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Kumar Gauraw

If you have paid attention to the sidebar and the Products page of my website, you already know that I participate in the Amazon Associates Program, where I get paid when people click on my Amazon links and buy something from the Amazon marketplace.

AutoCompleteZone WordPress Plugin For Amazon Associates

I have been buying products from Amazon (especially books, CDs and electronics items) and mostly, you shop at Amazon too. I love recommending Amazon products I enjoy – to my friends, family members and also reference them in my writing when the topic comes up (especially books).  

Then, why not be a partner with Amazon and leverage my efforts to generate some passive income? This program made total logical sense to me and therefore, I joined a few years ago.

Amazon Associates Provides Good Marketing Tools

If you would like to participate in the Amazon Associates Program, all you need to do is, create your free account with them and start promoting their products on your website. If anybody buys something based on your recommendations, you get paid. It is that easy!

Once you join the program, you will be able to choose links, banners, widgets and many other type of marketing materials you can employ based on your strategy. They are simple to create and use.

Average Is Not Significant

I used those Amazon Associates tools and yes, a few cents here, a few cents there kept coming once in a while. But it never gave me an impression that I should take it seriously. Simply because my Amazon sales never took off.

Many times, even my friends forgot to go through the links I had provided them when they needed to buy something from Amazon. I realized, average people don't succeed. Average marketing materials don't drive customers. Average is not significant – anywhere!

AutoCompleteZone WordPress Plugin For Amazon Associates

Last year, through a friend of mine, I got introduced to a new plugin called AutoCompleteZone, specially designed to help grow your Amazon Associates earnings.

Amazon Product Search Box For Sidebar - Kumar GaurawDo you see a little widget on my sidebar that says “Search Product On Amazon” ? I’ve got that bar and a similar one on the top of the page on my Products page using this WordPress Plugin .

It gives a beautiful feature where it starts to show you the products from Amazon as soon as you start typing something in the search bar. It gives a feeling of Google Search and somehow, people seem to love that way of searching.

When you try this product search bar on my website, do you notice how it starts to display related products in a drop down frame right there?

As soon as you press the Enter key, it shows products with images in a beautiful frame without leaving my website. Then, if you want to know more about the product or purchase it, you may click to launch a new window that takes you to Amazon.com for further action.  

I loved this method at first sight and so, I implemented it on my websites right away. Soon I realized, it was not just me, even my visitors enjoyed these new features and my Amazon Marketplace earnings started to go up.

Here is a promotional video of AutoCompleteZone WordPress for Amazon Associates plugin. I encourage you to watch it to get to know its features better:

Truth be told. I am not ready to retire with the kind of money I make from the Amazon Marketplace earnings, but this plugin has definitely helped me get much more clicks and much better earnings than before.  The point is, the plugin works and does a great job.

World Class And Prompt Support By The Author

There are many WordPress plugins out there and many premium plugins have good support from the authors. But I wanted to highlight this aspect of this plugin because my friend Igor, who is the author of this awesome plugin is an incredibly helpful human being.

Here are the two incidents I had and how Igor came to rescue:

Incident-1:  When I had problem setting this plugin at Snigdha’s Website

I wrote an email asking for help. Within a few minutes Igor sent me an email asking for permission to access my website’s admin area. 

I sent him the details quickly. And then, not only he found out that the theme was loading JQuery libraries incorrectly, but he edited the theme to fix the issue and sent me a detailed report of what he did. He also sent me instructions about what should I do if I upgrade the theme on SnigdhaKrishna.com website.

Incident-2: When I upgraded my WordPress to 3.5.1 and the plugin stopped working

It was several months after my purchase and I was skeptical if I will get any help. However, since I was stuck with the issue anyway, I wrote to Igor seeking help.

Guess what, same thing happened. I got an email asking for admin access to my website, I provided and the problem was fixed in a few hours. However, this time, the issue was deeper than last time.

It had so happened that I had corrupted my MySQL database during the WordPress upgrade process and therefore, not just AutoCompleteZone, but a few other plugins were giving me trouble as well. Luckily I happened to approach Igor first and what he did was amazing.

He created a new database for me, transferred all the data from my old database to the new database, changed the configurations for WordPress to point to the new database and that, not only fixed all issues with AutoCompleteZone, but all other WordPress plugins began to work as well. It was wonderful!

If you would like to monetize your website using the Amazon Associates program, this is something that you may find interesting. I encourage you to visit the AutoCompleteZone’s product website and get more information about this plugin.

Questions For You

If you have a website, why do you think monetizing your website may be a good idea? What is your experience with the Amazon Associates Program? Would you recommend product review websites to use a plugin like this to boost their sales?

Please share your thoughts/questions/experience in the comments by clicking here. Thank you kindly.

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. I saw good conversion on my Amazon account after adding this plugin. It is a great tool for Amazon affiliates.

  2. Thank you for this own experienced, knowledge sharing with us because it will simply reduce my steps:). Another decent Article providing more reasons to get succeed as bloggers. Again, thank you for easy and to the point steps Mr. Kumar….

    • You are welcome, Atit. Glad you found it useful.

  3. Ankit

    I always used to wonder how have you done that. I did not find that kind of banner or widget in Amazon. Now got:)

    Great post Bhaiya:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. The article helped me for the Specific plugin. Thanks Gauraw

    • You are very welcome. Isn’t it amazing how the plugin makes shopping on amazon – an awesome experience for my website visitors?

  5. Subesh

    Very Nice. I really find this today. I am going to get this plugin for myself now. Really helpful article and tips about AutoCompleteZone.Thank you.

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