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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Good list. I’m surprised by things people post on social media – too personal or inappropriate. I would add to the list a caution about posting photos with other people in them. I’m not saying to never post these – a family portrait or an outing with friends may be fine to be shared, especially on a platform with privacy settings. But be aware that some of your friends may not want their photo posted at any point, even if it appears to be a fairly innocent picture.

    • Absolutely true words Donna! We need to be sensitive to those whose pictures we are posting. Thank you for pointing that out.


  2. Hi Kumar,

    I agree with all that you wrote, and I didn’t know you were a Modi. fan, and yes, his victory is something that’s going to be celebrated for long, and I hope he turns out to do all that he promised, though we know how politicians are. 🙂

    Yes indeed, we shouldn’t share personal things on social media, though many people do and it can often lead to privacy issues, and we need to be very careful about what all our kids share online too- teach them the right from wrong. However, sharing with a group of friends or close relatives I think is perfectly alright.

    I guess if we are careful about sharing only selective things online, and talking of more generalized things, and of course, focusing our attention on what matters and limit our time online, we are good to go.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Oh I didn’t know much about Narendra Modi apart from the fact that he had a visa situation with the USA.

      My first exposure to a bit of details on him happened when I was in India last December and I was impressed with the enthusiasm people about him coming to power.

      And now, if 1.2 billion people have given him such an impressive mandate, who am I to not like him? Besides, you don’t have to be Modi to be better than the outgoing government. Anything would have been only better!

      But, like I said, the more I know about him, the more I begin to appreciate the way he approaches everything. So, although I don’t live there, I am as excited about what’s happening there as probably you are or anybody loving there is 🙂


  3. Hi Kumar,

    That is such an important list of what not to share on social media sites. I’m always telling my daughter not to go on foursquare and check in where she is. She lives in NYC and she shares where she is at all the time. To me this is so dangerous. There are not so nice people out there and you never know if a young woman can be stalked, or even worse, broken into her apartment while she is gone.

    If I want to share vacation pictures it is always after the fact. It is like announcing Hi…I’m away from home come on in and ransack my house!

    There are those that post up all the problems they are having with their family. Yikes! That’s asking for big trouble. I’ve seen family arguments on social sites. Who the heck would want to be part of that?

    Oh boy, when it comes to posting up how much money we have made, to me, it is like telling the IRS Come on in and audit me. lol. I can never get that way of advertising. Maybe it is just me, but if I want to market a good product, why prove how much money I made, when everyone has a different way of marketing? Some make tons of money, other people don’t ….it is all in one’s marketing knowledge.

    I would have to say “keep away from politics!” it is always a hot issue so why get into it on social media?


    • LOL! I liked the way you said about announcing income on the web!

      And yeah, I concur with you about using FourSquare or any site to announce where I am going. Sometimes, it can be dangerous especially if someone is really watching your moves which you can’t be sure of anyway. It is better be safe than sorry.

      Thanks Donna for dropping by and sharing your insightful thoughts.


  4. Valuable list. The only people I see talking about their finances are these self-proclaimed, 6 figure earners. For me it likely can happen mistakenly if we talk about a recent vacation (guilty) or a new car (guilty) and so THAT is a big take away for me. Thanks.

    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

    • Aha! I have been guilty of announcing my vacation plans as well. But, I think I also decided to be a bit more careful with that going forward sense we can’t change the past, right!

      Thank you for sharing your story Patricia.


  5. Hey Kumar, Excellent write indeed. For me, social media is meant for business and leisure. However, not everything had to be shared online and thus, I am a strict believer that we should NOT share private things online.

    You know, when you hate a person (after a fight for example), and post bad stuffs about it.

    That’s bad and I know tons who do that. Can you imagine? Keep social media as ‘clean’ as possible is the best way, at least, that’s what I believe 🙂

    • That’s so true Reginald. Throwing dirt on others in public is just not good offline or online.

      Just being cognizant of others and not making your personal issues public, helps a lot. Making public announcements of such issues only complicate matters further.

      Great point to emphasize on. Thank you!


