The Rise Of Smartphones – Amazing Statistics [Infographic]

Kumar Gauraw

The term smartphone wasn’t known until 1997, when Ericsson introduced the term describing the concept according to Wikipedia.

Mobile phones (prior to this smartphone era) themselves had transformed the way we communicated with one another already. Writing letters, having home phones with long wires all around our houses began to become a thing of past quickly.

But smartphones completely revolutionized our lives in every aspect of human interaction. Today, the primary mode of communication is now the handheld smartphone (not just any mobile phone).  It is the way we live or day-to-day lives. In fact, it has become almost very inconvenient to do without them.

From text messaging to booking appointments, to shopping, to purchasing airline tickets, to manage social media, to blog, to record a special moment of your life conveniently, to send a video message, to talk to somebody halfway across the globe for free on video and on and on and on. The list is so long and it only indicates how ingrained smart phones have become in our lives.

This is an absolutely amazing phenomena and it only indicates how much progress we have made in terms of technology and how easy our lives have become with smartphones!

Statistics indicate that the number of smartphones around the world has grown to about 4 and this number is only expected to grow to match the number of literate people on the planet. Isn’t that just amazing to even think?

An Infographic On Smartphones Usage

Now, there is constant debate and curiosity among consumers about which phone is better, which phone is the most popular etc. A friend of mine Earl Ray co-produced this well researched Infographic comparing smartphone users by numbers. This infographic is going to amaze you with the numbers from US and from around the world. Check this out:

How-Smartphones-Use-Continues-To-Rise - An infographic by CouponAudit and Kumar Gauraw

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  1. Hey Kumar
    Nice to see how the mobile world is developing. We tend to concentrate on what we see around us, or what we read in the news. But it is nice to see what the stats actually are and compare the different brands and countries too. Funny how the game changes so fast too. First it was Nokia, then it changed to more HTC & Apple, now Samsung is killing them all. Let’s see how the race goes in another 2 years!

  2. Yes Ashley, you are so absolutely right. It also means this – technology is changing so fast that neither the old industries are taking much time in disappearing nor the new ones are taking time in emerging. Those who think slow and steady wins the race, may no more be the people with the right mindset 🙂

    Things are changing, the world is changing at an incredible pace. We just need to b fast enough to catch the wave and make it happen. Mobile industry is just a testimonial, right?

    Thanks for dropping by my friend!

  3. Hi Kumar,

    Smart phones are most definitely in. No kidding. I know some broke people who have a smart phone 🙂

    I do not have a smart phone, because I don’t have any use for it and I’m about to get me a tablet – and very excited about that too 🙂 I’m never really in when it comes to technology but I catch up at a snail pace.

    It’s interesting that only 20 years ago we still had those rather large and thick basic cellular phones and that today we have those incredibly smart phones that do just about anything you can imagine.

    Thanks for sharing those statistics.

    • Absolutely Sylviane, technology has modified the way we lived and continues to do so at a jet speed 🙂

      Thank you for being honest about your ‘catch-up’ speed… LOL! Well, we all have that speed in different things depending upon our area of interest and focus sometimes. This happens to be your area of disinterest and that’s alright 🙂 I am sure you will catch up!

      Hey, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts today! Have a happy Monday!



  4. Looks like Samsung is a force to be reckoned with. Their stats are amazing. Here I thought Apple would be ahead of the game given all the awesome devices they’ve developed. We’re a Galaxy family so yay :).

    I was looking at the age bracket of smartphone owners by age group and I can say the 45-54 years old will be gaining on the younger age groups pretty quickly :).

    Thanks for sharing this infographic Kumar. Hope you’re off to a great day!

    • That’s an amazing trend, isn’t it Corina? 45+’rs are not going to be left behind. They are catching up very very fast you see 🙂

      And yes, Samsung is a clear winner at the moment, no questions!

      Have a wonderful week and thank you for dropping by.



  5. Amazing infograph to see here Kumar – especially when we think back 15-20 years when these phones didn’t even exist. They have become a necessity in today’s world. Also is the money we spend per month on them. I guess in the old days we could have spent that on long distance calls via the old land phones…I know I love my DROID but I don’t know many people around me with them, most around me have iPHones, very interesting data 🙂

    • And one more person who belongs to the Apple cult is me as well. So, one more person you know with iPhone 🙂 I know Samsung is winning but I simply can’t switch from iPhone because it is something hard to give up for Android.

      Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts here. Have a great week!

