Will You Hire A Business Coach Who Lacks The Business Sense?

Kumar Gauraw

In my earlier post about fake internet experts, I had shared my encounter with a self-proclaimed marketing coach. Now, I came across another business coach who sells himself as a business coach and at the same time, laughs at those involved in business development activities that he doesn’t prefer.

Business coach who lacks the business sense - mentor coaching his students from a high chair

Need To Have Your Own Products To Be Enterprising?

I came across a visionary business coach who declares that affiliate marketers and network markers are merely sales people and not business owners. The argument he gives in his support is that he has 3 decades of running a business of his own.

In a brief conversation with him, which obviously didn’t go very well, his argument was that:

  1. If you are selling somebody else’s products, you are merely a salesperson because you don’t have any control over the manufacturer for the products.
  2. If you are building a business with Amway or Avon, you are merely a salesperson because of the reason above.
  3. If you are an affiliate marketer, you are merely a salesperson for the same reasons as above.

Now, if you agree with this logic, are these companies a business?

  1. Walmart neither had its own products nor its own real estate when it started. All it did was, it got other people’s products in a rented space and made money selling those.
  2. Amazon.com didn’t have its own products for a long time and you would agree with me that even today they don’t make money because they sell their Kindle. Instead, they still make the  majority of their income by selling other people’s products through their portal. Isn’t that right?
  3. How about Google? What product did Google have for a long time? All they did was, allowed other companies to run their advertisements on their platform and made tons of money. How about that?
  4. How about Facebook? What products does Mark Zuckerberg have? Is Facebook a business?

Only Early Birds Make Money In Network Marketing?

This gentleman also claims that only people who got in Amway and Avon early on, made tons of money and those who were late, not so much. That means, you really have to time your entry point to succeed in a network marketing businesses. Now, that thought process can be only of a man who obviously doesn’t understand network marketing.

Why do I say that?

Because I speak from my years of experience in the network marketing industry. I have friends in the  network marketing industry who are not only self-made multimillionaires, they have helped me build a successful business in the US and many international markets. I know people who have quit and those who have succeeded – both!

I speak from experience of associating and getting to know successful entrepreneurs from the network marketing industry who got in business “early on” as in 1970 and made tons of money. I also have friends in the same industry with the same network marketing business who started very late from that standard in 2010 and still became self-made multimillionaires with residual incomes that will feed them for the rest of their lives.

Anybody who understands the dynamics of building a network marketing business will never say that you need to time yourself to make money in the industry because it doesn’t work that way. Your success depends on your work ethic, your passion and your ability to build teams.

Of course, you need to do your due diligence and make sure you join the right team because, just like everything else, there are good and bad companies in the network marketing industry as well. You need to pay attention to the details and make a wise decision. And that risk, as there is with anything, is the same with any business. You can virtually be scammed in anything.

So, What’s My Point?

Well, that’s very simple. My objective here is not to prove whether or not Walmart is a business. My objective also is not to question or prove the credibility of network marketing or affiliate marketing.

My objective is to bring your attention to the fact that you should beware of the self-proclaimed business coaches, visionaries and life coaches who speak negative about other businesses, other entrepreneurs for the sake of making themselves look good.

Today’s world is the world of collaboration, it’s the new economy where networking dominates, where people helping people succeed much faster than those who try to do things by themselves. Affiliate marketing, network marketing are the models which are legitimately recognized world class business models that continue to produce wealth for those who take these models seriously.

I know affiliate marketers and bloggers who are making a killing while they sleep just by promoting other people’s products online. There are people in network marketing who are no more alive and their second and third generations are making millions of dollars a year because of the work they did decades ago. Calling them a salesman is just not fair.

Over To You – Care To Share Your Thoughts?

Would you hire a business development coach for the purpose of coaching your team if you knew that the coach thinks like the gentleman whose thought process I just shared here?

Would you like to invite a speaker to speak to your team who believes that the only way to become a true businessman is to create your own product and not trust any other manufacturer?

I know this probably is a loaded topic and look forward to learn from your experience. Please share your thoughts and insights through your comments. Thank you kindly!

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Kumar,

    I have hired a few coaches in my time and thankfully they were all positive. They didn’t see themselves as the “absolute” answer to my problem. Instead, they wanted to know about me, my goals and aspirations. Never saying a negative word. I guess I am very blessed.

    These coaches were those I hired on a one to one basis. I needed to improve skills, marketing techniques and specific things. If I ever heard someone saying that Network or affiliate marketing is just a sales job, I would know on the spot that they were in for their own benefit or were narcissistic. Can’t be a narcissist and be a coach!