  6. Hi Gauraw
    Indeed a very informative post!
    As i am totally agree with your points, because now a days social media are playing a destructive role to ruin once life.so we should be totally beware of this fact.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Kumar. I think your rule of thumb covers it admirably and hope that will be the takeaway for most readers. As children most of us were probably taught to conduct ourselves at all times on the assumption that God was watching. For this purpose we should probably add our most vulnerable friend and our harshest critic to the audience. Thought provoking as always !

    • Hi Paul,

      You mentioned about a great point. Now, along with God, rest of world is also watching. How bad it can be now when you post something that you will regret tomorrow?

      Thank you for your value added comment. Wow!


  8. Hi Kumar,

    You’ve made a number of salient points, among them being point 5 in connection with permanency. This can not only hurt families, but also is seen by school staff, police, and potential employers.

    Staying off the computer while emotionally upset is also sage advice.

    Kind regards,

  9. Tim

    Excellent post on the pitfalls and problems of sharing too much online. Social media is a wonderful thing but common sense is more wonderful. I completely agree with everything you said Kumar and it is good to have this reference material out there because people, especially younger ones, seem to treat social media as a place of anonymity that will never do them any harm if given the chance.

    • Oh yeah! Younger people are all crazy about it. Having multiple IDs, flirting with social media, posting objectionable pictures of themselves and that if others are just a few of the things they do without thinking.

      What they don’t realize is, they can’t escape their actions when it comes to bite them tomorrow or 10 years later.

      It’s better to be safe than sorry. We need to educate our younger kids!


  10. Hey Kumar,

    I too believe that social media plays a huge part of our online businesses but there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.

    I’ve seen people air their dirty laundry and then be mad when people shared their advice with them. They were asking for it when they were upset but offended later on. I don’t like the apps and things that have you tell them where you are, I won’t have anything to do with them and since my business is online you don’t need to know where I am at all. I think people share a little too much personal information with us too and I don’t even share a lot of pictures and things of my own family only because I’m trying to respect them as well.

    I use a browser extension that helps me block certain things on Facebook so I don’t ever have to even see it. I just put the words in that pertain to what I don’t want to see such as politics and religion so those posts are never shown to me in my newsfeed. There are just some things I refuse to discuss because we all know people are passionate about it and I don’t want to be viewed differently because of my own beliefs.

    So now all we need to do is spread this post all over the place so that people will understand why it’s not a good thing to post certain stuff on social media.

    Great share Kumar, thanks so much and I’ll definitely share it as well.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Great idea to have that browser extension. I use Firefox and probably I will go find one for myself. I can see how this will help.

      Thank you for sharing how that extension can even help us filter what we don’t want to see in our news flow! Great share.

      Have a wonderful weekend Adrienne! Hope you are having a great Friday!


  11. Hi Kumar

    A good list and I must confess there are a couple of things you have included that I would not have thought of like holiday plans but I get what you are saying.

    I would not have thought of dangerous sports either but then again I do not do any so maybe that is why 🙂

    I also dislike people ranting about their political beliefs. I really am always very glad when elections are over.

    I know someone who bad mouthed their boss on Facebook and almost lost their job.

    Thanks for the list Kumar.


    • Hi Sue,

      Glad you enjoyed the list and that you related to a few items. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

      Regarding politics, I stay away from it as well because it doesn’t add value to my business.

      Have a wonderful weekend. I believe it already started for you while we are still having our Happy Friday thing going. 🙂


  12. Hello Kumar,

    I wish that there was something to add to this list…sadly, there is none.

    Here in Nigeria, it pisses me off when a breakup makes it to FB or pay checks are the subject line of an update. One of my less discerning friends even updated that despite the patch his wife had (a form of birth control), she still got pregnant and delivered a child. Can there be any greater mess than such obvious trash?

    This, sadly seems to be a universal problem…And I truly wonder sometimes whether the human race is going senile!!

    This post will sure be helpful – I am sure.

    I’m sharing this on my FB timeline for my friends to take a cue!


    • Thank you for the words of appreciation Akaahan! Glad to hear from you.

      I think it’s just a matter of education. The more people get educated, the more they will start acting responsibly.

      Have a great weekend my friend.


