I remember creating my LinkedIn profile near the beginning of 2006, not knowing if it was something I really needed. I created the profile because a colleague at work referred me to LinkedIn.

I just signed up because I didn’t want to disappoint my friends. I got started, entered a few details and didn’t bother to login again for several months.

Must Take LinkedIn Seriously To Use It Effectively

Just like everyone else, I got a few LinkedIn promotional emails from time to time. I also received a few connection requests from other people once every few days. Those things kept me engaged and once in a while, I did login to accept or reject the requests or read messages etc.

But I wasn’t serious about LinkedIn or any social networking site (including Google’s Orkut) for a long time.

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Forbes published an article on success of LinkedIn as business yesterday. Author of the article titled "How LinkedIn Has Turned Your Resume Into A Cash Machine", George Anders did a phenomenal job sharing several insights into the incredible success story of LinkedIn. 

Importance of LinkedIn and Social Networking In Job Search and Career Success

It is a truth that 40 years ago the theory was that companies provided a career for life. Creating a public profile that could win recruiters’ attention would have seemed rude

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