Why I Switched From Aweber To GetResponse For My Email Marketing

Kumar Gauraw

Just because Aweber is popular, it is not necessarily the best email marketing service out there. After being a loyal customer for over 3 years, I finally decided to change my service provider.
Email Marketing Service - Switched From Aweber To GetResponse - Reasons For The Switch Explained
The reason I signed up with Aweber is not that I knew a lot about email marketing. It wasn’t because I knew a whole lot about different companies either. I chose Aweber for my email marketing needs because it was the service so many online marketers were using and recommending.

People told me that Aweber was the “gold standard” in email marketing. And it worked. I was impressed and convinced!

At a preliminary level, the pricing of Aweber looked similar to the other companies around (slightly more than others. Well, shouldn’t I to pay slightly more for the best in the world?)

So, Aweber became my Autoresponder service of choice. I also recommended Aweber proudly to my audience because I knew that I was recommending the best!

. . . Until I started running into a few problems and began my research in depth.

The Problems I Started To Encounter With Aweber Service

There were not too many issues to deal with. However, those I encountered were alarming and I needed to find a better resolution for my peace of mind.

First Problem – Aweber Charges For Unsubscribers Also

The first shock came to me in terms of a monthly bill over and above my then current subscription package although the number of subscribers in my list were below the upper limit.

When I called their customer service, I found out that there were a hundreds of unsubscribers in my list (some of them were spam) and they charge for everything. You might want to check out my earlier post on this topic because I am not going to re-write the whole thing here again.

After that, my friend Adrian Jock did a thorough research about companies charging for people who unsubscribe from your list. He published his results in his post titled,” Who Else Charges You for Unsubscribes? #EmailMarketing” recently.

It’s not just Aweber. There are other companies who also charge for unsubscribers. Basically, it is a bad practice on their part because they don’t highlight those charges when they are marketing their services to you and me although they do mention it somewhere in their FAQ or training topic.

The question remains, “Should they not prominently show a topic for such an important financial charge?”

Anyways, let’s move to the next problem and the tipping point.

Second ( And The Last) Problem – Bad Delivery Rates

I started to notice that a lot of my emails were going into SPAM folders of people. That means, my subscribers were not getting my emails.

Again, some of my friends pointed this out. As I dug further, I found that a lot of people were facing this problem with Aweber.

I spoke to Aweber customer service and they provided me a couple of suggestions. They asked me to add a SFP record which I did. However, my email delivery rates didn’t seem to improve much.

It was a real concern and I needed a solution. Not knowing what else to do, I kept looking and came across a discussion on Neil Patel’s website and I knew what to do!

What Neil Patel Said About Aweber On QuickSprout

People asked Neil the reasons for his switch from Aweber to GetResponse in late 2013 and in response, here is what he said:

Aweber doesn’t have the automation functionality that Get Response has. Also Aweber’s deliverability rates are crap due to the fact that a ton of spammers are also on Aweber. Not only did I want flexibility, but I want more features and a lot more automation.

Now, if you know me, you know that I don’t follow so much what people teach but I am a keen observer.  I implement what I see leaders doing because I know they have done their homework.

If Neil Patel, a man with so many resources, faced significant problems with email delivery while using Aweber then I knew I couldn’t solve it either. I needed an alternate. Since he chose GetResponse, it instantly became a strong candidate for my switch.

Any New Service Must Have Features I Enjoyed At Aweber

Yes, there were many good choices. However, I was looking to switch to a place which is established. A provider that can be integrated easily with some of the top services like Woocommerce, Popup Domination and many others.

I was also looking for a service that had great email templates so that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

More importantly, I was looking for full automation where I could setup my Autoresponders such that I could control the way my emails were delivered. For example, I wanted:

  1. My second email in the mailing series should be delivered to only those who clicked on a link in my first email.
  2. People who opened my second email but did not click on any link would get a reminder to read the second email before they could receive the third email.


