Online Social Media – How To Leverage The Power Effectively

Kumar Gauraw

Social Media and the use of the social networking websites in day-to-day life has brought success and happiness to some and frustration to others. There are many aspects of the online world that is confusing to many people and that is the topic of discussion in this post.

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Problems Using Online Social Media

A good friend of mine who doesn’t use social media and online world as much as I do,  explained to me his frustration with this whole online thing and asked me if I had any resolutions to these problems.

Just to paraphrase and highlight some of the issues he brought up are:

  1. If you are on Google+ and I prefer to use Facebook, or may be Twitter – how do we make sure we can effectively communicate and add value to each other on social media?
  2. There are so many social networking websites and by the time you get comfortable with one, another next best thing comes up. How do you keep up with that?
  3. In the real world, if I know you, I know exactly how to get in touch with you within a reasonable amount of time. But using online social media, there is a lot of uncertainty around the message delivery and receipt.

Well, I think that my friend has some really valuable points and I do agree that we need to address these issues to be able to make effective use of our online time with social media and effective networking.

Analysis Of Our Social Media Experience [Infographics]

Let’s take a step back and see how really we live our lives in the real world. Then, let’s compare it with the way we operate online and to find the gaps that we need to fill to make our social media experience – a pleasant and more effective one.

Here is an infographic I created to explain the idea of online social networking and how can we make an effective use of social media and benefit:

Infographics - Using Social Media and Social Networking Effectively For Personal and Professional Success

Your Turn To Share

If you enjoyed this infographic, I really would like to know your thoughts around using and managing our online lives. How do you plan to keep up with the changes happening in our lives because of these technologies? Please share share your thougts in the comments now.

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Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Carol Minarcik

    Hello Kumar, Awesome post, infact I will share on my Fb page. As far as the social media, I share my posts on twitter, linkden etc, however I many work on Facebook, and focus and doing the one really well. I think sometimes people spread themselves tooooooooo thin. You cannot do well with many many social media sites. I have found that keeping a great group, adding friends often and bonding with those friends and not slamming my business right away works the best. I love facebook, as I can really get to know a person well before inviting them to be my partner. I enjoyed this post, and I did receive great value from it. Thank you so much!

    • Carol,
      Thank you for your valuable feedback.Appreciate you taking time and providing your inputs!

  2. RanjanGupta

    Hi Kumar,
    I’m personality got much clarity, why should I have my own online domain.
    I’m very much impressed with the well-presented infographics, now I’m able to understand and also I can relate to my own world. I notice a point here:
    Even though I invent daily some time to socialize myself in online world; but I don’t build any asset out of this. This is now forcing me to re-think and do something for my own. I appreciate you for opening my eyes…

    now I can feel as
    “I started to collect my courage, understand my own value and power and build authenticity around the world.”
    Ranjan Gupta

    • Awesome Ranjan ji. Thank you for adding value. You are an awesome friend!

  3. A useful post for newbies like us. We all should have online presence. Now I understand this.
    Thanks for being with me always!!

    • You are welcome Ankit. I am glad it helped 🙂

  4. Nice Post Mr. Kumar. As a social media person, I must say that you’re covering all most valuable things!! Keep posting. 🙂

  5. I love magazine like blog posts. This is a unique presentations explaining how we should use internet and online media to be less frustrated and more productive in our lives offline or online.
    I liked the analogy with the real life experience. It really puts things in perspective. Great post!

  6. Mike

    Your posts are becoming epic. Wow! I love this! Thank you for your creativity.

  7. I have learned to use my own site as my home and use social media to invite others to my home. Even so, it’s a long, hard, time-consuming process. One must persevere and focus on content. I like your creative info-graphic post. Keep it up!

    • Dan,

      Thank you for sharing your testimonial and the words of appreciation. ‘Perseverance’ is the key, I agree!

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