      • That’s the word, Kumar – “education”. Sometimes, it appears not to be needed – or pretty expensive. But as Lincoln submitted: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

        Do have a very great day!


  13. I second all the points you wrote above. Especially those game requests and updates are so irritating. One more thing which irritates me (and I never really understood why people do this) is the tagging of pictures and updates which has no link with the tagged person.

    • Tagging people into picture makes sense only when there is a relationship with that person in some way.

      But then, there are good t aha and then there are people who are there to spam you and me. We just have to block them 🙂

  14. Thanks Kumar for the nice topic. Every topic makes sense and i liked all of them. Really, using social media is not wrong but care is important because we need to be very careful at what we write and post on social media channels. I appreciate this article for showing me the things of not to share on any social network.

  15. Hi Kumar – Your list is exactly one of the reasons I’m not on Facebook – I have acquaintances who post everything, including things like going bankrupt, pictures of their children in all kinds of poses, etc. Like you, I think that kind of thing just invites trouble. Hope many people read this post.

    • Wow! People even post about their bankruptcy? That is ridiculous!

      It’s amazing what all information we are giving out to Facebook and we start screaming when government starts to ask for a small portion of that information as if sky will fall if we give that information to the government.

      Thank you for sharing about it.


      • Even worse, Kumar. I have seen more private stuff on that social network called FB. Sometimes, it puzzles me: do these folks have some grey matter left?


        • Hi Akaahan,

          You are right. There is no limit on what all people share 🙂

          But then, we have control on what we share and that’s the whole idea. Some people (especially younger people), do not know where to draw the line. I am hoping that they get some direction if they come across this post.


    • Hello Lenie,

      You have shunned FB completely? It could be a source for good too (despite its ills and misuse). Why don’t you reconsider? You may actually be missing out, big time!


  16. This is a great list. It’s so hard to find a good balance between sharing enough to connect with people, and oversharing. This was a good reminder.

  17. Hi Kumar; I thought this was a thorough comprehensive discussion of social media posts people should avoid along with the reasons behind your suggestions. I think when it comes to your health people don’t mind you sharing good news. most of my best face book posts were about my gastric surgery and the subsequent weight loss. I don’t post about income, but i do post when sales are made especially if they were overly difficult or had a good story to them. I also reframe from participating in highly charged political discussions. and the only petitions I sign or share have had to do with protecting the amusement industry. I even stay out of especially bitter sports debates. and that reminds me sometimes you can bring trouble to yourself by posting a sports logo on your profile. for example the dallas cowboys manchester united or new york yankees. thanks for sharing the post and take care, Max

    • Hi Max,

      Glad to hear from you. I know you don’t participate in any political discussions. At least I haven’t noticed any of our blogosphere friends doing that. So, yes, we are about our businesses and that’s how it should be 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. I am going to visit your blog and benefit from your writing.


  18. Hello Gauraw,

    I agree with all your points about not sharing on social media. Actually each and every point is true and its important to follow them.

    The most of annoying thing on facebook is game request which we usually get from our friends but always try to warn them but they never care.


    • You are so right Samir! Game invitations are the most irritating of all junk that goes on Facebook 🙂

      You are so right about that!

  19. Hi Kumar,

    Sorry for being here so late, I had noticed your post, but another crazy week prevented me to catch up on blog posts until now.

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I’ve never really understood why people post very personal things on social media. I know someone who posted pictures of herself wearing so type of bikini with a provocative type position, and I wonder, what’s wrong with those people when I see this 🙂

    Now, when people look for work, we know that their potential employer are going to check them out on social media, I’m wondering how much stupid share could affect them in this case.

    I agree, don’t share anything you wouldn’t share with your neighbors on social media.

    Great stuff 🙂

    • That’s the way to do it Sylviane! Why share thing online we may have to regret later?

      Why give out information to the public which we won’t give to our next door neighbor?

      I think you are doing a great job with your social accounts. Thank you for sharing your testimonial.


  20. I am very conscience about posting events on social media AFTER the fact. It is easy and fun to post a ‘live’ picture from Disneyland but that tells bad guys a lot if they are stalking you. Or maybe I am just being paranoid…

  21. Very useful and genuine tips ! I am totally agree with you that we should know what to post and what not to post whether it is regarding personal life or professional. Thanks for sharing the information.

