The use of social media marketing is on the rise. Everybody is talking about it. Companies are allocating larger budgets for social media marketing each year. Does that mean that TV advertisements are dead?

People Watch 34 Hours TV Each Week In USA As Research Shows

At a dinner recently, I happened to be part of this conversation with some of my friends in the marketing and advertising space. It was an interesting and insightful discourse. I want to share with you a few things about TV advertising that I learned that evening.

The Intent of Advertising

First of all, advertising isn’t intended to sell something or to have a call to action right away. People, who think that the intent of advertisements is to try to make them do something immediately, are wrong.

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How  many small business owners, especially home based business owners do you know who keep very low inventory levels of their products simply because they don’t have enough storage?

Business Storage Facilities

I have many friends who participate in distribution industry. Yet they do not keep any inventory of the products they sell. They do so simply because they want to avoid the cost. Cost could be the cost of products or even renting of a business storage facility.

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Speaking of Personal Branding, first of all I encourage you to visit the post I wrote while launching my e-book Personal Branding GPS. If you haven’t taken a look at that article yet, go ahead and take a peek to see what Personal Branding is and why is it important to you no matter what your personal or professional goals may be.

Why Blogging Is Important For Personal Branding For Professional And Business Success

To briefly recap, you might want to be recognized for your talents, you might want to create a reputation in the online world to reach out a wider range of audience or you might want to build a business online using the talents and abilities that you are proud of.

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Do you have ambitious dreams of growth for your business but a tight marketing budget? If you are that situation, you aren't alone. A lot of small business owners face this challenge. The good news however is – there are a few awesome and proven low budget techniques that can put your marketing efforts on the fast track of growth. 


Marketing Plan and Strategies for Small Business Owners

Here are five powerful and proven marketing tactics for you:

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