    I have run my own businesses for decades off line. They were all wonderful because I enjoyed them.

    I learned early on that no matter what your business is, YOU are the one who makes it or breaks it. It is up to each individual to plan their business from their own product to affiliate or network marketing.

    I’ve seen people make money while they sleep and others who quit and bash. Guess it comes down to personalities doesn’t it Kumar?

    For me, when I do take someone under my wing and coach them, the first thing I like to do is to talk to them and have them answer questions of where they are at, the financials of what they can spend and more importantly, what is their passion and time line.

    I don’t work with just anyone, only those who are wiling to put in the time and energy it takes to build a business.

    Ok…I’ll stop the novella here!


    • LOL! You did stop the novella suddenly Donna! Thank you for sharing and you put it very nicely that a business coach shouldn’t have an absolute answer and declare something this way or that way. And those who do, we should realize that they are in it for themselves.



  2. Hi Kumar,

    That’s a very interesting topic.

    Wow, this guy has a tunnel vision in my book. He reminds me of someone I know.

    Years ago when I was in Network Marketing I tried to bring in someone I knew who was an excellent candidate for doing great in this type of business, but what he didn’t have was a vision and he was saying the same things this person is saying, things like, it’s not your business, it’s theirs, it’s their products and their rules…. and so on.

    Because of his way of thinking I could never bring him in, even though he was a master of persuasion and a great sales man. What a waist.

    Of course some network marketers do make tons of money and so are some affiliate marketers as well. they make the money they decide they want to make, because it’s THEIR business. So this guy has it all wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week!

    • Hi Sylviane,

      That’s exactly what I thought. This gentleman has everything wrong in an effort to promote himself as a true expert of business development.

      I am sure a lot of people would fall for his teachings as well and I hope that they shouldn’t be from my circle of influence at least after this post.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on this. Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. I agree, great topic Kumar.

    I’ve never hired a coach or mentor, never really thought too serious about it. Guess I have just always wanted to do it on my own. That might be good or bad. Maybe if I had, I might have grow quicker and bigger? Who’s to say.

    But like you said, for me, it would be, who can you trust? Seems so many people are claiming to be experts or coaches these days. Maybe it’s just me, but I cringe when people call themselves “Experts”.

    I sure wouldn’t hire the person you’ve talked about, as others have said, sounds very short sighted and sadly one of those that are right and no one can tell them any different?

    It should be all about building the business and marketing, doesn’t matter the product or service, or if they are your products and services.

    Course just my opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello Ron,

      It’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. And yes, as you said, business development is a broader spectrum and a “coach” who doesn’t even take time to understand the industry he/she is expressing opinion about, shouldn’t get the credit. Isn’t that true?

      I have been fortunate enough to have some of the greatest business coaches in my life and to me, I know for sure, I have been truly blessed with their mentorship.

      You have a wonderful rest of the week!


  4. Hey Kumar,

    In the past I fell for this type of character. As a matter of fact, since I didn’t know any better at the time, I was preaching that you have to get in early because thats the only way you’ll make it in network marketing. Yes I was a fool.

    What’s worst is that I fell for it again, but the person kept bashing other companies and their comp plans. But you know Kumar, I had to go through these experience which I definitely don’t regret. These experiences helped to figure out for myself who I should really talk to as far as growing a home business and who I need to avoid.

    This post here can back me on this! You come to realize that it’s up to the individual when it comes to growing a home business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc… It’s all about, at least in my case, how you develop and grow as a business person. When this happens, you can go back and forth between network marketing businesses and affiliate programs and become successful with them.

    Great topic to think about!

    • That’s exactly right Sherman. Anybody’s business can’t outgrow their own self-image and their own ability. Getting in early, or having your own products are the philosophies people use as an excuse to justify their own failure to understand how business is supposed to work.
      Thank you for taking time to respond and sharing your testimonial. I am glad that you are doing great now and that you’ve taken charge of your own business!
      Good luck to you and if you need any help, please always feel free to let me know!


  5. Hi Kumar

    The guy sounds like an absolute idiot! Sorry but I get so annoyed with that type of comment! I get that a lot of people do not understand network marketing but to say you understand business and then to not understand is ignorance. But you know that ๐Ÿ™‚

    My husband and I have had several businesses over the years. The include Farm Machinery dealership, fuel depot, financial services business and in none of these did we manufacture. Hmm maybe we did not have a business.