  22. Hi Kumar,

    You have brought up a very interesting subject, a lot of us were hit on the head with a nail. Sometimes a negative headline can bring interesting subject to talk about. Anyway…

    I think when people show there whereabouts on Facebook, this is too much. It’s like you’re inviting stalker into your life. I would be afraid to turn on the mode for this. People know where you at all the time.

    Also, some people are always addicted to drama. They won’t post anything but that. I get tired seeing this and so I don’t even read them.

    As far as religion is concerned, I don’t think I’m religious. I don’t even go to church on a regular basis. But I do believe there is a God and that being spiritual is part of my being. So sometimes I will share a concern on Facebook with selected people on my list ONLY for their eyes only…and I would ask a prayer request for certain matters.

    Being online since the time it started I avoid negative posts of some sort. Things like, “I wish he was dead.” Or, saying anything derogatory about someone specifically. I don’t like causing World War III online. Also when you say something (specially on facebook) and you’re angry, many times you cannot take back your words. The myth of “sticks and stones can hurt your bones but words will never hurt me” is a lie. Words do hurt and it should be said with care specially when you are over emotional.

    And last but least, people should avoid posting sex photos, people making out in the bedroom. I’m surprised that Facebook even allowed for people to post this. I have just deleted someone from my list doing this. After I thought he was a real decent guy and then posting this kind of crap makes my red flag goes up and you’re a goner!!! So yeah…shouldn’t post those kind of things. Period.


    • Hi Angela,

      Wow! Glad to hear from you and thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful comment.

      Regarding religion, I think I feel the same way – spiritual but not religious.

      And yes, it bothers me why Facebook even allows those kind of indecent pictures. I remember reporting a few of those pictures to Facebook. But I was surprised to see that they came back saying it was not inappropriate in a couple of cases.

      All we can do is, control what we can from our end I guess. It is better to be safe than sorry.

      Have a great new week


  23. Kumar, great list and points. I always think, “Is this okay for anyone and everyone to see?” before I post. I didn’t realize about the health issues though – that is a great reminder. I find it’s best to post mostly positive stuff. You don’t want to sound ilke a complainer online. People will surely get sick of you fast if you do that. And besides it would only drag you down .I think like Angela said posting religious stuff could be tricky too, religion and politics. 2 very touchy subjects you may want to avoid on social media.

  24. Hey Kumar
    Social media is dangerous indeed. The younger generation, to whom it is part of their social lives, have a bigger issue with this.
    Many of my friends are already grown up with families or are no longer really active on places like Facebook.
    So for me it is not or was rarely an issue.
    But some people certainly share a little too much, whether it is photos that they should not, or comments they should keep to themselves, and this is dangerous. Perhaps not today, but in the future when they will regret it
    Thanks for sharing this warning

  25. Hi Kumar Gauraw,

    You have posted great article. Its very interesting and unique concept. I agree with your all points. I follow your points.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    keep it up 🙂

  26. Hi Kumar gauraw!!
    Wow,Nice article.I agree with all your points about not sharing on social media.nobody can deny the fact that his social media dominance played an important role. Especially, to me, that’s the only way I learnt about him since I hardly read newspapers or watch TV news.
    Thanks for sharing the information.

  27. This calling in sick and posting pics is a hilarious one. I had a friend who called in sick and checked in at a cool bar during office hours.

  28. Hy Gauraw.you suggest very good points which we should avoid to share on social media.some time it must be harmful for every one.

  29. Hey Kumar Social media is dangerous indeed. The younger generation, to whom it is part of their social lives, have a bigger issue with this. Many of my friends are already grown up with families or are no longer really active on places like Facebook.Really useful information…Thank you for sharing <3

  30. security on social media is very important.everyone should be careful about the information or other things we are sharing on social media.You are right we should not share everything on social media.

  31. Great list Kumar, I’ve shared this with one of my new hires who I wanted to train on “what to and what not to” share across our companies social media channels. Thanks for the comprehensive list. Cheers!

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