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Kumar Gauraw

With the increased business activities worldwide, we often need to talk to do conference calls. I have been doing conference calls for the Krishna World Wide team members in various countries – scheduled and adhoc, both.

I thought sharing those experiences and some of the services I enjoy using for my business might be useful in case you are exploring good conference services that are also FREE! 

Free Conference Calls Worldwide

So here are some Free Conference Call Services I have personally used and therefore, I would like to recommend in case you are looking for some:

For FREE Conferences within United States


I use this service and have good feedback from my other business associates who enjoy this service. This service is web based, full features free service with recording facility availble for the duration of the call. The only thing to note here is, they do not give a Toll Free number to join the conference. But that doesn't bother us much because most service providers today are giving free long distance calling minutes.


I personally have not used this service so far, but heard from a few friends that it is a very simple and easy going service. They do not need any scheduling. Just dial the number and get into the call whenever you need. The only limitation you have here is – you can only talk upto 2 hours. So, use this service when you know your calls will end in less than 2 hours.


Rondee is a new service provider in this space I came across very recently and they are another awesome choice for team conference calling. The beauty of Rondee is that, if you schedule a call, you have minimal email exchange needed. As a meeting coordinator, you simply select a start time and enter email addresses of participants and schedule the call.

At your scheduled conference call time, each user will enters a unique pin number to join the call. So, identifying who joined and who didn't, becomes very easy. There's also an option to host impromptu meetings, for which call participants receive the same code and can set up meetings using that number at any time.

Rondee provides the feature to record the call and make it available for download for absolutely no charge. It allows upto 50 participants in the conference calls for free. For more, you need to contact them.

For FREE  Conferences Involving International Countries


This is the only free conferencing service that I found reliable and really free for doing conference calls involving people from countries such as US, Australia and UK . There are other websites that make claims, but I have not found any better free conferencing service than this so far. You may want to try them if you need to do international conference calls. United Conferencing supports upto 30 countries.


This is another good service I have experience with while doing conference calls in the United States and in Canada. Their services are similar to the

However, one additional feature they have is, they also provide FREE WEB CONFERENCING facility so it is handy while doing webinars or screen sharing sessions. Because of this feature, they are one of the most popular conference services in the united states and a handful of international countries including Pakistan where they recently opened.

For FREE Conferences in India


This is the most commonly used free conferencing service in India. It is not very clean – every caller has to listen to bunch of advertizements before getting into the call. But since it's free, a lot of people use it though they also provide premium services where you can get rid of the advertizements if you go premium. You may try them if you are looking for a free service for India.


Question: Do you know any other service that you are happy about? Would you care to share here in the comments?

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  1. John

    This blog is representing the real information about free conference call services and it is nice to read the information. I like such article which is related to the real world.

  2. John

    The information you provided about free conference call services is really great. I was searching for a reliable service for my team calls. Your post pointed me in the right direction. Thank you!

  3. Kiran

    Thanks for this blog that compiles all the services in one place.

  4. A man gets what a man pays for. It can be really hard to reap where one did not sow. What I am really trying to say is that everything has a price tag…even those branded as FREE.

  5. Online calling is a best for the business. We can communicate each other easily.

  6. RHUB web conferencing appliances also provide free audio conferencing wherein all participants in a meeting can attend an audio conference. It is free and integrated.

  7. WebEx is also great but I’m not really sure if it’s free like the ones you’ve suggested. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Communication gets way easier through this free conference call services and that’s why I’m very grateful for all of them. Informative post as always, Kumar!

    • Thanks Jordan for taking time to share your thoughts. I have not used WebEx for conference calls. But I will check it out.

  8. jeet

    great work gaurav i like your site its too usefull thankyou so much

    • Thanks Jeet. Glad you found my site adding some value. Appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts.

  9. I just want to add one info that is “Rondee” is no more available and is acquired by Yahoo!.
    Thanks for sharing other services for free conference calling. I am planning to hold a conference with my project team members.

  10. Awesome tips given here in this article thanks for sharing
    have a nice day.Thanx Admin

  11. Nice list of websites Kumar Gauraw.

    I use website for making free call in India.
    You may also try it,

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Rondee. the service is at the top in free conference call services. Used it many times having awesome service.
    And thanks for the other websites also 🙂

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