I wanted to make sure the email templates were responsive. In today’s atmosphere, it has really become one of the most important things. I continued my research and found some great insights into GetResponse’s email marketing service.

From what I learned, I came to the following conclusions regarding some of the top features:

  1. I found that GetResponse, although not as basic as Aweber was in getting started (because Aweber has limited features) it wasn’t a problem for me. I would rather have more features than an easier interface.

    Having said that, please don’t assume that GetResponse is difficult. Aweber just happens to be a bit easier to setup. That’s all.

  2. Just like Aweber, GetResponse also has more than 500 well designed and responsive email templates. In addition, they also have a feature that shows a preview of your emails on several browsers.

    If you have time, you can really test how your email will look on the various browsers!

  3. Having used the email editor on Aweber for 3 years, I knew I was never happy with it, although it is a drag and drop editor. I saw a similar drag and drop editor at GetResponse.

    However, I found it more pleasing to work with it. Not a big deal but I felt more comfortable with GetResponse.

  4. You really can’t compare the features of the Autoresponders of GetResponse with those of Aweber. GetResponse gives options to send sequential emails based on time just like Aweber. But, it also offers event based Autoresponders.

    That means, I can now track who opened my emails, who clicked on the link I gave them and based on that I can choose how and when to send my next email.

    GetResponse is just so much better than Aweber when it comes to their Autoresponder. This is my favorite part!

  5. Analytics, A/B testing and integration along with other popular services are some of the things where GetResponse is pretty stron I couldn’t find a feature on Aweber which is missing at GetResponse.

Naturally, I made-up my mind that GetResponse is the email service provider to switch to. I didn’t see any reason to delay my move anymore.

So, I signed up for their 30 days free trial and within 24 hours paid them in full to become a paid member since I felt so much better immediately!

GetResponse Features Aweber Doesn’t Have

Now, let’s talk about some awesome new features I got with GetResponse as a surprise. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know they existed. Well, the credit goes to my ignorance for that. I didn’t even think I needed such features!

1. A Mobile App For Email Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if Aweber had a mobile app that we could use to manage all our email marketing campaigns and not just check status of our broadcasts?

Unfortunately, Aweber didn’t give me any such feature and I am not  sure when they will if they ever will.

With GetResponse, you get an awesome iOS and Android App you can use to do just that!

Now, I can send emails, check analytics and do all of my email campaign management from my iPhone no matter where I am – as long as I have my cell phone network working.

2. Ability To Create Beautiful Landing Pages

Although I am not yet using this feature, I was pleased to know that I don’t have to go hunting to create beautiful landing pages with just a few clicks! With GetResponse, you get this feature for an additional $10/month.

Yes! you can create stunning landing pages using their drag and drop builder. In a nutshell, some of the features of their Landing Pages are:

  • You have a choice of color schemes for your pages.
  • They give you a built-in landing page template which you can modify to your liking by moving stuff, add/remove stuff.
  • You have total control over the design of your landing pages and if you like, you can also edit the HTML code.
  • It’s easy to setup the landing pages you create either on their server or you can configure them to host them with your own domain name.

Their landing pages feature may not be the best in the world. I just say this because there are professionally run companies around only creating landing pages alone and they may have features that GetResponse may or may not have. However, for me it’s a great deal because I am not too picky about that feature yet.


I have made a well thought-out, well researched move. I have switched from Aweber to GetResponse and I couldn’t be any happier.

My email delivery rates have gone up. My email open rates have gone up and my emails look much better. I wanted to share this joy with you and remind you that what is popular may not always be the best out there.

A lot of internet marketers seem to promote Aweber and I did too. But, after careful research and experiment, I’ve come to the conclusion that my stand changes from here on.

If you are with Aweber and you are serious about better email marketing, you might want to check in detail to see what value you are getting for your money with Aweber.

You Have A Voice, Share Your Thoughts Now

Which email service provider do you use for your email marketing needs? What do you like about their service the most?

Please share your thoughts through your comments and add value to this discussion. I look forward to learning from your experience and your perspective.