  6. Jeevan Jacob John

    4 Bn smartphones?


    Too bad, I can’t truly understand how vast that number is.

    Anyways, in this age, it only makes sense to optimize our blogs (and newsletters) for smartphone users (4 Bn is much bigger, in terms of the total number of internet users. Not everyone in this world has access to the internet, right?).

    I still don’t use smartphone (for that matter, I don’t use phones. Nowadays, I only touch my phone to turn on/off the alarm :D).

    Anyways, I do appreciate the infrographic! Thanks for sharing, Kumar 😀

    • Ha ha! That’s interesting Jeevan. Don’t worry, as you continue to blog and connect with online world, I hope you will catch up and start using an iPhone or a similar device. Trust me, it’s not that bad 🙂

  7. Hello Kumar,
    That is a very colourful and informative info graphic.

    My choice of smartphone is the Apple iPhone. With Siri voice recognition and the countless apps available, it is the best choice for our needs.

    What will be interesting is when info graphics become dynamic.

    Kind Regards,

    • I love my iPhone as well, Bill. It just happens that Samsung has been growing popular putting pressure on Apple to do a better job. Well, a good news for us, indeed because Apple will no more think its their monopoly 🙂

  8. Kumar,

    What fascinating statistics! It amazes me how fast many of us are using this device. I remember only 8 months ago, I had my flip phone and swore I would Never use a smartphone. Well here I am 5 months into it and already taking courses of how to market by texting.
    We are a fast moving and we do have to go with the flow!


  9. Hi Kumar,
    Nice to know many more thing about SmartPhone. This is absolutely awesome.
    Total expenditure per family section is really surprising to me. It shows SmartPhone occupied other interest areas very aggressively and still moving very fast. Thanks again.

    • Hmmm… Looks like you were driving while you wrote this comment? 😉

  10. Well Kumar, I’m in the 14.6% age bracket of users who just started using a smart phone.

    I’m with Sylviane, I never really needed it before that. The only reason I upgraded is because both my nieces and nephews prefer texting then talking on the phone or emailing and I just had an older model cell phone. I had to upgrade if I ever wanted to communicate with them. I ended up with an iPhone and I do like it but don’t really use it the way everyone else does. I’m enjoying some of the apps that I can use on it but I’m still so behind the times when it comes to these types of gadgets. I can appreciate them though.

    I know the younger generation grew up with them and they use them for everything. So if we don’t evolve and make sure that our content is easy to be seen on these gadgets then we’re going to lose a lot of readers and customers.

    One thing is for sure, they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Great infographic by the way.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      It’s always nice to hear from you. Yes, we need to cope up with the technology as entrepreneurs to make sure we don’t lose readers and customers.

      Plus, it is ways needed to stay up-to-date with the world so we don’t become outdated and so that our experience can add value to the younger generation since we always have an edge over them if we keep up with them on technology aspect 🙂 isn’t that amazing?

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  11. Tipu Sultan

    Its an wonderful and informative blog. thanks for sharing Kumar.

  12. Very interesting numbers:) I’m very interested in new technologies and progress of them, so I really enjoyed reading this post! The future is made everyday and what I think is that we have to keep up with new technologies, because it might leave you behind and you will newer catch them 😉

    • Absolutely Aistis. Glad to see you enjoyed the post. You are right, we must keep up to stay in business and stay on the cutting edge. Great point.

      Have a great weekend!

  13. Hello Gauraw,

    It was really an informative info graphics, i’ve gained lot of information regarding the rise and usage of smartphones. The stats are really amazing.

    Thanks for the share.

    • Thanks Anirudh. Appreciate the words of appreciation. I am glad to know you enjoyed the article.

  14. Our pastor asked in church this morning how many of the kids had cell phones. ALL of them raised their hands — except our 14-year-old son. My husband and I don’t have one either. The only ones in our family who have cell phones are the ones who have grown up and left home. Strange, huh? And yes, I agree, it’s often inconvenient not having one.

    I certainly hope to have one some day, and I like learning about what is available. This is an interesting and informative infographic. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hello Willena,

      I am amazed to see how you have managed without cellphones in your family. Wow! That’s beyond my comprehension 🙂

      But if you can manage your life without it, that’s great. Well, for more people (including myself), it’s hard to imagine life without it.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.



  15. Kumar,

    I agree that smart phones are the first 21st century phenomenon. I was chatting with some of my friends about it and we wondered whether or not the human body and mind can adapt as quickly as technology has or are our bodies just not designed for warp development. We came to the same conclusion that at some point there are those who will move with technology and there will be those who opt out. Of course, if one grows up with this kind of lightening fast techno stuff there may be another notch in Darwin’s bedpost.

