posts in the top categories a couple of weeks ago. This helps you get to those posts with ease.

I added a new menu item with a Picture Gallery to help fellow bloggers and other online entrepreneurs. In my picture gallery, you may find some awesome, high quality ROYALTY FREE pictures to use in your blog posts and other online marketing campaigns.

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IMPORTANT: You may use these images on websites, blog posts or commercial publications for absolutely FREE. However, I will be grateful if you would give a credit for these pictures to me with a link to my website. When you use one of these images, you may credit the image as, "Image by courtesy of Kumar Gauraw" or "Photo by courtesy of Kumar Gauraw"



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