If you are still thinking which email service provider the best for you, I highly recommend you to check out GetResponse. Now, I use them and I am extremely pleased with their service as you can figure out from this post 🙂

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

45 Awesome Thoughts So Far, Add Yours Now...

  1. Hi Kumar,

    That was an informative post indeed 🙂

    Yes, both of these email marketing services are well known, though I think people opt for Aweber, or perhaps it works better for those who use it, while many have switched to Getresponse and are loving it too. I guess it depends on what’s working best for them.

    I recently read about 2-3 more new email marketing services that have come up, and they seem as promising and good as these two, and I think it was at Enstine’s blog and another of our friends. So, all of this tends to confuse you too, unless you try them all out.

    Speaking of myself, I think I mentioned in your earlier posts on Aweber that I had tried it out for a while but didn’t find it of much value or use to me, as I am not into marketing or selling of anything, so I let go of it. Perhaps when the need arises, a quick and thorough survey of the latest stuff online would be a good idea to get started 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      There are many email marketing players in the market and as you said, it really depends on what we are looking for. To me, being able to run email campaigns freely, having full automation, ability to design great emails, track the progress of campaigns based on actions subscribers take and then adjusting rest of the campaign based on those statistics were the driving factors.

      GetResponse gives what I was looking for apart from being a big brand name in this space which is a good thing to have. And, although I liked Aweber, I wasn’t going to pay for unsubsccribers and then get my emails in people’s SPAM folders.

      So, I switched 🙂

      Well, I know you don’t use any of these services. But, when you do, you will have to make this decision for yourself!


  2. Interesting article, as always.
    You don’t mention Mailchimp which has a generous ‘free’ package with pay-as-you-go addons for their auto-responder.
    It’s hard to argue with free compared to a minimum of $15.00/mo with GetResponse.

    What are your thoughts about Mailchimp?

    • Hi David,

      I did not mention of MailChimp because they don’t qualify to compete with GetResponse as a free alternate because you don’t get “autoresponder” feature when you are on their free plan.

      And, when you talk of paid plan, they don’t seem to be any cheaper. They have similar charges.

      I have many clients who use MailChimp and I like them as a company. But, I just found GetResponse so much more intuitive and feature rich that I didn’t need to explore any further 🙂 Probably because I had enjoyed being with Aweberr for so long that I liked that kind of easy workflow style.


  3. Hello Mr. Kumar
    I trust you had a great weekend.

    What an interesting post.
    When I started blogging I was told that Aweber was the best at a low fee. I was also told that as long as I have less than 500 subscribers,that I would pay $19.00.

    But I did not know the include spammers as subscribers.
    At this time, I think I am ok, but as I grow, maybe the change will take place.

    Thank you for this awesome research on email marketing providers.


    • Hello Ms. Gladys,

      I would actually suggest you otherwise even while your subscriber list is small. GetResponse offers you 1000 subscribers for $15. Why pay $5 a month more if you could get a bigger list and more features at a saving of $5 a month?

      Let me know if you want to make the change and I will help you.


  4. Hey Kumar,

    You may or may not find this funny but I actually started with GetResponse and hated it. I found it too confusing to use and eventually dropped it and went to Aweber.

    Now I knew about the paying for unsubscribes but I keep my list clean so that’s really not been an issue for me nor have I had issues with deliverability either.

    If I’m not mistaken I believe I received an email from Aweber about a mobile app but I don’t work on my phone so it wouldn’t interest me either.

    I appreciate you sharing your experience with us and what GetResponse has to offer. I’m sure they’ve made their interface much better than when I first used them but four or five years ago when I first signed up with them they were horrible. That was a huge turn off for me.

    I hope to not run into any of the issues you’re describing here with Aweber but if I do I’m not sure I’d take GetResponse for a test drive. Once bitten, twice shy! 😉


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Speaking of complexities, the more features, the more complex things are. I am not surprised that you found them confusing. Probably you like to have simple things even if you have to give up on a feature or two.

