6 Essential Steps To Find Time For Blogging – For Busy People

Kumar Gauraw

Did you know that blogging is the best way to build your brand identity? It helps you, not just in reaching out to a maximum number of people, but it is also the most effective way to get your message out to the world.
Essential steps to find time for blogging especially for busy people
Everybody I talk to understands the value of blogging. But, the biggest challenge people have is finding time to actually do it.

Starting a blog is one thing; staying consistent, and continuing to blog regularly, is another. That is where most people give up. In fact, I have seen blogs with good community fade away because the blogger couldn’t keep up.

I don’t know  about you but I certainly find it overwhelming at times. There are days I just don’t feel like writing and there are other times when I don’t have time to write, even though I know what to write. I have been through phases where I wonder if I will be able to keep up with this responsibility.

You Can Find Time For Blogging

The good news is that I have been able to streamline the process for myself. Now I know that if I can blog at least twice a week consistently, in spite of all my commitments everyday, you can do it too!

I am going to share with you a handful of steps I took to make sure that I can stay consistent. I am confident that you can also find time and confidently blog if you follow some of today’s steps.

Okay, let’s get started.

1. Own Your Schedule – Be The Master

This is the big deal! The question I asked myself was, “Who is in control here?” and I knew that if I wanted to make it work, I needed to be in control of my calendar.

What I mean, is that I allocate an hour or so for blogging activities on my calendar and I respect the time allocated. That slot is my blogging slot.

It helps me reduce the pressure of writing at the last minute. This way I can avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.

2. Maintain A List Of Potential Blogging Ideas

Although I never had this issue, one of the top reasons for people to stop writing is that they can’t think of a topic to write.

If you relate to this issue, maintaining a file of blogging ideas can be very helpful. I maintain one in Evernote. I have a file where I maintain a list of potential headlines and a few details about the post I want to write against that headline.

I can go back to my file anytime, from any device from anywhere, and pick up an idea from my Evernote and start writing.

You can do the same and at least rule out this problem from your blogging life.

3. Create  An Outline – Save Time

Every successful blogger has a certain way of presenting their ideas through their blog posts. The way they start, the way they use images and/or videos and the way they close – has a certain standard.

You also want to have a certain style to your blog posts. It not only helps you save time but also brings consistency in your writing style.

Just as I recommend, I have my own guideline template for my own blog posts. The way I start my first paragraph, the placement of the first image (if there more than one,) in my blog posts, the size of every image in my posts, the way I use subheadings within my posts and the way they close, are all predefined. I follow this style and it helps me focus on content, rather than styling my blog posts.

If you are serious about your blog, you should have a general outline for your blogging. I am sure it will help you be even more confident about your writing. It will also save a lot of time for you.

4. Write On Topics You Understand

If writing the main body of your post takes more than 45 minutes, you are writing about a topic you do not fully understand. That means you are spending way too much time figuring out what to write about and not focusing on topics that you already know.
Writing on topics by researching is not a bad idea. If you have time, be my guest. However, if time is a problem (which is the topic of this post,) you might want to start writing on topics that do not require you to research.

5. Set A Deadline – Use A Timer

This is a great technique to get your creative juices flowing every time. I use this whenever I feel lazy and it works!

Before you start writing, set a goal for yourself. Set a deadline that you want to finish this blog post within 60 minutes. Don’t concern yourself with proofreading, images or fonts. The goal is to finish the main post inside of an hour.

Set a timer. Every smartphone has that facility now. Use it to challenge yourself! You will be amazed how much you can accomplish within that hour. Try it. Give it a shot and amaze yourself!

6. Keep It Simple For Yourself And Your Readers

One of the reasons bloggers also struggle to stay consistent is the urge to write on complex topics with a complex style.

While that kind of writing (and I have seen some,) might satisfy your ego, it does not attract others. People already have so many complexities in their lives. They do not want to deal with one more complexity at your blog.

Not only that, complex (or advance) style of writing requires more time, more energy and an extended amount of focus from you too. Why would you want to spend your time this way if you can’t keep up?

As a rule of thumb, you will be way more successful in blogging if you can dumb down your writing so that even a fifth-grader understands it. This will save you time and attract readership.

Most Importantly, Remember The Dream

None of these technique I shared will help if you are not motivated. Motivation is the fuel that drives you to take action. If your tank is empty, no matter how great skills you have, you are not going anywhere.

Therefore, it is very important for you to not only know, but to also remember, why you started blogging in the first place.