    Thanks for an interesting read and ride.


    • Hi Rick.

      What a great way to look at things. Yes, some of us jump onto the bandwagon and change while some of us take time to adapt and that’s the way life is 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts. You have a wonderful rest of the week!


  16. Hi Kumar,

    I can see that the advance of smartphones and mobile hones in general has been tremendous. It is a mix of utility, communication, portability and enthusiasm. As with anything new, mankind jumped on the bandwagon and started to use smartphones. In time this enthusiasm will start to fade and smartphones will become what they really are: useful tools.

    I think it is a good idea to talk about some limits for the smartphones. One is the physical limit. You cannot use a smartphone to do anything you want. Unfortunately for the smartphones enthusiasts, you cannot use a smartphone as a fridge and you cannot use it as an oven to heat your pizza.
    Also you cannot use a smartphone to fly from New Your to London. Sad but true. 🙂

    Then there are the physical limits of people. Here I want to point to the old generation. People above a certain age start to lose their vision, progressively. As a result they need larger screens to do their shopping, communicate, write etc. As you grow old, smartphones are more and more difficult to use.

    The only chance for the smartphones in the old age group is to increase in size. This will take it closer and closer to tablets and notebooks. I think this is one of the places where equilibrium will appear first.

    There is a growing concern about the medical problems that may appear when using mobiles. This tendency is here to stay and it will be another factor that will limit the growth.

    I think in the end things will settle down and we will have a large variety of devices available for all ages, genders, colors, cultures etc. I don’t think desktops will disappear and be replaced by smartphones. This kind of advancements are normal whenever a new toy appears on the market.

    What matters is equilibrium and harmony not force and domination. Ha – Tha, Yin – Yang , Sun – Moon all these forces must remain in a kind of balance for the world to function well.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Wow Sylviu, I didn’t even think of the things you expect phones to do for us 🙂

      But I am sure someday, your vision may come true. Afterall, everything is possible….

      Have a great weekend.


  17. Interesting statistics you have there, Kumar. I totally agree that it will take lesser and lesser time to increase the number of active smartphone users as more and more younger people are getting access to smartphones, tablets, e-readers each day. Fascinating how we are all becoming so dependent on these devices and apps not only for entertainment but also for helping us be more productive and origanized.

  18. Irfan Elahi

    Highly insightful infographic. Its because of this outrageous rise in smartphones that Mobile Commerce and smartphone apps are considered to be the most hottest trends in days to come.

  19. that’s weird, if android before ios because in my town i only see apple technology
    thanks for this useful stats.

    • Indeed it is 🙂 it’s amazing how far Android has come and how they have captured the market!

  20. Shivani Sharma

    Hello Gauraw,
    I have read somewhere that today, Phones are becoming smarter & human is becoming duffer 😉 But I don’t think so, it is human who designed smartphone not any device which created human.
    Thanks regards
    Shivani Sharma

  21. smartphones are so useful if you know how to use it the way it should be used. and i don’t think we need to buy an expensive one and most up-to-date one. Now i’m using samsung galaxy note 1 and been using it for almost 3 years. It works like a charm and as useful as the galaxy note 3.

    The point here is we don’t need to keep changing smartphones everytime the new one comes out

    Really thank you for sharing this awesome infographics. very appriciated you post here.


  22. I know that Smartphones are something that every one wants to experience it. The features of the smartphone are something that attracts the customers towards it. No one in the world would not prefer smartphone in his/her pocket. Everyone loves it and I personally use it too. Thanks a lot for the post Gauraw to have some awareness on Smartphones.

  23. Amazing,I surprised to see how smartphones are getting popular in present.I have also bought some months ago.I have not seen before such a statsistcal review about smartphone.

  24. glow hockey

    Since the smartphones was released, I know it will become an important thing to all. They became a phenomenon and plays a vital role on our daily living.

  25. Hello Gauraw,
    I am agreed with you that the smart phones are ruining the human mental ability. Their are many apps that are used to remember things so people use this kinds of application and in result they loss their own ability to remember things.

  26. If I have read this article 3 years ago, I would have said it’s pure speculation. But man… smartphones and tablets are so big these days that’s almost impossible to miss the trend. Computers are getting obsolete, and I think that soon we’re going to use our smartphones connected with displays. No need for PCs

  27. Wow !!! Thanks for the post. Its a very nice and complete statistical infographic on Smartphones. I just wonder how the use of these Smartphones will rise in the next decade, by then, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be dead and gone.