      I remember you mentioned recently that you don’t use Yoast SEO plugin because you found that confusing. On the other hand, they are the best in the world of WordPress 🙂

      On the other hand, I hardly care about confusion because I know I will figure it out. I need to see the value proposition. As long as I am getting value for my money, I am okay to deal with a little complex or less intuitive interface. I did not find GetResonse confusing at all. In fact, I thought that they are way better than Aweber for what they offer and how easy they made my life.

      In addition, why not have 1000 subscribers in 15 dollars with all these awesome features and go to pay $20 for 500 subscribers including unsubscribers for Aweber? It just doesn’t make sense anymore to me 🙂

      Anyways, thank you for sharing your experience. I don’t hate Aweber. I just don’t like them as much as I did before they started charging for unsubscribers and then I found out that they offer less for more money.


  5. Hi Kumar,

    Great share here. I’ve learned a long time ago (the hard way) that you pay for unsubscribers, if you don’t delete them on Aweber, but I got rid of that problem by just making sure I’m deleting all the unsubscribers.

    I know that some people are using/analyzing their unsubscribers but I don’t, so I can just delete them.

    However, it seems that there is a lot of benefits in getting GetResponse. A long time ago, before I even get Aweber I actually tried GetResponse and I don’t even remember how I switch to Aweber. It’s so long ago.

    Any how, great tips for those who are willing to change. Maybe one day 🙂

    • Hi Sylviane,

      How you got onto Aweber isn’t surprising. We all get recommendations from friends and that is how I chose them too.

      They are not a bad companies because they do have an excellent customer support. However, once we get out of the idea of simplicity and get into the seriousness of building business, features become important. We begin looking for methods to grow our lists, improve our email delivery rates and to engage with our readers/subscribers more.

      I was very happy with Aweber until the child to be for on subscribers which caused me to look around. But, when I looked around, I found that there are better email marketing service providers with better features more value in charge way less compared to what I was paying for Aweber.

      Just think about it. Why would you pay $20 a month for 500 subscribers (including on subscribers) where you could have 1000 subscribers with way more features at $15 a month?

      That’s what I decided to and I am so happy with this change. Don’t worry, our time will come when you will also feel the need for this change and then we can discuss about it 🙂


  6. Kumar,

    Thanks for sharing your views – it is true, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is the best. Having said that, my experience with Aweber was not bad!

    At the same time, GetResponse is excellent 🙂 I also use GetResponse and my experience with it is amazing so far. It is true that GetResponse has a few features over Aweber, while some people prefer Aweber for its simplicity.

    Mostly when we talk about the interface it is a personal choice. But when we talk about features like email deliverability, this is something that applies to everyone. No one will prefer to be charged for unsubscribed users and have a bad deliverability rate for their emails.

    Thanks for sharing your views/experiences honestly.

    • Hi Jane,

      The value for money we received from GetResponse is absolutely worth the money. If you compare that with Aweber, they offer more than we pay them.

      However, I would not have appreciated them so much if I did not have an experience with Aweber. A lot of people who blindly promote Aweber have no idea what more could be done if there were just open their eyes and look around.

      Some people have the mindset that says, “Don’t break that which isn’t broken.” Well, I was one of them and that is why I stayed with Aweber for these many years. But, no more! I am out of that correct and I am having an incredible experience with this new email marketing company.

      I am glad that you are also with GetResponse and that you are also very happy with their service. That tells me that I am with a good company (in fact, a better one).

      Thank you for stopping by and you have a successful week!


  7. Hello Kumar,

    It’s great if things are working out for you under the new service provider, GetResponse. Personally, I use MailChimp and couldn’t be more happier. My open rates are great and often in the league of 90% or above. The click throughs have also been most promising…for me, these are very important indices no one should ignore.

    It seems you’re a great fan of Neil’s. While this is great, I get a little uncomfortable when you argue that if Neil couldn’t do it, you can’t too! Kumar, isn’t that negating your vast creative powers?