Did you start because you wanted to build your personal brand? Was it because you wanted your message to reach a maximum number of people? Was it because you wanted other people to benefit from your knowledge and experiences? What was your reason? Is this still the reason you want to blog?

Remember the dream. Your dream will motivate you to apply these principles and help you succeed.

My SlideShare Presentation On This Topic

Last week, I created a slide show on this topic first and then uploaded it on SlideShare just for fun. It was then that the thought of making it a blog post came along. So, here is a slide show I had created:

Have Some Thoughts? Share Now!

If you have been blogging for a while, you might already be applying some of the techniques I shared today. However, I want to ask you one question in the end:

What was your reason for starting your blog? Please share your thoughts and add value.

Thank you kindly!

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Hi Kumar,

    Oh yes…it can become very overwhelming at times, you bet! 🙂

    Speaking of myself, sometimes no matter how hard I try, there are problems at the home front or the Internet connection’s goes slow, the power just goes off, and so many other hassles! I’ve not faced the bloggers block so far, but I can understand what you mean, and I am glad you came up with these steps too.

    While I do most of them, I can never work on a deadline or with a timer! That would always limit my word count I think…lol…but I do make it a point to write within a specific time period and if the work doesn’t end by then, it’s carried forward to the next day – the writing part, though that rarely happens. Yes, jotting down the ideas as they come or creating an outline always helps. Keeping it simple and easy to read is always essential. That was a nice slideshare, and I’d surely be here to check out all that Adrienne has to share with us, this Thursday!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Speaking of internet not connecting and power cuts, my little one is 5 year old and the only thing he remembers of our last India trip (and he dreads that) is that there is no light in the night 🙂 Every time we get a call from home and my mom asks my kids if they want to come, the answer is same, “There is no light at night in India many times. So, we don’t want to come.” 🙂 LOL!

      Well, yes, I don’t think you have much of a problem figuring out topics for writing and I haven’t seen you missing any beat about blogging since I have followed you. However, to me, managing thing within a stipulated time is the best way to get things done. Otherwise, I will be writing 2 lines and then a 15 minutes break thinking about it and then it will finish in several days 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by and I promise Adrienne is going to share some awesome stuff on Thursday 🙂 I am excited to host her as my guest author on Thursday!


  2. Hi Kumar,

    I can tell you that all your tips are right on here, even though I’ve managed to fail at most of them lately, as life has given me some kicks in the butt 🙂

    To me the most important one you’re mention here, though, is remembering the dream. I think that what makes me keep going is that I have specific goals and dreams, so no matter how tough life can get around me, I keep going the best way I can.

    When I can, I try to write posts in advance, but for the most part they are just spur of the moment. But I’ll you, I would love it to have a whole list ready for me there.

    I’ll try to follow your advice more in the future. Thanks for sharing this.

    • That’s right Sylviane, the dream is the main thing. It is the main link between our activities and accomplishments.

      Life throws crap at us from time to time and that is how we know we are alive, isn’t that true? 🙂 However, it’s the dream that keeps us going, keeps us stay persistent and consistent.

      I am glad that you have been able to manage things no matter how hard life has been. I can only imagine how passionate you are about your blog and your business. Thank you for sharing about that.

      You have a wonderful new week!


  3. Hi Kumar,

    Blogging can be challenging at times, what to write? who needs to know something? etc. I do use Evernote also because, so many times during the day I come up with an idea. I jot it down on Evernote. It’s all in one place so I can go back and do a blog post about it.

    Sometimes I will get so carried away, I start writing the content. A bit of jibberish, but at least I can go back and clean it up and use it as a post.

    Life has a funny way of those stumbling blocks along the way, that may take us off the internet completely. So, I always have some kind of back up for a blog post using Evernote.

    But the most important thing of all is keeping our Dream! It can be easy to get off track sometimes, but that dream of ours has to be first and foremost in our minds to achieve it.

    It’s not easy, it will take time, but we must enjoy the journey to our dream as we go along.

    Looking forward to seeing Adrienne on Thursday!


    • Hi Donna,

      Evernote is so handy, isn’t it? Being a pro member, it synchronizes my notes so I can access them even while I am off-line. It is truly a lifesaver in many cases.

      Talking about dreams, that is the most important factors when it comes to prioritizing our time for blogging or any activity for that matter. Most people are good at starting something but only those with a dream finish it.

      You are right. It is not easy. It takes work to succeed at anything and therefore having a consistent view of our dreams and goals is important to keep propelling us towards achieving them.

      Thank you for dropping by and adding value as usual. Have a great new week!