  28. I think the world of smartphone is going through a big change as now you can get a quad core processor phone for just rupees 6500. It is increasing the number of smartphone users all around the worlds.

  29. well thanks a lot kumar sir for this fantastic share, i would love to appreciate the info-graphics you have added to you post, and will also appreciate with applauds the way you have researched about the interesting world of smartphones…thanx a lot…

  30. Hi Kumar, Superb infographic!
    I also want to learn how do you create these stunning inforgraphics 🙂


  32. I definitely think that smartphones technology is emerging and has been for the last few. The figure which shows $150 billion I think will only grow as time goes on, as more people will want have smartphones by then.

  33. Its great statistics very very useful to see smartphone futures and prediction. Thanks for such wonderful information..

  34. Hi kumar,
    Great and nice infographic shared by you.
    Day by day smart phone user are increase.Smart phone is one part of our life in now days.Thanks for sharing this article.

  35. Hi Kumar,
    There was a time when mobile was only used for calling or for two way communication but today a smartphone is more powerful than old computers. Your infographic is giving a clear and nice detail plus it is easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this and have a nice day.

  36. Its the cold hard truth that most youngsters are addicted to smartphones for many reasons. As it says in the infographic there are many smartphone users and it is getting bigger day by day. Age group 18-30 are the most addicted age group where using almost every feature in smartphones. Thanks for sharing this infographic!

  37. I read your full post about smartphone. This is a important news for smartphone lovers. So thanks kumer to share a effective post

  38. These are some really interesting stats. I think if people want to really ride the wave of the smartphone they really need to jump on it now!

  39. Hey Gauraw, the infography was awesome, no doubt but can you name one most important reason because of which smartphones have became first choice? Is it due to their touch display or WhatsApp or gaming? One biggest reason.. 🙂

  40. I love the whole lot of information on smartphones Thanks Kumar.

  41. Dear Gauraw, i m really impressed to read your expert information and also realizing that cell phones specially smart phones made our life very fast and easy to compete our projects in short time frame.

  42. I’ve learned a lot here Kumar! I didn’t know smartphone have been coined since 1997. I only have heard of it when Nokia got their hands on the symbian operating system. In 2010 where apple introduced iPhone 4, I was sure thrilled to have the world’s first perfect smartphone. Have now been a wide screen user since then. I liked how responsive websites are nowadays too. I can sure check on them with my iphone anytime.

  43. Great informative article, This is really very great article. And awesome smartphones statistics infographic..
    But I want to say that my I like Apple iPhone..
    Keep it up..

  44. Your blog presents the info-graphic which shows the graph of “how Smartphones use continues to rise?” users’ loves to use smartphones they use them according to their demands and conditions, some use them for playing games some for office propose and other purposes.

  45. Hi, I’ve used this phone for almost 2 and a half years, but i had this question for a very long time. Should I or should i not root this phone? It’ll be thankful if someone helped me out with thi

  46. It is really amazing how smartphones revolutionized every aspect of human interaction. I appreciate the technology and what it has offered so far and what will it offer in the future. But sometimes, I just wish to have a basic phone without the added frills of a smartphone. Sometimes, you tend to lose track of time and not get anything done because of that gadget.

    It is a great feeling to have all the information at the tips of your fingertips though at times, its nice to have the control back in your life that is so impossible at this time and age.

  47. Amazing infographic . Explained The Rise Of Smartphones pretty well .

  48. Vito

    Great Infographic Kumar.. Really shocked to know that smartphone term was first coined in 1997… its exciting how technology has evolved with the passage of time and i am more excited to think what will it be like 10-15 years from now on… Great work 🙂

  49. Smartphones are taking the people towards a new feature and people are now feeling easy to do all their daily office work tasks on their smart phones. Hope this will take us to the new era as whole world.

  50. Amazing stats on how ingrained the smartphone has become in our lives. It truly is an extraordinary stat that cannot be comprehended in literal terms.

  51. I found myself wonder to observe the rising term of smartphones.Smart phones made our life very easy but it has snatched our thinking time of life.Everywhere we use smartphones now a days.How ever I like your post,here you have pointed out some superb details.

  52. Nobody can counts how many mobiles are running in the earth. Smartphones have totally changed the life of humans.
    Kumar , Nice info graphics and statistics.

  53. It’s a great post gaurav.
    Thanks for the great post because of emerging of the mobile and how the manufacture are increasng year by year.

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