    Do have a very great day!


    • Hi Akaahan,

      Great to hear from you my friend! I am glad that you are with MailChimp and that you are happy with your email open rates. Well, why wouldn’t you be? 90% is pretty impressive!

      Well, when I said I couldn’t do if Neil couldn’t, what I meant to say is, “Neither I have those many resource nor the time to try to solve a problem I don’t have to. That means, I didn’t want to deal with it.”

      Why waste my creative powers in solving a problem on behalf of Aweber if I could just move out and be back to focus on my business? 🙂

      That was my idea although I don’t want to think I am any better marketer than Neil Patel. If I am able to be bigger than him in any aspect of online marketing, I will love to shout from the roof about it. But not yet 🙂

      Thank you for reminding me (and everybody here) that we do have our own unique talents and abilities which can make us better than anybody else. I appreciate you for that thought process.


  8. Very thorough article Kumar!
    Thank you for all the details.

    I have been an Aweber user for 8 years…since my very first days of fumbling around the world of internet marketing. My story with them is a bit unique because I’m grandfathered in to an earlier Aweber version and I never upgraded.

    Thus, even though there are a few stats and analytics that I am not able to view in my version – I have something very special in the email marketing world. My list is unlimited, for a very low flat fee. For this reason and the size of my lists, I find myself pretty well married to Aweber.

    I’ve always been happy with their customer service, deliver-ability and integration with Paypal and WP. That being said, if I wasn’t in such an enviable financial arrangement with them, your article would have easily convinced be to give GetResponse a test run!


    • Hi Deborah,

      Wow! You are lucky! Having an unlimited list at a flat rate of awesome 🙂

      If I was you, I wouldn’t change either.


  9. Hi Kumar,

    So you switched to GR after all 🙂

    You know that I’m not AWeber’s fan. Some of my articles include “Why I Am Disappointed with This Email Marketing Company” (AWeber) or the one mentioned under this comment.

    However, I disagree with Neil. I don’t think that tons of spammers are on AWeber. Definitely not true. There are a lot of newbies on AWeber. I’m talking about people who aren’t experienced email marketers. Bloggers, biz opp seekers, guys into money making niche, etc.

    [For example, sending your blog posts via email to your readers isn’t really email marketing. Sending 1000 blog posts by email (without advancing into real email marketing stuff) doesn’t make someone an experienced email marketer. An experienced blogger, but not an experienced email marketer. Most bloggers aren’t really email marketers.]

    When you’re new in email marketing and you don’t really know what you’re doing, it’s easy to get your emails into spam folders. Without being a spammer.

    When you’re into money making niche, it’s easy to get your emails into spam folders. Spam filters don’t like “money makers” and their aggressive marketing language. But these guys aren’t spammers. However, this is the reason why many email marketing companies don’t accept users who are into such niches.

    On the other hand, many recipients use “This is Spam” for “I don’t like it” or “I don’t want to get your email anymore”. That’s wrong, but that’s the reality. They’re sending your emails to spam. But you’re not a spammer.

    All these things hurt the overall deliverability.

    AWeber was (still is?) one of the most friendly companies with internet marketers, including those from the money making niche. As you can see, this policy has disadvantages.

    But talking about tons of spammers as if AWeber isn’t a professional email company but a junk one… It’s too much. Even to me 😉 And I don’t think it’s fair.

    • Hi Adrian,

      As far as Neil’s statement is concerned, I am with you and I literally did not buy into the idea of spammers as in really “spammers”.

      However, I got the sense in which Neil might have said that. Aweber is very friendly to Internet marketers like you said and therefore they do invite a lot of people who follow spammy practices. Saying that only ignorant or innocent people get marked as spammers is also not very practical either. I am sure that there are people who are there to do spamming on the name of email marketing. And as far as Neil is concerned, who knows, he might have had some insight into the customer base of Aweber and therefore he decided to switch?

      Either way, I was facing challenges and I was paying more for less. As soon as I realized that, and thanks to you, I switched.