  4. Hi Kumar,

    I love your blog post title because it acknowledges the fact that we are busy – Very relevant. 🙂 I definitely agree that it can be overwhelming and your tips are spot on to help in this area.

    I couldn’t agree more about owning our own schedule– After all, we should be in control, right? Beeping

    I like tip number two as I have implemented this already, and find it very helpful. I keep things in Evernote, however, I keep a shortlist on a sticky note beside my computer: ideas to create new videos, new topics to blog about, all ideas that come from listening to my reader’s, subscriber’s and customer’s problems.

    I do have an outline which consists of: intro, why, what, how, what if, action steps…

    Yes understanding the topics we cover is of the utmost importance as even the simplest Reader could see through insincerity and ignorance.

    I love the idea of a timer, I even have an old kitchen timer on my desk that I use sometimes.

    KISS – Keep it simple silly… I try to remember the KISS principle, and don’t always achieve this, but really try. 🙂

    Ah, remember the dream – I just did a video on remembering why it is that we’re working so hard that dove-tails perfecting with this thought – thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts on it, by the way.

    Nice slideshare, Kumar – excellent work, and I will be sharing right now!

    Thanks again,
    – Carol

    • Hi Carol,

      Glad to hear from you 🙂

      Well, looks like you already do a lot of these things yourself! Hmmm… no wonder you don’t have any issues with maintaining your blogging schedule. That’s awesome!

      Many bloggers do not keep the outline and that means each of their blog post flows differently. Not only it troubles them in writing, it also makes their style unpredictable for their readers as well. I am glad you have a certain way of writing your posts and you keep it organized. Again, you do all the right things in sequence 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, adding value through your comment and sharing. Appreciate the love and hope you re having a wonderful week!


  5. Hey Kumar,

    I’ve always been known to my family, friends and past co-workers as a very organized person. When I was in corporate America I was in the secretarial field and I became an executive assistant working for owners and presidents of smaller companies. I was actually hired more for my organizational skills then anything else. My close friends call me annoying and my Dad use to make fun of me because I never knew what it felt like to finally find that paper he had misplaced. I use to tell him I’ve gotten three things done while you were looking for it. It use to be a running joke with us.

    I had never worked for myself before though, I was always an employee. Although I always have had a high work ethic trying to do a home business is much harder I think because you literally are doing everything, even the stuff you don’t know you’re suppose to be doing. LOL!!!

    When I started blogging it wasn’t that difficult until I started focusing on it more in the area of building relationships with my readers. I don’t really have a set schedule if I’m honest with you. I mean for writing my posts I do it when I have the time because I just have so much on my plate these days. My post today I usually write it on the weekend so I don’t have a lot of pressure on myself with other work. The one I post on Thursday I usually do it Tuesday or Wednesday evening, once again depending on my schedule. BUT, I always know what I’m going to write about and with that in mind when I sit down at the keyboard the words just seem to flow.

    I don’t have a timer for that but I do for other things. I just need to continuously remind myself to take breaks. I don’t keep my ideas in Evernote but I use Windows LiveWriter to write my posts so when I have another new idea I’ll open that up, I’ll write the topic and any ideas that come with it. That helps me keep everything in place to access more quickly. I guess it’s really the same type of concept.

    If I were starting all over knowing this I would have fine tuned my schedule better. I get it all done though so I can’t beat myself up over it. Great tips and I agree with them all, very important.

    I’m looking forward to Thursday’s post and I know it will be very helpful for many. Poor CommentLuv Premium hasn’t gotten the love it should so hopefully we can clear some thing up once and for all right. I’ll see you then for sure.

    Have a great week.


    • Looking forward to your guest spot here. As you know I too use CommentLuv Premium and I am sure there are many bells and whistles you are going to open our eyes to.

    • Hi Adrienne,

      The moment I noticed the way you track comments, you reciprocate comments and respond to everybody event though you have hundreds of people to respond to each week, I knew you had an exceptional ability to stay organized 🙂

      On the contrary if I don’t use a timer and I don’t maintain a calendar for appointments and in addition, if I don’t have my wife to remind me to use these tools, I can get disorganized just like that. Sounds familiar? 🙂

      If my wife is not at home and I am not able to find something, I call her and her response usully is,”It must be right in front of you. Just pay attention.” And usually, she’s right 🙂

      Therefore, I need to maintain an artificial method to manage my time and myself.

      Yes, I am very excited about your Thursday’s post here and I know for sure that a lot of people are going to love what you will share and benefit from it.

      Thank you for dropping by and looking forward for Thursday.


