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Kumar Gauraw

Personal Branding GPS eBook by Kumar Gauraw with Krishna World Wide TeamThe subject of Personal Branding is no more a new phenomena. Everybody knows and everybody is doing it. It is more critical today than ever to your success as the world is getting much more competitive and noisy today than ever.  But the question is, Are you doing it for you?

Whether you are in school looking out to grab your dream job or you are employed already the personal branding is of absolute importance to your career. And… If you are an entrepreneur, you need branding like nobody else.

Here is a very well presented 2.46 minute video that talks about the importance of personal branding for job. I believe this video will challenge you to think even if you aren't looking for job. It is worth giving your 3 minutes!

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Interestingly, there are so many people on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and all over the web who are actually damaging their reputation by posting inappropriate content, spamming people with their product and services offerings. They actually think, that is how things are supposed to work. Many of them do it  because they don't know what should be done, how it should be done and what is a NO NO on the internet.

I have written articles in the past on social media and personal branding before, but now, I am pleased to offer my e-Book on Personal Branding on this blog to my readers starting today. The information shared in this book is valued at $19.99 in the marketplace. 

[note background=”#FFCC00″] This eBook is not being offered on this website at the moment. I have taken this book down for making enhancements.

The subscription bonus currently on offer is the FREE Email Course To Setup Your Professional Quality Website. Grab the course before I start charging for this amazing course!

If you need this book, please email me and I will get you a copy by email. [/note]

But I am giving away this Personal Branding GPS eBook for  absolutely FREE.

All you need to do is, fill out the form on the right side in the subscription box and get the download link to this book in the email.

I hope you enjoy the information shared and it helps you in building and continuously improving your reputation, your online brand image.

Your Turn:

I would like to know what you liked the most in the book. Would you like to provide some suggestions on what else would you like to see in the next book on this subject?

Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

If you have a detailed review and would to send an emai, please send me an email or through Contact page.

Kumar Gauraw

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Kumar Gauraw is a Personal Branding & Social Media strategist helping entrepreneurs and skilled professionals achieve personal and professional success by developing leadership and leveraging the power of the Internet, Blogging and Social Media.

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  1. Lisettecumberland1

    I was referred by a friend on Twitter to this website. Thank you Mr. Kumar  for this very informative guideline to Personal Branding. This is very helpful for a lot of people like me who are struggling to get another job even after working for several years.

    These tips are going to help me define and protect my own brand that I didn’t even know I could.


    •  Thank you very much. Appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts. Happy to know you found the content useful.

  2. Abhishek Kumar

    I am very impressed by the work Ms Snigdha and you have been doing sir. This was a worthwhile information for me. I am just getting out of my engineering and this book has helped me learn what I need to know to do excel in my career. Thanks a bunch!!!!! I recommend this book to everybody. Very basic, very nice!

    •  Thank you Abhishek. Look forward to adding some great content going ahead. I am glad you enjoyed the book.

  3. Himanshu Sharma

    is amazing. I’ve downloaded it instantly since I knew anything coming from you or mam is going to be valuable anyway. It is going to be a great
    resource for me and everybody who reads. Thx for making it free! You could have placed this book on sale and the info it contains is worth paying for; Appreciate all the time you’ve taken to compile this book.

    • Thank you Himanshu for your appreciation.  I am glad you found this informative. Thank you for recommending this book to others too!

  4. Rajesh Kumar

    Kumar, Thank you for this magnificent eBook. If I must mention what I learnt from this book, it must be two things:
    1. Using LinkedIn
    2. Using Amazon
    Great information you’ve provided in a very concise manner. Thank you so very much.

  5. Ifiok Ubom

    Kumar, I connected to you on Twitter and was subsequently directed to your blog. Your ebook on Personal branding is quite informative concerning ‘Social Media’ and its relevance to everyone that aspires to success in today’s world. I will definitely recommend it to my rolodex as a viable tool for enhancing their presence in the online world. Well done!

    • Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts Ifiok. Appreciate your feedback.

  6. Aistis Zidanavicius

    Very helpful book on personal branding. Everything is easy told and understandable. I recommend it for everybody starting to create their personal brand, this book will give you first steps what should be done. Thanks Kumar, looking forward to learn more from you!!

    • Thank you for leaving your feedback, Atit. And you are very welcome 🙂

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