Top 5 Excuses That Stop You From Embarking On The Journey To Success

Kumar Gauraw

I haven't seen a person who doesn't want to be successful in something. Everybody has dreams, everybody wants to be known for something, recognized for something – to be a success at something! Yet, success is always a minority in every field, in every walk of life.

Top 5 Excuses That Stop You From Embarking On The Success Journey

There are various reasons why people give up on their dreams at different stages of the journey. But those who do give up, always find an excuse to justify why they failed. In this post, however, let's discuss about top 5 excuses people give to justify why they failed to even embark on the journey:

Excuse #1: No Time – I Am Too Busy

"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?" – Henry David Thoreau  [tweet this]

Its saddening just to think of the person who says, "I am too busy to do anything for myself." Why would they be so busy doing things that are not leading in the direction of their dreams and goals and then ignoring the activities that may lead them to success?

Nobody has any more time than 24 hours, not even a second more. It is the only thing that is a level playing field for everyone – rich or poor, educated or not. Everybody has same amount of time available.

It is how we use our time that makes all the difference in the way we live. Time is a matter of priority and if somebody doesn't have time to do think about things that matter for their future, it's too bad.

Excuse #2: I Don't Have Enough Money

Whether it's about starting a new business, joining a gym or attending a personal development program – this is the common excuse among people who fail to take action.

I used to be the premium member of this club and looking back, it is interesting to note that the money I saved by cutting corners didn't stay with me either. It found one or the other way to slip away. Besides, what I realized is, people who don't have enough money to do things they would love to do, have generally programmed their minds to think that way. They put their mind to rest with this excuse in place.

On the other hand, the people with a strong sense of purpose, overcome the money challenge with their creativity of pushing their minds to think, "How can I arrange for enough money to get this done?" These people, generally get the arrangements done.

My mentor speaking on the topic of money said once:

"When it comes to money, you can always have a choice – you can make excuse, or you can make money." [tweet this]

I took the message to the heart and decided to get busy and make money. That one advise has been of tremendous value to me every day since then!

Excuse #3: It Is Too Risky

Life is full of risks. To step out of house to buy grocery is to take risk of getting hit by car. Does that mean we should lock ourselves in the house? What if the house catches fire? To walk is to risk falling down. How much risk can we avoid?

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia

The people who look for safety in everything, are generally not respected, are not recognized for anything of significance. They do not live their true potential, they merely exist.

In life, the biggest risk is to not take any risk and my great friend Randy Gage published this incredible book, "Risky Is The New Safe" that can open your eyes to the truth if you have been playing safe so far. If you didn't have a chance to get a copy of the book yet, may be you should get it now.

Excuse #4: It Is Too Early / Late For Me

This excuse goes many ways. Some people make their age a reason for not taking action. Some are too old to do what they dream of achieving and others think they are too young to achieve such great things. The book "Magic Of Thinking Big" talks in depth about this disease that paralyzes many people even today where there are numerous examples of the people from all age groups have succeeded tremendously and have become an example for the world.

Others use this term to indicate that starting out now, may not be beneficial for them because they think it's too late in the game for them. Such excuses come generally from people who want to start a business or a new venture and they look at the competition and say, "It's too risky now because there is a tough competition in this field."

On the other hand, there are always those who take the opportunity, take action and pave their way to success cutting through the competition through their determination!

Excuse #5: Other People I Know, Couldn't Succeed

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ~Paulo Coelho [tweet this]

This is an excuse mixed with fear of failure. People who give this excuse, assume their defeat because somebody else didn't succeed at the same thing. They think that their chances of success are also slim and therefore, why to even try… But the people who make this excuse, really do not follow the same rule for many other things in their own lives. For example:

  1. They go to college on faith even though they can easily find many people who could never finish the college.
  2. They go for job interviews on faith even if they know others coming out getting rejected from the same place.
  3. They work hard at their  jobs to earn and save enough to have a great retirement even though they have numerous examples of people who have retired from the similar jobs and now struggling financially.
Why don't they act bravely in these cases? Because they act on faith since the desire to succeed is bigger than the fear of failure due to the programming from childhood. They believe that they can do things differently and may be they will have a better chance than those who didn't make it. That is a great way to think and a choice to make!

However, shouldn't that principle also be applied when it comes to pursuing their own dreams and goals such as losing weight, starting a business, becoming a person of influence, writing a book or whatever it may be?

Question: Do you know somebody who has failed to take the opportunity because of one or more of these excuses? Are there any other excuses people make that you believe can also be detrimental to success? Please share them in the comments so I can learn from your experience as well.

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Dear Mr. Kumar,

    Today- you made me speechless for this post. Awesome!!

    After read this post, anyone who is not even a Lifehacker though, can explain why somebody is not success apart from much hard work and desire to be succeed.

    ‘Excuses’  is the main factor for any failure (failure= Not Trying)- in this world. People make excuses just to make confuse themselves.

    Also, TIME is the only and father commodity over all stuffs!! Isn’t it? 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kind words.! God Bless you!!

  2. Time is the most important commodity over all. Thank you for pointing that out one more time. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. Carol Minarcik

    Good Morning Kumar, I must say this is an excellent post, You hit the nail on the head with these 5 reasons a person would not be successful.  I also feel this is the case with many niches not just networking.  Thanks for sharing our knowledge.

    • Carol,

      Good Morning! Thank you for your kind appreciation. You are right, it’s not just about one single thing where people fail. Whether it’s about not finishing college, not getting a good stable job, losing weight, participating in marathon or whatever… what I found is, the situation may change but the excuses don’t.

      Have a blessed rest of the week!

  4. Alice Chan

    Great post, Kumar! When really want something, nothing could stop us. When our full passion and belief isn’t behind it, then a million excuses can surface. It’s our ego’s (warped) way of protecting us from going into something that doesn’t make us comfortable. Anyway, appreciate the thought and depth you put into laying out these most common excuses!

    • Thank you Dr. Chan. Appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts. And yes, our ego plays an important role when it comes to strengthening the excuses 🙂

  5. Jagica Agnes Bartusek

    Hi Kumar,

    As promised, here it is…. my biggest dilemma…. I am not tech savvy and don’t  have anybody to rely on to do this for me.  What is the best way for me to be in the social network and to be a win/win for all involved.  In all honesty, I absolutely dislike anything to do with technology and hence I am the least effective in this area and managing my time.

    Please go and check out my LinkedIn, Twitter and FB accounts and let me know your professional opinion how to take this to a whole new level and precisely what is needed to be done.  Please take into consideration that this is my biggest handicap. 

    Thank you kindly,


    • Hi Jagica,

      Thanks for providing the update. Let’s discuss on this thread on email. However, you do not need to be technology savvy to use it.

      TV was a new technology a a time, the computer was something most of us didn’t like initially. But once we make a decision to make use of it in our favor, it becomes interesting. 🙂

      Let’s discuss what are a few things you can do from your current position to making use of technology to accomplish your mission.

  6. Hello kumar,

    Nice post, When really want something, nothing could stop us. It’s our way of protecting us from going into something that doesn’t make us comfortable.

  7. An inspirational post, which helps me in my daily work and in increase positive attitude towards other people.
    Kumar man, you’re a GEM, such a nice post you share.
    Great to read it.

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