The Hot Air Balloon Problem Solving Approach – Up, Up And Away!

Bill Butler

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have problems? If you have problems in your life, that’s simply means that you’re alive. Problems come unbidden, and oftentimes unexpectedly. So when they do, no matter their size, they need to be dealt with.

Hot Air Balloon Problem Solving Technique by Bill Butler

Many of our problems are a result of our own blunders. We often make mountains out of molehills such that avoiding the day ahead seems like the only viable option. But the truth is… avoiding problems will not solve them. It will only serve to magnify and exacerbate them. 

Naturally, the question is, how to deal with the situations, the problems life throws at us daily? Here is a very realistic two-step method to handle your problems:

1. See Them As Challenges, Rather Than Problems

Problems are things we wish would go away. Problems generate negative feelings. Challenges on the other hand are designed to be overcome. Challenges generate positive energy and don’t get you down.  

Those who view having a severe illness as a challenge often succeed in beating it where those who view it as a problem get lost looking for solutions. Would you rather beat a math challenge or a math problem?

That reminds of a quote from Dr. Stephen Covey. He said, "The way you see the problem – is the problem!". If you see your problems as challenges to overcome, that is a great beginning!

2. Employ The "Hot Air Balloon" Technique

Imagine that you have just climbed into a Hot Air Balloon. Focus all your attention on a landmark. Allow this landmark to serve as a representation of all your problems. 

As the balloon rises up into the sky, you literally begin to rise above your challenges. Other things also begin to happen. As you rise, you begin to feel more buoyant as you discover that the landmark is diminishing in size. From this, you gain a whole new perspective. You begin to see new horizons heretofore unimagined because you are no longer weighted down and tethered to your problems. You feel invigorated and refreshed. You cannot remember a time when the colors were as vivid, the sky more full, or the air more crisp.

The higher you go, the smaller and smaller your problems become… until there comes a point when you can no longer see them. You feel your strength returning as your courage is being restored. 

As the landmark continues to disappear from your gaze, it occurs to you, that what once seemed insurmountable, now seems so utterly insignificant. 

Seen from this new vantage point, and in their proper light, problems are now seen for what they truly  are – an opportunity for personal growth and development, a call to rise up, a challenge to BE better!

Now the landmark has completely disappeared. You feel uplifted as you see realistically, perhaps for the first time in your life, that the possibilities are as unlimited as the expanse of sky stretched out before you.

This serves to show you that you can make molehills out of mountains. New horizons await you!

Rise above your challenges! Live untethered!

Question: What did you like about this Hot Air Balloon approach? Would you share some of your ideas of handling things that you consider, "problem" ?


Bill Butler

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Bill Butler is a John Maxwell Certified Coach. Bill is a poet, a singer and a writer with his upcoming novel. Bill defines his Life Purpose as Be Love To Others.

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  1. Thank you for such an inspiring post, Bill. I really enjoyed your Hot Air Balloon Approach. I always admired your thought process and your heart for others, but I never knew this approach.

    I can apply this approach and therefore, I think everybody can to enjoy the benefit of this  technique! From the grand schema point of view, our problems really look too small. This is awesome!

    • My friend, you are very welcome! 

      I am honored and humbled by your kind words, on my inaugural Guest blog. 

      I’m glad you find it beneficial. The beauty of shared wisdom is that it serves to help others grow and advance, and perhaps enjoy a fresh perspective that helps them to change.

      You’re a star, my friend. Keep shining!

      • Thank you those kind words. The shared wisdom definitely serves others to grow, do more and be more!

  2. This is such an amazing technique. As I read this post and visualized me following those steps, I felt better about this day, right away. Hot Air Balloon Technique is amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us, Bill. We appreciate you for very much.

    • It is a privilege to be counted amongst your friends Snigdha. Glad you enjoy the post.
      Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  3. Great Post Bill.  I personally use "Open Sky" technique, which works on the same lines as Hot Air Balloon technique in "Comparing and Contrasting" the problems with something larger than problems so as to make problems apper manageable. Whenever I face some insurmountable challenge, I go out of house / office and look up into open sky – not expecting solutions from Creator, but to compare my problem with something so huge as our Universe.  The Universe we live so vast that our "Milky way galaxy" is just on of millions of galaxies in the Universe out there. Out of millions of solar systems in our MilkyWay galaxy, our SUN solar sy stem is just one. Out many planets and settlites, our earth is just one planet. Out of Billions of people on this planet, I am just one person. Out of many domains of my existence, this PROBLEM is related to just one part of me. With such comparion of my problem with the vastness of the Universe, I am totally relieved of the power of the problems over me and now I will have the power to act on the issue, until it is done.

    • Greetings Venkat!

      Thank you kindly for sharing. 
      First, let me say, you may just be one person, but you are the ONLY one like you!

      Actually, using any form of contrast will work, but the sharper the contrast, the easier it is to visualize and, therefore, easier to come to terms with the issue at hand.

      Something as large as the universe is a GREAT contrast. 
      Thank you for offering a fresh perspective!

      Kind Regards,

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