    I know many people who are business coaches who know as much as I know about cricket ๐Ÿ™‚ – well I reckon I know more.

    A great post and clearly a topic I get passionate about too Kumar.

    PS – did you know Australia just one the ashes against England for the first time in years. It is pretty hard to not follow cricket in Australia when we are winning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Sue!

      Glad to hear from you and yes, I had the same feeling when I came across him and found out how he is trying to establish himself as an expert by bashing other people and businesses.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your testimonial. And yes, according to this expert, you don’t have a business ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL!

      Have a great weekend ahead!

  6. Hello Kumar,

    The world is a funny place (so is the internet). There are many self professed ‘gurus’ who in the real sense of the word need some serious whipping (then coaching) themselves!

    Unfortunately, because of pressing financial needs, such persons who should still be under the tutelage of a master start proclaiming themselves masters…and this is the result: faulty, archaic and antique reasoning!

    What is this ‘coache’s’ definition of business? If its truly what I read, then he must have been skipping his business classes while at school! Because if you pursue that argument to a logical conclusion, TV stations, advertising firms and and even Insurance companies do not run businesses!

    So bad…someone is thinking this poor in the 21st century!

    – Terungwa

  7. Hey Kumar,

    Well I’m glad you had a conversation with that guy because it was a perfect topic for a post right! Now I’ve never worked with a person like this before but I have been told some of what that guy was spewing myself. Having been fairly new to all of this I did believe what I was being told. I think until you learn otherwise and see for yourself then that’s usually just the way it goes.

    I do know there are a lot of very one sided people in this world and what a shame. To put their thoughts on others because they’ve had so many years of experience reminds me of the people who are not willing to change or grow.

    It’s the 21st century my friend and there are so many new things today that weren’t done the same 30 some odd years ago. There are some things that work today that did work back then. You just have to be open minded when it comes to this topic and that’s definitely not the best way to win over people.

    Thanks for bringing this up Kumar and letting us know your thoughts on this. We all definitely have our own views as well.


  8. Hi Kumar,

    Funny, I was just thinking of doing another article on this particular topics – so called self made coaches. It drives me crazy that every one is a coach and yet make ridiculous claims with no proof to their claims to success.

    I too am into network marketing. I’ve been with the same company for over 6 years. I didn’t get in early, but have consistently grown my team and have consistent income. Not millionaire, but definitely a monthly income over what most people make.

    I agree with you that we need to watch out for these coaches. You’ve given some good points here on why and it’s good that you’re educating people about this.

    I’ve had no interest in coaches at this point as I went through 3 that really didn’t teach me much of anything.

    Good topic for discussion.

  9. Hello Mr. Kumar

    What a fabulous post.
    Well I am going to agree with Ms. Sylviane, this person has tunnel vision and because of that he will not change and grow.

    You know as I was reading all the comments, I totally agree with Ms. Donna regarding the strategy she used for her clients.
    Life Coaches are suppose to be creative with their clients to the point that the client excels in their endeavor.

    There are many people like the person you referred too, but we have to keep them at bay. There are very dangerous in their beliefs.

    Thank you Mr. Kumar

  10. Hi, Kumar!

    I’ve never hired a business coach yet, but I’m sure that if I do so, I would find a person who understands the business in open-minded mindset. I personally think, that business is everything that makes or has a potential to make profit by changing value to value. Moreover, I think that a real businessman makes and maintains relationships and networking. All other works and tasks are made by any kind of employees or other companies. On the other hand, I think that it even doesn’t matter is there a real business or a true businessman, I think that what really matters is if a person is living his dream life. If he really really does, than it doesn’t matter what that might be called. But if not.. it doesn’t matter neither..

  11. Hi Kumar,
    You’re absolutely right on this. Why should anyone badmouth a competitor?
    It goes against my personal principles of begin humane. I prefer to look for the best in others, and help draw that out of them. Those that think solely of themselves or fear competition have a wrong mindset and appear to be operating from fear.

    I say operate from a heart of love. Communicate, collaborate and cooperate.

    Kind regards,

  12. Kumar…sadly anyone can call themselves a business coach…but everyone is learning…and we all have to make wise decisions about who or what will serve us…

  13. That is so true Sarupa. There are so many business coaches online who are not even experts to be even giving advices. I have come across a few who seem to be novice and does not know exactly what to do. This post is very enlightening and insightful for those who intend to become a business coach one day.

  14. In my opinion, a real online business coach is someone who can inspire and motivate you to keep things going when the time gets rough on your business. Business coaches should always think on the positive side

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