10 Strategies To Write Effectively Even If Writing Isn’t Your Passion

Kumar Gauraw

Even if you don’t have any problem in writing effectively and consistently, I am sure you know people who want to, but can’t express themselves in writing.
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I have had friends who loved what I do on my blog. They also wanted to make money just as I do through blogging and online marketing. So, I helped them set up their websites and many of them stayed active for a while.

But then something happened down the line and they lost their dream. That isn’t a new thing for me because people do let other people and situations steal their dreams all the time.

However, a friend who I am helping setup his online platform at the moment, having struggled for a day or two with a blog post even after I suggested the title, asked me how do I do it. He has a way better control on language and in every way, he is qualified to have a buzzing online presence if only he could write fast and stay consistent.

But, he came back asking how do I write that I can churn out a couple of posts with thousands of words each week while he is struggling to finish one post in one sitting.

Do you wonder how some people can publish pretty large blog posts with a lot of valuable content each day while you may be struggling to even publish quality posts even once a week?

My goal is to share some insights on this topic and share some strategies so you can start producing great content consistently to become a good writer.

What Is Your Communication Style?

How well you can write largely depends on your communication style. Also, how do you engage with other people in a face-to-face conversation?

Writing is simply an expression of your communication style, your personality shows up through your writing. If you do not like to be around people or talk to them (deep inside of you), then you will have a hard time writing.

Well, some people talk a lot in front of people when given the opportunity (or provoked). But, they really like to be left alone and prefer to work with machines than human beings around. If you relate to this, you might be struggling with your writing.

On the other hand, if you like to be among people, talk to everybody, keep the conversation going, you will naturally feel that writing isn’t a problem for you (especially nontechnical things).

How Is Your Self-Image?

I recently wrote a blog post about self-confidence and how it plays such an important role in our lives.

Well, it plays a very important role when it comes to writing as well. Sometimes, we have a lot to say, we want to write it as well (once in a while) but, our unknown fear of what others might think, stops us from moving ahead.

When you have a fear of being judged or being confronted, you freeze and that fear doesn’t let you move forward.

These symptoms only indicate a low self-image. This is a major problem with a lot of people including my friend who isn’t able to produce content because he thinks too much about such things.

Are You A Perfectionist?

Do you feel that you aren’t an expert yet and therefore you should master the thing you want to write about before you pick up the pen to write.

The problem with perfectionists is that they always have something else to do to make it perfect before they can do the real work. The more important the writing is, the more pressure they take to make it the absolutely best and that is when they freeze!

By the way, this isn’t just with writing. If you are a perfectionist, you have trouble doing anything new or adventurous. This is your biggest challenge! Relax! The world isn’t perfect and you don’t need to be either!

Strategies To Overcome The Writing Challenge

To help you work through writer’s block (in case you want to write, you want to create content and share what you know with the world), I am going to share some of the top strategies I think you will benefit from:

1. The World Deserves To Know What You Know

Know that you are a unique creation of God with specific talents and abilities that are unique to you. Your experiences are unique, your knowledge is unique and if you do not share what you know, the world will never know what you had to share.

This is your opportunity to record your experiences, your knowledge of things and share it with the world. All you have to do is, write it down in your own words, in your own style. Just this thought keeps me pumped up about writing just one more time every single day!

When you take time to think about this and realize this truth, the same will happen to you.

2. You Don’t Have To Be A Writer To Write

The ability to communicate is the what makes us human. Writing is just another way to communicate. Everyone has enough talent to write. You don’t need to be a great writer with a great vocabulary to write your thoughts and share it with the world.

You are capable of writing because you certainly can teach something to some people. Think about just one person you know who will be interested in learning from you. And then, write for that person. You will be amazed how much you can write.

3. Your Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Even if you want your writing to be perfect, you do not have to make it perfect the first time around. You can always go back and revise it if you aren’t satisfied with your creation yet.

However, if you want it to be perfect the first time, chances are, you will be sitting in fear and not be able to get any writing done.

The best thing to do is to have an idea about the topic and get started. Write whatever comes to your mind, put down your thoughts onto paper and keep writing until you feel you have written everything you wanted to say.

Then, you can go back to it, read it again, revise it, make it better and may be also take some feedback from others who you can trust. Eventually, this habit will give you better control over your own writing.

