Even if you don’t have any problem in writing effectively and consistently, I am sure you know people who want to, but can’t express themselves in writing.
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I have had friends who loved what I do on my blog. They also wanted to make money just as I do through blogging and online marketing. So, I helped them set up their websites and many of them stayed active for a while.

But then something happened down the line and they lost their dream. That isn’t a new thing for me because people do let other people and situations steal their dreams all the time.

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The other day, I was in a Toastmasters meeting where we had a usual meeting with three speakers followed by three evaluators. We also had some guests and everybody did a great job that night.

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However, something that drew my attention was a comment from one of the guests who appreciated one of our evaluators like this  (and I paraphrase):

“What I appreciated the most was the way you did your evaluation for the speaker #2 in such an uplifting manner. You used empowering words like ‘phenomenal’, ‘absolutely’, ‘terrific’ and ‘amazing’. By using those words, you not only uplifted the speaker but also everybody.”

That remark by the guest made me think about what happens in the online world. Why is that I get so impressed when I watch Robin Sharma’s videos? And why don’t I watch videos by some other accomplished people that much?

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Just a couple of decades ago, blogging didn’t even exist. It is relatively a new thing when we compared to some of the old ways of advertising, marketing or finding new business. However, there are about 200+ million blogs running on the internet today.

Amazing Benefits Of Blogging

Blogging has established itself as the center of all online marketing where even big brands are paying a lot of attention to it.

Yet, I see so many people puzzled about blogging and its potential. Some are afraid that they are not good at this or that or something along those lines (just like fear of public speaking) while many others do not see it as a viable option.

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