  6. I too use Evernote. I find it a very valuable tool. Others uses other things such as Windows Live Writer which I am unfamiliar with and am sure it is fantastic as well.
    The most time consuming thing I find in blogging is finding the right images. I use compfight for that but with someone like me with a short atten… SQUIRREL!

    • Hi Troy,

      Windows Live Writer is just like Microsoft Word except the fact that you can connect this to your WordPress blog and you can publish your posts right from the Writer. Other than that, there is not much to it if you know MS Word already 🙂

      Speaking of images, you are absolutely right. It takes me at least 30 minutes to find an appropriate image for my posts. And I am not alone. Recently, I was listening to Michael Hyatt and she mentioned that it takes about 30 minutes for him to to find the right image for his posts. Until then I was thinking I was my time. 🙂

      Don’t worry, things that you find time consuming, are mostly time consuming for everyone else as well. So, this is all just part of the game.


  7. Hello Kumar,

    For some time now, I am a full time blogger and internet marketer. Ordinarily, I should have been on the ‘safe’ side…sadly, it’s not so. Yesterday, for instance, was one of those days: I did not just feel like putting anything down, yet, I understood that I had a schedule on one of my niche blogs and simply had to keep it.

    That’s where understanding what you do comes in…in less than an hour, a 1000+ word article was churned out. I sincerely wonder how I would have managed if I didn’t know the subject matter like the back of my hand!

    Finally, I’d advise that large chunks of posts should be created and stashed away when the motivation strikes…the idea is that whatever happens there is something new for the blog at the appointed time.

    Make the day great!


    • Large chunk of blog posts in advance is definitely an ideal feat Akaahan!

      I commend you for being able to do that and congratulations on all the success with full time pursuit!

      Yes, most professionals agree and realize that dream is the biggest thing. All the discipline, all the strategies just won’t make sense if the dream is not big enough. On the other hand, if the dream is big enough, the facts really don’t count. People just figure things out 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valuable experience to add value.


  8. Adi

    If you are passionate about something then you should start blogging on that. The best part of writing on a niche that you are highly passionate about is that you won’t have find out a time to write it rather it will make you manage a time to write!

    • That’s correct Adi! Sticking to the niche in which we have the passion saves us a lot of time and energy! It is also very easy to brand yourself in such a niche when compared with niche in which we don’t already have a grip.


  9. Hi Kumar

    I sometimes struggle with owning my schedule but it’s something that I’m working on. Being at home with the kids sometimes means I have to write later on in the evening and at that point I don’t always feel like writing.

    I do store up ideas in my drafts using CoSchedule though and on each I add key ideas and headings. I don’t use the same template all the time because I like to structure my posts with CSS sometimes to highlight certain text and I use more than one image sometimes.

    I think as well as remembering the dream as to why we all started blogging, it’s important to have goals in place. Even something small can keep us on track and help with achievements.

    I like the idea of keeping it simple. I usually do but it can still take me a couple of hours to write a post but over a few days.

    • Hi Tim,

      I have two boys at home as well and I can relate to what you are saying 🙂 In fact, I have been in that situation many many times when I know what to write but just don’t feel like writing since I would be so tired…

      I don’t have an exact template either. But I do use an outline and only use that to structure my posts. CSS and special elements do come and I also use custom code to get those things done once in a while 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Have a great rest of the week!


  10. This is definitely a in depth blog. Blogging is one of the most over looked sources of income.
    Majority of folks think that its so time consuming
    but once you get your routine down packed
    Schedule it into your daily activities then you will be a great success at it.

    Great post thanks for your insight

  11. Hi Kumar

    I felt like this blog post has been written for me. I am organized and have a list of topics when life is flowing but when things out of our control happen I often drop the ball. This last few weeks I have had to taxi my husband to eye doctors on many occasions. Trying to then fit everything in becomes difficult and once I let my blogging slip it becomes more difficult for me to get back in the swing. So we need to stay on schedule.

    I love your slide show very well done.

    I look forward to Adrienne’s post here too.,

    Thanks Kumar for this reminder I need to read.


  12. Hi Kumar, I just started making that list for topics. I find if I allow myself to think freely either with a drive to work listening to music or going for a walk I can do that most of the time (unless life hands me some challenges which have been the case this year). A mind at rest can think much more creatively than not.
    I really like your idea of setting a deadline – that too helps. I’ve been working a on a guest post for months but no deadline, will I ever finish it I wonder? I must make A deadline myself 🙂
    I do try to keep it simple most of the time and not worry about any word count, etc. I try to make it simple for the readers.
    Have a great day Kumar!