4. Read Books, Everyday – Learn Something New

Knowledge is power. For one, the more you know, the more you can share and then, the more you know, the more you are motivated.

When I started writing, I used to only share what I read and learnt from the books I was reading at the time. I was excited about learning things I never knew about myself, about other people and about the world in general. And I established my blog to share some of those things with others while my intention was to create my own journal.

Later I realized that even when Pat Flynn shares his experience of getting started with his online journey, he had a similar start. He created a blog to share what he was learning through the books he was reading to pass an exam he was preparing for. And later on, it became his passion and then he built a thriving online business with that experience!

If you can read, you can write. And the reverse is also true. If you can’t dedicate yourself to reading, probably writing isn’t for you.

5. Write Everyday – Make It A Ritual

If you want to be able to produce content on a regular basis, you need to make it a habit, a consistent practice, a ritual.

A lot of writers depend on the will power. They think that they can write whenever they need it and yes, they can. But the problem is, that is what causes writer’s block. Sometimes, their mind freezes and ideas stop to flow.

But, for those who have made writing a ritual like brushing teeth, writing is just a natural process that happens every day no matter what!

Just as you have to build a habit to read every single day, you need to instill the habit of writing daily. Write a few hundred words on a topic each day. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be done daily.

When you do this for about a couple of months, your writing becomes second nature and you will notice a consistent improvement in your own writing. The more you write, the better your writing gets.

6. Find Your Strengths And Capitalize

If you write for blogging, this is especially important for you. A lot of people start to write for the niches which are supposed to produce more income online even though they have no passion for the subject in particular.

That is a surefire way to failure in the long run.

Identify your passion. Find out what you are good at. What are the things for which people come to you for suggestions or solutions? What are the things you love doing even if you don’t make any money doing them?

Those are the things you should focus on while deciding about your writing ideas. Operate in your strength zone and not only you will have fun doing it, you will also succeed much faster. There is a market for passion in every niche, in every industry. The world just needs to know you are passionate!

7. Realize That You Have A Story That Only You Can Tell

Tying it together with the first point, if you don’t tell your story, who else will? Who else knows how you think, what you know, what your passions are and what are your experiences?

It is very important that you realize that and when you do, you have a sense of responsibility to share your story, express yourself and start recording your history in your words. Isn’t this what writing is all about?

Please keep this in mind and you will not only amaze the world, you will amaze yourself as well. It’s that simple and that powerful motivation for getting started every day!

8. Do Your Self-Talk Every Day – Empower Yourself

Our internal dialogue is the reason why many people don’t dare to start something new, something adventurous. Many people are afraid to start a new business, to work on the project they have been thinking about for so long, to ask that cute girl for a date because the internal dialogue is mostly negative.

When it comes to writing, the same internal dialogues, “I can’t write”, “Writing isn’t for me”, “I don’t like writing”, “I don’t like reading” stop people from taking the next step.

The good news is, those internal dialogues can be silenced if we consciously decide to overpower them with powerful self-talk.

If you don’t know how to write and practice your own positive self-talks, read the book, “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” and “The Secret” and master the art of taking control of your life through positive self-talk.

9. Change Your Association – It Might Be Hurting You

If the people you spend most of your time with, are those who are not passionate about reading and writing, your chances of getting good at writing are dim.

As Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones said-

You will be the same person 5 years from now except the books you read and the people you associate with.

It is absolutely important to keep your association inline with your life goals. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to make a conscious decision to spend your time in associate with success minded people. If you want to be great at writing, you need to make friendship with those who are already great at writing.

Your association will mostly drive your direction in life. Be very careful about who you spend your time with.

10. Maintain A Writing Ideas File Regularly

Last but not the least, you need to maintain a file where you can record your ideas for writing. I get an idea to write a blog post when I am stopped at a traffic signal. I simply open my Evernote and make a note right then.

I get a few ideas when I am shopping in a mall or sitting in my doctor’s office. I make an entry in my ideas file so I can pick up one of those ideas and start writing when I have some time. It works great as it helps me always have some topics to write in future.

You should do it to, regularly. Well, you don’t have to have Evernote for this. You could do it any way you want. But the goal is to maintain a list of topics on which you will want to write.