      I like Aweber as a company because they do have an excellent customer service and an easy to navigate website. But, it was my time to move on and here I am, happy with the switch.

      Thank you for stopping by and adding value is always.


  10. Hi Kumar,
    That was a wonderful post indeed.

    I don’t know about Aweberand GetResponse. But as you describe here every thing about Aweberand and Getresponse.
    I think Getresponse is best for sending auto response.
    Actually There are many email marketing service in market. But we can know about it after usage of it.
    Now you can easily judge about these email marketing service.
    Actually I don’t want these type of service but I enjoyed to reading this post.

    Any way thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us

    Areesha Noor!

    • Thank you for stopping by Areesha! I am glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  11. Hey Kumar,

    I’m using AWeber right about now and I didn’t know they charged for unsubscribers in your list. That’s really unfortunate especially if there are other autoresponders like GetResponse that don’t charge for this.

    One thing i like about AWeber which you mentioned is the ease of us and set up. But I have read a couple of posts by other bloggers on why they gave up on AWeber and went to GetResponse. One good post was by Reginald Chan he did I believe earlier this year where he compares the two.

    One of the problems I’ve had with AWeber is the drag and drop feature with the email broadcast message. It can be a bit cumbersome, especially when I try to add a link within the message. I would have to save and then I’m able to add the link… I see that the delivery is great but wasn’t quite sure if my messages were going to spam or not.. I’ll have to look into this!

    Thanks for sharing your review and hope you’re having a great week!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Like I said, Aweber is a good company and I have used them for years. But then, it just became too much to deal with issues. I wasn’t sure if my mails were properly delivered or not. I didn’t know when they will charge me for unsubscribers also and that means I had to keep checking my list.

      So, I decided to move out for peace of mind, really!

      I hadn’t seen the post from Reginald. I will check that out too. Let me see what he had to say 🙂


  12. Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for introducing with GetResponse features. Currently, I’m using Mailchimp and it’s not bad also. The delivery rate also good enough. But the problem of Mailchimp is creating an awesome signup form and landing page is not as easy as GetResponse.

    • You are right Manik. Mailchimp is a little confusing when it comes to creating good looking forms.
      However, you can find great third party forms and plug them in with Mailchimp. That isn’t a reason for moving out I am sure 🙂


  13. Kumar- At the moment I am using Mail Chimp. My graphic designers creates the ads. I really do not like the name Mail Chimp at the bottom of the email blast as I don’t think it looks professional as I deal with corporations.

  14. Hi Kumar,

    This post is very timely for me as I am in the process of doing the same. My main reason being I am using a new marketing system that used Get Response. They chose it for some of the reasons you mentioned.

    I have been hearing many top marketers saying they have changed over as well.

    I am a little timid as I am not technically inclined and the first thing I set up I messed up. But their support was very helpful and basically fixed it for me.

    I also have an autoresponder with iContact for my husbands business and they charge for unsubscribes as well so I am changing everything over.

    Thanks for writing this post as it gives me more comfort.


    • Hi Sue,

      Sorry about the late reply. But not paying for unsubscribers is definitely highly recommended when you have options to save money 🙂

      Speaking of technical challenges, if you need help, please let me know. Technology is what I love and do everyday if my life 🙂


  15. Hi Kumar,

    Though I don’t have any knowledge about these companies but still after reading this article I am damn sure that people shouldn’t use Aweber for their e-mail marketing.

    Like you said that delivery rate was not that much good. It means your subscribers didn’t get your e-mail you sent?
    I have always read that e-mail marketing is necessary to boost your business but it’s my first time that I am reading about these companies.

    I hope you will get better service from your new company.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Enjoy your week ahead.:)


    • Yes Ravi! I hope that too.
      So far, my experience is wonderful and I am glad I don’t have to keep visiting and cleaning my list for the fear of being charged for unsubscribers.

      You have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Hi Gauraw,
    This is my first visit on your site and got impressed. 🙂
    I read this article and i think you have done a great job by switching the Aweber.
    Thanks for sharing………..