  13. Hi Kumar,

    Great article! You motivated me to come back to writing.
    I set up my blog 5 months ago but now I do not have a free time to continue it 🙁
    I try to back and write other new posts:)

  14. Hi Kumar,

    You always bring something remarkable to us.:)

    I agree with you that if we want then we can find the time for blogging at every cost. People may be busy but if blogging is the passion for them it’s not that much hard for them to find time.

    If someone is super busy then he/she should make some notes for his/her next posts. Calender is there to handle. Even busy people can find time for this. Idea always matter and bloggers must stick to their ideas at which they want to write.

    Sometimes bloggers don’t make future plans as they should have backup posts in case they don’t find any topic to write. It may consume time because on the spot it’s hard to write a good post.

    Time management is necessary and a great thing to do.

    Thanks for giving some motivation.

    Hope you have a nice week.:)


  15. Hi Kumar,

    Nice slide 🙂

    Why did I start my blogs? Different reasons for different blogs. For example, I’ve started my solo ads blog in order to use it as a marketing vehicle for my solo ads ebooks series. For that blog I don’t have the time problem for the simple reason that I didn’t write any blog post during this year LOL – I still get traffic and sales without doing almost anything. That’s the advantage of running a niche blog 😉

    • Hi Adrian,
      That is incredible! You haven’t blogged for a year and still going strong? Hmmmm…

      Well, I guess you probably don’t even need a blog there in that case, don’t you think so?

      Thanks for sharing your testimonial of having a niche blog. It is definitely intriguing 🙂


      • That’s so wrong 🙂 Why do you think that I don’t need my (most important) marketing vehicle (for my solo ads ebooks)?

        For example, you search on G for the solution to your problem, you find one of my articles there, you read it, then you read one more article and then you buy one of my ebooks on THAT topic you were interested in. That’s a standard pattern for that blog. Now remove the blog (the articles) from that pattern and see what you get 🙂

        I don’t need to write more articles for that blog. But if I decide to do so, guess what… It’s very hard to do it, and it’s boring after all. Can you write frequently, for some years in a row, only about one single topic? I told you that it’s a niche blog. It’s only about solo ads 🙂

  16. Hi Kumar; these are all excellent suggestions, but I especially love number six where you remind people that its about the dream or their passion. I started my first blog to help promote the sales of amusement equipment on my site the midway marketplace. My newest one shares personal experiences as a blind business owner. and at least once a week I get a comment from someone who says I have inspired them to start on a new goal or continue working on the one they have already started. I hear people who say I have inspired them to address family issues or tell people about what they have been working on in secret. these are the people I remind myself of when I think about the dream. I want to help these people and my blog’s ultimate goal is to generate opportunities for coaching and public speaking. thanks for the post my friend. take care, Max

  17. Hi Kumar Gauraw,
    Nice Post, Wonderful Explanation about How Bloggers Can Find Time For Blogging But I understand ! Everything is wasted until Blogger doesn’t have desire & Passion for Blogging !

  18. Hi Kumar,
    I really love to read this post.
    wonderful and amazing post about find time for busiest people.
    Really you are great describer.
    Thanks for sharing you experience with us.

  19. Hey Kumar,

    Good post.

    Time is always crucial and there’s always things that come up in blogging that makes the time go by faster. I like alot of your tips there but the one I really appreciate is the “Set a deadline … use a timer”. I strategically write for 33 minutes at a time when I’m writing a blog post and consistently set deadlines for myself as well.

    It seems to work well for me and I’ve never missed a posting schedule yet (fingers crossed).

    But also, what helps me alot, is creating an outline. Whatever the topic is, I create an outline of all the points I want to cover, create the sub-headlines and everything before I start writing … this helps me with planning out what I want to talk about in each section.

    Excellent tips.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    – Andrew

  20. Hello Kumar,

    Indeed am really happy to find your blog and almost everything i need to sustain my blog, i found it here.

    The tips and the encouragement was superb.

    Thank you

  21. Sir, I have time for blogging and I already have 2 blog but want to make friends on social media. After reading your articles I fine your are experience blogger. How can I build my relation?

  22. Yes the only thing that matter is if we have a blog its our own duty to maintain that blog. Lots of people have blog but because of their daily busy schedule they ignore blog and also one thing to know about is you have to maintain consistence flow in blogging like writing content interacting with our user and lots of other things. And active blog get much more response than that blog whos activity is less. So maintaining blog is much more important factor to be noticed.

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