Writing is like exercise. You know it’s good for your personal development, your spiritual health and your internal growth. Not just that, there are many benefits of getting good at writing.

But, most of us never get to writing. just like most of us do not get to exercise regularly in spite of knowing all the benefits.

So, if you follow these strategies, you have a shot at developing the habit of writing into a natural process. I practice these everyday and I know these will help you too.

Share Your Thoughts/Suggestions/Questions/Testimonials

What did you think of these 10 strategies? How many of these strategies do you already employ in your daily routine? Do you use any other strategy which I have not listed?

Please share your thoughts through your comments and add value. Thank you kindly!

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  1. Hi Kumar,
    What an excellent article !!! 🙂
    Amazing Strategies list and it seems very helpful and useful post for us. In this post i found a lots of things and i thinks i should implement all these things om oneself and later on i will learn a lots of things. Honestly i am lit bit keen of writing and even i had tried a lot but i am failed due to lack of communication as well as writing skills. #6 ans #8 seems very helpful because if we do talk ourself daily then i think we know very well about oneself and about our thoughts and concept that whats going on our mind and empower ourself it is the best way to boost oneself.
    All the 10 Strategies that you have mentioned above are simply good for us and all of them who keep desire to be a professional in this field .
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep posting.

  2. Hey Gauraw.. Superb Writing Tips Here. Very Strong! Got Emotional When I Read No7… Nice Tips Truly.. Hoping Your Words Will Help Me OverCome My Problems Of Writing.

  3. Hi Kumar,
    This is my first visit on your blog and glad to see this.
    I read this article very deeply and i get lot of writing confidence while i read the 10 easy steps.
    Thanks for sharing this blog.Really its an amazing.

  4. Hi Kumar,

    Wonderful strategies indeed, and I am glad I use most of them being a writer myself 🙂

    Yes, you certainly don’t have to be a writer to write. If you have something to say, just write it down, and you really don’t have to be perfect at writing to write, unless it’s a client you are writing for and they have asked for certain specifications. You just need to write from you heart, using your own voice and the knowledge you have – share it with others, as that’s way of helping them too.

    Reading helps a great deal and you can gather knowledge and empower yourself through any reading material online or offline, though make sure they motivate and inspire you and aren’t just the usual stuff or things that demoralize you as that can have an adverse effect too.

    Writing everyday might be tough for some people, but if you try covering up a few words and slowly increase the word count, it certainly isn’t tough. I have a tough time limiting my words to less than 2000-3000 a day at times…lol…yes, don’t go to those extremes too unless you really have to, but the more you write, the better and faster you become.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  5. Hi Kumar, an excellent guide to writing strategies. If we read a novel. the quality of writing is important to us but with most other material it is the content and passion that drive our interest. I have never coached people in writing but have advised quite a few on public speaking and many of the same principles apply. In both fields those who are nervous can benefit from directing their message to an individual, whether real or imagined and it is also important to observe effective speakers just as we learn from effective writers

  6. Hi Kumar,

    These are wonderful strategies to get people going! When we say to ourselves “I’m not a writer” we need that self talk to turn that around. “I am a writer” repeat it all the time in your head. It certainly will unleash that block. If we are blogging, we are writers.

    We don’t have to be perfect! If we strive for that, we won’t move forward. When I think of “perfection” I think of it as an excuse. We need to express our individual thoughts on what we want to write.

    We are unique human beings and if there is one subject that everyone is writing about, we must believe in ourselves that we too can write about that topic in our own voice. That’s what stops many from writing. I have heard from some of my clients “Oh I can’t write about that, someone already did it” Well the truth is, what’s trending, millions of people are writing about it. And you can too in your voice, in your unique way. That is what I tell them.

    And yes, we must be reading all the time! If we are, writing becomes easier to us because we want to share the knowledge we have read.

    OK…I won’t ramble..I just love the way you have put this together because I know it will help those who are apprehensive.

    Many thanks Kumar!


  7. Hello Mr. Kumar
    It was nice speaking with you!

    Great article to inspire many of us.
    Number seven hit home for me. I have a story that I can tell, but sometimes the words do not come out.