  17. Hi Kumar

    Personally it is much needed post for me because I was about to pick the Aweber before reading this post. I heard many whispers about its shortcoming but equally know many A list bloggers are still using it.

    But now after reading this post I am damn serious to make a try to GetResponse as you pointed out it has many features which many of its close competitors does not have.

    Just one question: Is it compatible with all email list builders or a few may be possibly in conflict or not supportive with it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing and have a nice weekend ahead.

    • Hi Mi,

      If any email list builder application supports Aweber, it should be supporting GetResponse as well because they are not a smaller brand name either.

      That was one of my considerations too while selecting an Aweber alternative 🙂

      Good luck to you with your email marketing and yes, if you need any help, please let me know.


  18. Hi Kumar,

    I never used Aweber…thank goodness. I have always used Get Response, and although it had it’s hiccups, it served me well. I’m glad you made that switch because many of my friends were having trouble with Aweber for so many reasons.

    Right now I’m integrating Sendreach to see how that works but still have my Get Response for most of my lists.


    • Awesome Donna! You have been with one of the truly best. I am loving my experience with GetResponse for sure.

      I like to set and forget and Aweber did not let me do that because of their policy of charging for unsubscrubers.

      Well, that lost me and many others who might have come to Aweber because of my influence. You see, charging for unsubscribers is costing them more money that they might be making with this method.

      What a suicidal business practice in such a cut throat competitive market….


  19. Hi Kumar,

    I’ve always used Aweber as you said it was the one that was recommended. I’ve not had any issues with it but I’ve never tried anything else to compare it to. I have been thinking of trying some other auto responder so I’ve glad I came to your post today. I will definitely check it out. I’m just hesitant to learn another autoresponder. I’ll check it out though.


  20. Hey Kumar,

    Well you make a very convincing case for Getresponse. but Aweber has been an effective email autoresponder for me. I hear what you’re saying about unsubscribers but I watch my list carefully so that’s not a problem for me.

    In the past I used lots of different email autoresponders that were simply awful so Aweber was a welcomed change. But thank you for your candid review. It’s good to have this information should I run into a problem with Aweber but so far so good.


  21. Hello,

    Well I’m still using aweber and I’m happy so far and I’m also excited to try getresponse once.


  22. Hi Kumar,

    Nice post indeed. I have used Getresponse earlier. It is very easy to use and well-performer too. But, I quite due to the less subscriber list and their monthly payout.

    Currently, I am using Ininbox, this is also a very good email marketing tool and it is free for 20,000 email and 2000 subscribers. I am enjoying using this.

    I will soon return to Getresponse when I can get value for my money invested.

    It sounds good that you are doing good with Getresponse. Keep it up. Have a good day!

  23. Understand the goal of your email or campaign and make certain it’s specific and measurable. And whichever goal you decide on, your call-to-action should be in alignment with it.

  24. I don’t really use either of the services but this actually really puts some great pros and cons in my head between both services. Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together!

  25. Thanks for the honest assessment. As someone newer to online marketing, all I have heard is that AWeber is the gold standard, so it is valuable to hear the other side of the story as well as alternative options. Will definitely check out Get Response from your recommendation!

  26. I am building a website and I am interested in my product marketing to customers. I’ve used a variety of methods such as SEO, Social Networking, and I’m learning about email marketing, I used Aweber, but I do not like the service. I’m looking to add new email services marketing. I am fortunate to read your article. I’m interested GetResponse I will learn and buy it for my website.
    Thanks for your article.

  27. Thanks for the honest review on aweber. Many sites online make it out to be the only option/gold standard, so I appreciated your candor which speaks to your overall credibility. Thanks for the information, and keep up your truth telling – it is a rare quality nowadays in a world of paid sponsorships.

  28. Good article i usually refer aweber i think it is much more convenient. But this article is helpfull for user to know much more about aweber and getresponse email marketing services. Again thanks for sharing

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