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Do you have ambitious dreams of growth for your business but a tight marketing budget? If you are that situation, you aren't alone. A lot of small business owners face this challenge. The good news however is – there are a few awesome and proven low budget techniques that can put your marketing efforts on the fast track of growth. 


Marketing Plan and Strategies for Small Business Owners

Here are five powerful and proven marketing tactics for you:

1. Customer Reward Programs

Since it may cost as much as five times more to get a new customer than to retain an old one, customer reward programs are the best lower-cost option. You should create and consistently promote a loyalty program that rewards a new customer and then incentivises customer loyalty. 
At the Krishna World Wide, we have partnered with some of the best gift incentive programs in the country to facilate this to our business clients. We provide an absolute turn-key program that takes away the back breaking pain of incentivising your customers, employees, vendors and generate quality referrals for our clients.

2. Opt-in E-mail Campaigns.

E-mail is still the best high-return tool to enhance customer relationships and increase sales. The key to the e-mail marketing is to communicate to a list of members who have agreed to receive e-mail from you or your business on a regular basis. If you are a small business, there are autoresponder services available that can absolutely automate your e-mail campaigns.
For our Krishna World Wide business customers, we use Aweber Email Marketing as our e-mail marketing tool. We have been extremely happy with the service and help our clients setup and execute their marketing campaigns effectively using this same service. We found this to be one of the most effective strategies of repeat business.

3. Brand Reputation and Advertizement Online.

The majority of consumers do their online research before making a purchase. They mostly know what they want. They are just looking for the right place to purchase. Online  advertisement services such as Google, Yahoo and other similar service providers offer advertisement opportunities that can drive traffic to your website or online store. If you don't have your own website and blog, get it created today. People who don't have a business have a website. For you as a business owner, not having a website can be fatal to your future. 
Keeping this need in mind, at Krishna World Wide, we provide website and blog development services for our customers. We also give brand management consulting and services for our clients. You may want to check us out!

4. Social Media Marketing.

Word-of-mouth, also known as referral marketing is often the most desirable form of marketing that has proven it's worth over years. To get people talking, your online presence and utilization of social media campaigns becomes vital. Your online brand repuration, combined with social media marketing can be absolutely powerful tool in your hand that is also the most low-cost option.
Getting an impressive Facebook Fan page and engaging your audience, having a following on Twitter increases your social influence. Using customer testimonials and using it to your marketing advantage on social media can be a killer marketing technique many businesses benefit from today. 
We understand the need and at the Krishna World Wide, therefore, we provide social media consulting services to empower our customers to build their brand and manage it using social media campaigns.

5. Marketing Partnerships.

It often pays to partner with another brand that targets the same audience. For example, if you have a personal trainer, you could partner with local sports nutritional distributing companies to market your services. 
These are some of the marketing techniques that have proven to be very cost effective powerful for business growth. If you have not done any of these yet, may be it's time to start now. There can not be a better time than now to start!
Question: What other marketing tools and techniques have proven to be cost effective and poweful for your business? Would you share your experience as a comment below?


Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. I completely agree with you Mr. Gaurav. The most important point I liked in this article is regarding maintaining the old customers along with creating new customers. Old Customers are easy to convince once they get quality service. The remedy suggested by you is customer rewards. I think this is quite effective option. Good Article.

  2. I like the Opt-in E-mail section. Having an Aweber email can build great relationships with your customers. Great Article!!!!

  3. I continue to write posts, which is even better than having had a blog a long time ago that I haven’t updated in a while because I started something new

  4. nice article. the only problem for small businesses is the fact that they have to invest a lot to get all above you mentioned in your article. there are well known big companies that are milking small businesses!

  5. Very insightful, Mr. Gauraw. For many local businesses coupons have served as one of two options when it comes to customer loyalty, aka rewards programs. However, these days the best vehicle for generating customer loyalty is via the use of the digital space, or the Internet. As more smartphones become “little computers” and people on the go use them to search for everything, from movies times, to local plumbers, and dental services, it becomes more prudent for the small business owner to take advantage of this form of loyalty development. SMS or Text message marketing is one very small aspect of what is now know as mobile marketing. We provide a kiosk customer loyalty program which can be used in most any business. Custom join via a kiosk in your business, check in often. Accrue points that can be redeemed for “rewards”. This is a very effective form of branding and loyalty building. It’s more of a modern version of an old loyalty program, namely savings stamps.

    • Wow! Kiosk based loyalty is very interesting. Thank you for sharing that here Mr. Cintron.

      You have a blessed week!

  6. greate advices i can add this tips too: Start with keyword analysis. Work your keywords into the title, description, tags and narrative. Create videos that answer your prospects’ biggest questions, and then promote those videos through your social media profiles.

  7. thanks a lot for the info it really did help me with steps of marketing . Email Marketing is also one of the most renowned way of marketing and proven to be most successful way of marketing.

  8. Nice Information admin regarding small buisness marketing. i will start this advice of keyword planner and to write tag title description and all. video submission also give fast and better result.

    thanks ones again

  9. Wonderful post. It really helps me lot. I am SEO beginner doing small business, started to promote my site and this article is very helpful for me. Especially Email marketing is a big challenge to everyone i suppose.

  10. Jimmy John

    Thanks for the article! Being able to manage your brand’s reputation through a variety of mediums can like direct mail can eventually create a large ROI.

  11. I have to agree with Jimmy John, this is a really great article. I think that using the different mediums is such a smart strategy!

  12. Great suggestions! I have two suggestions for low cost advertising for your business. We will design and print postcards and then mail them to every door in a neighborhood that is close to the business. This can sometimes, depending on your keywords, cost much less in one month that a google campaign. The second suggestion that I have is to use QR codes. You can place them on your loyalty cards and change the “special” every so often, this way your customers will keep the card and check it often to see what the business is offering as a sale.

  13. Thanks !! Information regarding Social Media Marketing ,Opt in Email Campaigns and online advertisement is very useful

  14. Fantastic! I’m starting to build my business and your suggestions really helped me a lot. And I think that not only the new businesses need these things that even old businesses also need to maintain 5 above if you want to survive and grow.

  15. This is an excellent article Krishna. I would say, what has worked for me is definitely Twitter. I have received so many job opportunities from simply tweeting articles I post on my blog. Also, word of mouth has worked for me. I think people trust their friends and family to give them good advice. Thanks for the new ideas. I will try them.

  16. I suggest sponsoring a local sports team is one of the great marketing techniques to increase brand awareness

  17. very nice idea you suggest Gauraw. Its very useful for small business development.

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