  8. Hey Kumar,

    I can sympathize with your friend being uncomfortable with writing because I still to this day say that I’m not a writer. My version of what I think a writer is and what other people think is different which is why so many people tell me I’m crazy.

    Maybe I should turn it around and say I’m a blogger and proud of it. That title sits well with me so much more than the other.

    Now I know that I don’t use all of what you shared above myself but I will say that I still make mistakes today. No one is perfect no matter how hard we try but having great friends that can email you and point out your mistakes is priceless. So know that we all do this for the most part that is.

    I think that’s another reason why people will give you the advice that you need to be passionate about whatever you’re venturing into because if you’re not then your writing will come to a screeching haul because you’ve run out of stuff to say. Even if you’re a beginner and are already having trouble then that’s a sign. Even if you don’t claim to be a writer you’ll have plenty you want to share. That’s so important.

    I think by reading and writing a lot then you’ll just naturally start to pick up stuff and with time it will all fall into place. Nothing happens overnight so I hope that these people don’t stress themselves out.

    Great tips you’ve shared and stop on.


  9. Hi Kumar,

    I love this post, and all you said here is all true.

    I always tell people, you don’t have to be a writer to write. Like you said writing is just another form of expression. And even if it’s not your best form of expression it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

    For example, me I’m better at writing than speaking, but does that mean that I’m not going to do public speaking? You bet it doesn’t 🙂 I sure will. I will just have to work a bit harder that’s it. Same for those who say that writing is not their best form of expression.

    Yes, we are all unique and we all have something to contribute. I truly believe that.

  10. Wonderful writing tips,

    To be honest for article I’m getting them from freelancing sites and using them for my tech blogs. As I’m not a native english speaker I still have to learn lot of things in english writing and etc.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Hi Kumar

    A great topic and I like Adrienne still say I am not a writer even thought I have been blogging for some years now.
    I came from a formal corporate background and found it hard to “find my own voice” when I started blogging.

    I follow most of the strategies you suggest here now but in the beginning I like your friend had no clue what to write about. I think it takes a while to get into the swing of it.

    I am still in awe of the people I know who blog daily and say they do it in 40 minutes. I have never done a post that quickly.

    A great post thanks Kumar.


  12. Lots of things i have learnt from this post, thanks for sharing.

  13. Always great and informative posts to read here I guess, Always focus on writing part to fetch more readers on blog and it’s the backbone on blog.

    Passion comes for blogging not for writing and we need to always work on improving it.

  14. Hi Kumar

    Really its excellent article. All your strategies very powerful.I love this post.After reading your article i have got lot of confidence for writing.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Hello kumar
    I must say you are incredibly talented in writing. And I completely agree about perfectionist thing. They will never be satified with their work and will always have un necessary road blocks to complete. And I really liked your 5th tip on writing every day. Actually a blog which produces fresh content more often will get more google love as well. awesome post mate and I will surely comeback for more.

  16. We should read books, and before writing the content we must do some research on that topic. People want to read the quality content. don’t try to manipulate the reader. Writing in simple language is effective. This post is really nice, thanks for sharing this.

  17. Hey Kumar
    People really do not have to be writers to blog. That is for sure.
    I just interviewed a writer the other day, and she said in fact that many writers are not great bloggers.
    It is a different medium. Not as flowing, or long, or perfect. Just shorter ideas being shared.
    And nothing needs to be perfect either. Else you would never publish. That is a great point. Great but not perfect.
    And practice helps, that is something I have found over the last year. If nothing else I am typing faster.
    hope your projects are going well

  18. Thanks for sharing this amazing and informative article … enjoyed every bit of it .. 🙂


  19. These tips are inspiring especially if you are not really into writing. I agree that each of us has our own story to tell and share. It is a great start to tell about the things that you love.

  20. impressive article.The most important thing you say is that Sometimes, we have a lot to say, we want to write it as well (once in a while) but, our unknown fear of what others might think, stops us from moving ahead.we have to overcome this known fear.you suggest great 10 strategies to write effectively.

  21. impressive article.The most important thing you say is that Sometimes, we have a lot to say, we want to write it as well (once in a while) but, our unknown fear of what others might think, stops us from moving ahead.we have to overcome this known fear.you suggest great 10 strategies to write effectively.thanx for this sharing.

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